Chapter 345

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“Oi, you!”

It’s been almost half a year, right? We hadn’t been to the Adventurer’s Guild in the Capital in a while, so I asked to see Andy, the Guild Master, at the reception desk. However, it’s not always easy to get a meeting with the GM. Well, since I was A-ranker, I was able to confirm Andy-san’s whereabouts directly.
While the receptionist was going to check for me, we were killing time by looking at the request board when we were approached by a man we didn’t know.

“This is not a place to bring your kids to!”

The other party was a strong, well-built man, who glared at me with sharp eyes and yelled at me. Is this another… quarrel picker?

“Oi, isn’t that Setsuna!?”
“Ah, yeah! Who the hell is that guy, trying to pick a quarrel with Setsuna of all people!”
“This fella just arrived to the Capital recently. While Setsuna was away, that is.”
“Oi, someone should stop him.”
“No way. I’m not getting involved!”

“I don’t want to get caught up in this!” I heard the adventurers around me whispering.
It would be nice if you could stop him instead of just looking on from a distance… but they don’t seem to have that kind of concern.

“Hey! Are you listening to me!”
“Well, I think looking at the request board should be of no concern…”
“It’s dangerous!”
“… N?”
“There’s not a lot of alcohol in the house yet, but there’s some out there! This is not the kind of place you bring your kids to!”

Huh? I don’t think he’s picking a quarrel.
Come to think of it, Allen and Elena aren’t alarmed~ So he really approached us just because he was worried? Just being nice?

“Thank you for your concern. I’m an adventurer and so are the kids, and we know how to fight, so we are fine.”
“You’re an adventurer?”
”Yes, I am.”
”And the children, too?”
”Can you fight?”
”Yes, I can fight. They can fight, too.”
”Well, that’s good.”

The kind man smiled in agreement, but the smile was scary because of his tough-looking face.

“Oi, Gizel! What are you doing!”

Then three new men arrived, and one of them slapped the kind man—Gizel-san, on the back of the head.

“The place got all noisy! What have you done this time?”
“W, well, but~ I thought it was dangerous because there were children in here~”
“It’s as if you didn’t know that children start to cry when you approach them! Do you want to be treated like a criminal again!?”
“I didn’t make them cry this time!”

Gizel-san… he likes children, even though his looks are so tough, huh~
I have never met someone whose looks don’t match their personality and actions so well.

“Hi, I’m sorry for our member’s nuisance.”
“Truly, sorry about this. He really likes children, even though he has this face. He meant no harm.”
“Pardon us. I hope you can forgive him.”

Three of Gizel-san’s supposed friends assumed that he was in the wrong and apologized at once.

“No, he was just concerned, he didn’t do anything wrong, so no need to apologize.”
“No, but the kids must have been scared, right?“
“They are fine.“

My children were not frightened at all.

“Eh!! Really!? They are fine even though they were approached by Gizel, who can make a child cry just with his presence, or be mistaken for a kidnapper when he calls out to a lost child?”

Whoah~ Gizel-san’s experiences are terrific!!
I also thought he was an aggressive fella at first, but crying and mistaking him for a kidnapper? Aren’t those some heartbreaking experiences!?

“Allen, Elena, the first person who approached us, Gizel-san, said he would give you guys a shoulder ride. Ask him to show you the request forms high on the board.”
“”Really? Yay!””

I took too much pity on Gizel-san, so I directed the children to get involved with him.

“Wha! Haah!?”
“”Give a ride~””
“O, ou… like this?”

Gizel-san was surprised, but he followed the children’s instructions and picked them up and sat them on his shoulders. Instead of carrying them on his shoulders one by one, he put them both on his shoulders at the same time, one on each shoulder. It’s a way of carrying that Gizel-san can do because of his size.

“”Ohh~ so high~!””
“Are you okay? Not scared?”
“”Is fine!””


Allen and Elena seemed to be having a great time. Gizel-san was about two heads taller than me, so they must be looking at me from a height like never before.
Gizel-san was a little on edge, though, because he was worried about dropping them… if he were to drop them, they would land firmly on the ground, though.

“… They are not scared!?”
“… Far from that, they seem delighted!?”
“… Is this a dream? This must be a dream, right?”

Gizel-san’s friends were astonished, or rather stunned, to see the children so happy.
… I wonder how much the kids cried around him before.

“”Hey, hey.””
“O, ou, what is it?”
“There, over there!”
“Let’s go take a look!”
“O, ou.”

When Allen and Elena instructed Gizel-san to go in the direction of the request board, he began to move slowly and carefully. It was as if he was walking in slow motion.

“… That is a tough picture to sell.”
“… Yeah, that’s a crime.”
“… That fella Gizel won’t get arrested in the end, will he?”

Gizel-san’s friends were still stunned, but what they are muttering was a little worse than before.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“What is it?”
“We wanna.”
“Do this request!”

Allen and Elena call out to me, pointing to a certain request form.

“I did not plan on accepting any requests today, so we will have to do it next time.”
“”Ehh~ wanna do it today~””
“It won’t be possible to do it now. And so, what request is it?”
“”This one~””

I’m not going to accept the request today, but I will check the contents anyway.

“Eh, this one?”
“”Yeah, that one~””

What the children were pointing to, was a request form for defeating wyverns.

“Let’s get.”
“Dragon meat!”

… The children seemed to be watching vigilantly for dragon meat. I’m sure wyvern is one of the low-rank dragon monsters. Well, it’s also called Poison Dragon, though.

“Wai, wait a moment!? Wyvern subjugation, you must be joking, right!?”
“Not jokingmon!”
“Going to subjugatemon!”

The children were even more agitated by the worried Gizel-san.

“Y, you can’t go there! Rather, wyvern subjugation is ranked A, moreover, it’s recommended to be in a party! You can’t accept this request in the first place!”
“”Ehh~ is that so~?””
“That is so!—Rather, big bro, you stop them, too. Why am I the one trying to desperately stop them!”

As I was watching the course of events, Gizel-san got angry with me.

“Well~… I’m also not very good at stopping them.”
“You should be doing your best there! You are the one who has to teach them what’s wrong and what’s right!”
“If it’s something bad, I will stop them, of course, but if it’s something else the kids want to do, I will let them do it~”
“Nonono!! Wyverns are no good, right!?”
“Well, wyvern subjugation makes me a little hesitant~”
“A little? Just a little!?”

“A little” indeed. I would like to see a wyvern myself, you know?

“”Oniichan, can’t~?””

Well, I wonder what I should do in this case~

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