Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Craftsman Spirit
“I’m sorry, I lost it a bit…… Ah, right, right. Takumi-san, the Head of the Woodworking Department of the Craftsman Guild said that he wanted to see you.”

Luna-san whose sanity has returned suddenly recalls something.
The Craftsmen Guild is as the name suggest a guild where craftsmen register, in other words, a commercial and industrial organization.

Woodworking Department――Craftsmen specializing in wood processing such as carpenters and furniture craftsmen.
Blacksmithing Department――Craftsmen specializing in a metal processing of weapons, armors, cooking utensils and such.
Cooking Department――Craftsmen specializing in food such as bakers and chefs.
Medical Department――Craftsmen specializing in medical treatment such as therapists and pharmacists.

―― And so on. There are much more various departments.
It’s a place to regulate and share information, to arrange work and disciples, and to create connections between craftsmen.

“Craftsmen Guild wants to see me?”
“Yes. Takumi-san brought large trees from the Gaya Forest, right? I think they probably want to buy those from you……”

Luna-san…… You know even about the trees that I have knocked down and collected? Moreover, it’s not only known to the Adventurer’s Guild, but even the Craftsmen Guild knows of it?
Evil Viper, trees…… just how much information do you have…… Although it’s not regulated, don’t you know way too much? It has only been a day since then you know?
I left the adventurer guild and decided to head towards the craftsman guild while dropping my shoulders at the information leak.


“I would like to meet the Head of the Woodworking Department, but.”
“Do you have an appointment?”

When I inform the receptionist Oneesan of the Craftsmen Guild, she looks at me with a dubious expression.
If an unfamiliar person suddenly visits and wants to talk with the Department Head without an appointment, you might be suspicious, but this is too much in the face.

“No, I have received a message that the Department Head would like to see me.”
“May I inquire about your name, please?”
“Ah, excuse me. It’s Takumi Kayano.”
“I’m sorry. I have heard the story. I will call the Department Head. Can you wait a moment?”
“Yes, I understand.”

When I tell her my name, the receptionist’s mood completely changed and