Chapter 346

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“… In the first place, is wyvern meat even tasty?”
“”Is it not~?””

The wyvern is called Poison Dragon, but the poison is in the tail, so the meat can be eaten without any problem. I’m not sure if it’s tasty or not, though.

“It’s very delicious.”

The person who answered my question was Andy-san, who had approached us before I noticed.

“Andy-san, long time no see.”
“Long time no see, Takumi-san. Allen-kun, Elena-san too, hello. I’m glad to see you doing well.”

Maybe he heard from the receptionist that we were here and came all the way over here.

“Excuse us for coming over so suddenly, but is your work going to be okay?”
“I don’t have time to work when you are over, Takumi-san.”
“Nono, please let your work be the priority there.”
“As long as you take care of the wyvern request, everything will be fine!”
“I haven’t decided to accept the request yet! In the first place, my rank alone is not enough!”
“There won’t be a problem as long as I give you the permission!”
“That’s abusing your authority!”

Andy-san smileed as he tried to get me to accept the wyvern request.

“It’s a request that’s overdue, so it would be great if you could clean it up… Are you really not going to accept it?”
“”Is going~””
“Really? Thank you very much.“
“Hey, hey, don’t take requests without permission!—Andy-san, don’t just take the kids’ word for it!”

The children and Andy-san both raised their voices in frustration.

“Andy-san, please don’t react the same way as my children. You are not a child! Or rather, you will lose your dignity as the Guild Master.”

Gizel-san, who has been watching the whole exchange with the children in his arms since the appearance of Andy-san, the Guild Master, was quite flustered. Not only Gizel-san, but everyone within earshot of our exchange, was stunned.

“It’s exactly as Takumi-san said!”
“Uwah!? Ke, Keimi!?”

The Guild’s employee and Andy-san’s wife, Keimi, approached from behind and pulled on Andy-san’s ear.

“Ouch! It hurts, Keimi.”
“You’re making it hurt.”
“You are terrible.”
“You shouldn’t be skipping work.”
“I’m not skipping work! I’ve been asking Takumi-san to take on the wyvern request!”
“Oh my, really?”
“Yes, that’s it!”

Andy-san and Keimi-san seemed to be getting along well as usual.

“Long time no see, Keimi-san.”
“Takumi-san, Allen-chan, Elena-chan, long time no see~ were you doing well?”
“”Yeah, doing well.””

The children continued to greet others from Gizel-san’s shoulders. They don’t seem to want to get off.

“Takumi-san, are you going to help us resolve the wyvern request?”
“I have no plans of going at the moment.”
“It appears that the children want to go, though?”
“We have got more important things to do. We cannot accept requests for a while.”

I’m not sure how many days it will take, but I don’t want to do anything that might cause injury for now.
I’ll only accept requests in the vicinity, even if we have enough time until Wald-sama’s wedding! It doesn’t matter how much the kids ask me to go.

“… I guess being persistent won’t help.”
“Yes, not this time.”
“How unfortunate. I will be relying on you once you finish your business then.”


… I wonder what will happen if they extort me after the wedding is over!
Honestly, I’m curious about the meat of the wyvern, and do I feel like I might get the request. Well, if the request remains up until that time.

“Nevertheless, I didn’t know you were acquaintances with the ‘Red’ party, Takumi-san.”
“Red party? If you are talking about Gizel-san and the rest, then this was our first time meeting today.”
“Oh my, is that so? The kids seem too attached for that, no?”
“It’s because Gizel-san’s character is so good.”

My children, who are no longer shy of strangers, are very sociable, so as long as the other person’s character is good, they get along easily. In return, they will not take kindly to anyone who has ulterior motives.

“”Ojichan is a good person~””
“Allen, Elena, let’s call him by his name, okay?”
“Yep, that’s right.”

Allen and Elena called Gizel-san “Ojichan”.
This is because adventurers in their mid-thirties or older in the Rubia have all had the children call them “Ojichans”.
Gizel-san is in his thirties… early thirties? Middle thirties? It’s not polite to call him Ojichan without his permission, so I warned the kids, but—

“… I’m fine with Ojichan.”
“”Yeah, Ojichan!””
“… Are you sure.”
“I am.”

Gizel-san himself gave them permission. So he’s fine with “Ojichan”, huh~
If you’re in your mid-thirties, you are probably still young enough to claim the “Oniisan” title, I thought, but… I guess not.

“My, oh my, they are totally attached. Which reminds me, did you ever go to Serdik, Takumi-san?”
“Yes, we were there until recently, but… how do you know, Keimi-san?”
“I keep in touch with fellow guildies.”

It was only recently, so how could she already know about it! It’s terrifying how information circulates in this world!

“And so, do you know that the kids got their nicknames?”

Suddenly, Keimi-san dropped a bomb on us.

“They seem to have decided on ‘Ao no Tsougeki’.” ***
“Ehh~!? Wait a moment! Please wait. Eh, my kids have really gotten a nickname for themselves!?”
“Yes, it’s the truth.”

*** Blue Twin Strike

After Keimi-san, Andy-san told us the children’s nicknames.
The two have gotten a nickname out of nowhere! Ao no Tsougeki!?
What’s more, this sounds somewhat familiar. It might have originated from the adventurers we met in Serdik, the “Dawn Star” party!?

“And Elena’s.”
“Yes, that’s right. Ao no Tsougeki.”
“”Ao no Tsougeki! So cool!””
“Fufu, aren’t you glad~”

Allen and Elena seemed to like their nickname.

“Those pipsqueaks got nicknames!”
“They are Setsuna’s siblings, aren’t they?”
“According to the Ash Wolf, those kids are quite capable.”
“Seriously!? Should I say, as expected of A-ranker’s siblings?”

I could hear the adventurers around us whispering to each other.
I guess that’s how information and stuff spreads~ I mean, I’m pretty sure Keimi-san made sure that there were people around before she brought up this topic, right?

“Come to think of it, I also heard that the ‘Ao no Tsougeki’ cornered ‘Reijin’s’ in an argument… is that the truth?”
“You even heard about their exchange with Brian-san!?”
“Oh my, based on your reaction, it appears to be the truth~”

This world’s ability to communicate really scares me!

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