Chapter 339

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Killing Time
When we returned to the town, the first thing I checked was today’s date. It turned out that the ship I had booked was leaving in four days.
I had planned to be back by… five days before the departure, but the date was a little off from what I had expected. It seems that when you are working in a dungeon, you lose your sense of time even when you are careful. However, we are not late, and that’s what matters.

“Well then, what should we do today?”

We had three full days left, but we spent the first day relaxing at the inn. But two days in a row would be boring, so I asked the kids what they wanted to do.

“Guild? Eh, the Adventurer’s Guild?”
“Let’s do.”
“A request.”

The children wanted to go to the Adventurer’s Guild to accept a request.

“We don’t really have to work, you know?”
“It’s not a workmon!”
“It’s playingmon!”

It seems that for the children, the requests they receive at the Guild are not work, but a play.
The adventurers who are desperately trying to complete their requests would be angry when they hear this.

“… Oh well, why not.”
“However! I won’t accept any requests unless they are in the vicinity and can be completed within the day.”
“”Got it!””

And so, we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“”There it is~””
“Yeah. Don’t get too excited when you get inside~”

It was our first time to come to the Adventurer’s Guild of Byld, so we had to be careful not to act like we were in a familiar place. I don’t want to make a scene and get tangled up with trouble.


Despite my warnings, as soon as Allen and Ellen entered the building, they started running around.


But when I saw where they were running around, I couldn’t help but let out a surprised squeal myself.


The kids were actually running towards Brian-san.

“Good morning. When did you return?”
“Last night. I came here today to sell the loot we got from the dungeon.”
“I see.”

I tried to avoid the crowded hours of the morning, so we were able to meet Brian-san and the others who had come to do their business.

“What did you think of the sixteenth floor?”
“It was a pretty amazing forest.”
“”What kind? What was it like?””
“It was a forest of striped-pattern trees.”
“… A stripped-pattern forest, huh.”

The trees on the sixteenth floor were of stripped pattern, huh. That must have been a forest worth seeing~

“Wanna see!”
“Wanna go!”
“We are going back the day after tomorrow, so we can’t. Maybe next time when we have a chance.”

The children’s eyes were sparkling as they wanted to go to the dungeon, but it was indeed impossible.
No, it might be possible if we just went to take a look at it, but they will never be able to finish just by looking at it, so I will have them give up.

“You are leaving for Guardia the day after tomorrow, Takumi-san?”
“Yes, we will be boarding the first boat in the morning.”
“Is that so? Although you told us about it before, it’s a pity that we won’t be able to see each other.”
“It’s true that we won’t be able to see each other for a while, but we will surely meet again. We intend to come back to this town again, and when we do, we can go to the dungeon together.”
“Indeed. I’m looking forward to that time.”


Brian-san smiled happily. Then, at that moment, there were gasps and sighs from all around.
When I looked around again to see what was going on, I saw that the adventurers and guild staff were looking at us. Come to think of it, Brian-san is an A-ranked adventurer, right? He’s definitely a celebrity here. If someone like that were talking to someone I have never seen before, I’d pay attention too~
And the receptionist was blushing. Oh, no, some of the adventurers were also blushing. I’m sure it’s because they saw Brian-san’s smile. The smile of the “Reijin” has an enormous destructive power and influence on the people around him~

“Leader!… Oh? Isn’t that Takumi!”
“Oh, you are right. It’s Takumi-san, Allen-kun, and Elena-chan!”

Kurt-san and others came looking for Brian-san.

“Takumi! The soup you gave us in the dungeon before parting! What was that? It was super yum!”

As soon as they joined us, Hughbert-san asked about the instant soup.

“That was an instant soup that’s going to be on sale soon. I have some contacts, so I was able to get my hands on it first.”
“Ohh! So it’s going to be sold!”
“Seriously! With that, we will be able to fill our stomachs with delicious meals while camping!”

When I told them that the instant soups were going to be on sale, Kurt-san and Hughbert-san looked delighted.

“But, wait. Aren’t you from Guardia, Takumi? Is it going to be sold only in Guardia by any chance? Will it be possible to get it here as well?”

However, Timon-kun noticed a problem.
That’s right. As far as I know, it’s only available in Guardia, Argo and Crete for now. I have heard that they will eventually be going to take the instant soup to all the countries… but I don’t know if they’re making any progress.

“So, Takumi! Do you know anything about it!”
“I don’t know the details, but I think it will be available here a bit later.”

Kurt-san and Hughbert-san were exaggeratedly dejected.
Timon-lun was also a little disappointed.

“I’m sorry for making you experience emotional fluctuation like that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t another way to get it.”
“Until it’s sold, you can buy it from someone you know and have them send it to you.”
“But we don’t know anyone who can do that…—Aha! Takumi’s here!!”
“Aha! I see now!”

Kurt-san and Hughbert-san realized what I was talking about.
Yep, I just have to send it to them.

“You can’t ask Takumi-san to do something that takes so much effort.”
“T, that can’t be~”

As Kurt-san and Hughbert-san expressed their delight, Brian-san expressed his disapproval, and their expressions became desperate again.
It’s not too much trouble to do a little shopping and arrange for delivery, but if Brian-san, the leader of the Dawn Star, is against it, then I can’t agree with Kurt-san and Hughbert-san, even if they beg me.

“Can we write.”

Then, out of the blue, Allen and Elena started asking Brian-san if they could write them letters.

“Letters? Erm… to us?”
“Of course, you are very welcome to.”
“Yes, really.”
“”Oniichan, said is fine to send!””

Allen and Elena smiled at me, as if they had just gotten a promise.

“Well, why don’t we send them some of the things we get in Guardia with the letter, then?”
“”Yeah, right.””

Hearing the conversation between me and the kids, Brian-san looked surprised.
The simple teleport device at the Adventurer’s Guild can send not only letters but also small packages.
The kids have been writing letters to Rebecca-san and the others before arriving in Rubia, and to Matthias-san and the castle in the royal capital after arriving in Rubia, so they must have remembered that I sometimes send them packages as well.

“”Said we are welcome~””

Brian-san was dumbfounded when the kids doubled-down on him.
Even if they knew that packages could be sent, I wonder where they learned such a sophisticated technique of listening to the flow of conversation and forcing the right words in return~ Very mysterious.

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