Chapter 32

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rank Up

We visit the Adventurer’s Guild today. It’s to complete the procedures required for us to receive the Gaya Forest expedition request reward.
Risner-sama said to come to the guild to receive the reward the other day.
When we enter the building, Luna-san jumps out from behind the counter.

“Luna-san? What’s the matter?”
“I was waiting for you!! Now then, let’s go to the Guild Master! Hey, quickly! Allen-kun, Elena-chan too, come quickly.”
“”!! Onii~chan~””

Guild Master?
While not understanding, Luna-san drags me deeper into the guild and takes me to the Guild Master’s office. Allen and Elena trot after me while confused.

“Master, Takumi-san has arrived so I brought him.”
“Ah, come in.”

When Luna-san knocked at the door and stated her business, she immediately received a response from the other side.
When I opened the door, I saw a man with gray hair sitting on the front office desk. The man stands from his chair and shows us inside.

“I work as the Master of Shirin’s Adventurer’s Guild. Johann is my name.”
“I’m Takumi Kayano. These children are Allen and Elena. It’s nice to meet you.”

This man is the Guild Master. He seems to know about me, but I introduced myself just in case.
The Guild Master urges us to sit on a sofa in the middle of the room. I sit on the sofa as told, Allen and Elena sit on both of my sides.

“……. This man? He doesn’t seem like it…… However, if Ruven-dono and Rudolph-dono are saying so, it can’t be wrong……”

Wald-sama and Rudolph-san?
While I let Allen and Elena sit down on the sofa, the Guild Master mutters something to himself. I wasn’t able to hear properly, but the two’s names came up, right?

“…… Umm?”
“Oh no, I was told leaving your rank as is would be foolish. However, you don’t look that strong to me……”

It appears that the business was about a rank up.
Which reminds me, Wald-sama and Rudolph-san were talking about something like that in the Gaya Forest. The talk went quite quickly……
And then, the Guild Master looks directly at me and states bluntly.

“Don’t think badly of me. I have initially raised to the post of Guild Master by doing secretary work, I don’t know much about fighting. But, seeing adventurers for so long I have developed an eye for strong individuals, but…… unlike the other adventurers I have seen before…… I don’t understand well…”

To adventurers, being told “You don’t look that strong” is something that would make them angry.
Actually, since my neurons were destroyed once before……

Therefore, the Guild Master’s standard for judging adventurers can’t be applied to me.
Also, the aura of the strong? Is it because I don’t have something like that?
At any rate, I didn’t go through the “getting stronger little by little” process, so it’s impossible to have that.

“…… Well, your real ability was without a doubt endorsed by those two. I intend to make you an A-Rank.”
“Eeh? A-Rank!?”

I thought it would be C-Rank, but A-Rank?
To be honest, I got so surprised a strange voice left my mouth.

“What about examination and such?”
“There’s no problem since Ruven-dono and Rudolph-dono confirmed your ability. You have defeated Bloody Wolves and Evil Viper, right?”

You have completely given up your judgment of me not looking that strong, didn’t you…… is it okay to rank up that easily?
Whether it is nobility and captain of the Knight Wald-sama or Rudolph-san who is a high-rank adventurer who guaranteed my ability, it is, after all, information from someone else. But, if the Guild Master accepted it so quickly, he must trust those two quite a lot.

“So, an A-Rank?”
“The Guild Master’s authority can grant rank only up to A-Rank. Approval of several Guild Masters is needed for S-Rank, so that’s indeed impossible for me.”

It’s the opposite, opposite! I was uneasy because my rank raised too much!
Nobody can complain about not becoming an S-Rank!

“According to what I heard, those children are also strong. What do you want to do?”
“…… What to do?”
“I can also give rank to these children, but if children like that receive a high rank it will most likely have the opposite effect. But, if they at E-Rank you won’t be able to accept high-rank requests because your party will stay at a low level.”

Ah, indeed.
Because the members’ average rank determines the party rank, the party rank at this rate would be “D” I think?
It’s not a problem for me, but if the Guild needed me to take a request I would be able to……
He asked for our convenience rather than going straight for the profit first.
Chirari, when I glance at Allen and Elena, they obediently sit while smiling at me. They are not alerted at all.
It’s no doubt that this Guild Master is a good person.
In that case, let’s compromise.

“I’m okay without raising the rank of the two, but…… if it’s a problem for the guild how about increasing their rank to D?”
“Fumu~ If that’s the case…… the party rank would be C? That is reasonable……”

If Allen and Elena become D-Rank, the party rank will become C. It’s possible to receive requests that are one rank higher, in other words, B-Rank requests. A-Rank requests are very rare, so we will be able to receive almost every requests.

“Mm. Well then, let’s finish the procedure.”


◇ ◇ ◇



We left the office of the Guild Master, went to the counter to update the Guild Card, and received the reward which was our original purpose of coming here.
When everything was over, Luna-san looked at me with sparkling eyes as if she was expecting something.

“Now then, Takumi-san!”
“Umm…… what is it?”

Did Luna-san and I make some kind of a promise?

“Materials, the materials~! Please sell me the materials from Gaya Forest~ I have received info from Rudolph-san that Takumi-san has a lot in his possession!”
“Ah, so it’s about that.”
“That’s right! I have waited for Takumi-san’s arrival!”

It seems that she marked the Gaya Forest materials. Indeed, Luna-san said something like “Please get a lot”.
I have several Red Wolves and Bloody Wolves so it may not be a bad idea to sell them.
And then some medicinal plants? Allen and Elena worked hard and got a lot, so it may be alright to sell some?

“Should I take them out here?”
“Ah! That’s right, sorry. But, it’s okay! I have secured the biggest warehouse that will even fit the Evil Viper! I will lead you there right away~”

Luna-san knew I have Evil Viper in my possession. Did you hear that from Rudolph-san too……

Ah, that’s right, I’m in charge of looking after the Evil Viper, but the Knights and the other three adventurer parties gave up their rights. Indeed, I refrained from receiving a whole corpse of an A-Rank monster, but…… I was ignored.
Therefore, the whole Evil Viper eventually became ours.

“Over here.”

We were taken to the Guild’s largest warehouse. Certainly, if it’s this place, it will fit if straight, but it will be pretty close if the body bends.
Luna-san contacted the dismantling staff beforehand. They are full of motivation.
But, there’s something I have to check first.

“I’d like the Evil Viper’s skin for our protective skin, but…”

Because I felt like it’s not needed, we didn’t use protective gear until now.
A normal shirt and pants with some magic tool accessories are what I usually use.
Allen and Elena are the same.

However, after Allen and Elena received an attack, I started thinking it may not be that bad to use it.
Heavy armor is not possible, but leather breastplate, gauntlets and such would be good. Also, strong boots that suit Allen’s and Elena’s fighting style.
But think that the Evil Viper’s skin is ideal for that.

“Ngu! Not all of it, right!? You will sell us a bit, right!?”

When I tell that I’m unwilling to sell the Evil Viper skin, Luna-san goes into a panic.

“Is there something?”
“To tell the truth…… the Merchant Guild who caught the rumors are persistently contacting us.”

Ah, so it’s something like that. They probably heard from the Knights or the adventurers that were with us. They probably contacted the Adventurer’s Guild immediately after that.
It seems they are eager for profit.

“It’s large, after all. Of course, I won’t be needing everything, I will properly sell.”
“Really! Thank you very much!”

Rudolph-san said that Evil Viper’s blood is precious. I retrieve the corpse from the Infinite Storage.

“Whoa~” “… So big” “Amazing!”

Seeing the Evil Viper’s body, the entranced staff in the warehouse leak voices of amazement.

“Hey! Everyone, stop staring blankly and begin to work!”

The staff came to their senses after hearing Luna-san and start working on the Evil Viper.
Although Evil Viper’s skin is very hard when it’s alive, it’s quite easier to handle once it died. That being said, it would still be impossible without special Mithril knives and good strength.

“Because the dismantling takes time, should we talk about the sale in the meantime? The dismantled materials will be held in the Guild’s warehouse, will you come for it tomorrow?”
“I understand. Also, I would like to sell this too, please.”

Red Wolf, Bloody Wolf, Giant Boar, Great Monkey. Also medicinal plants. It was not everything I have, but I take out what I thought would be good to sell from the《Infinite Storage》.
They are not all from the Gaya Forest, but they came from Aetherdia, so there shouldn’t be a problem?


Luna-san who saw the goods I took out screams in joy.

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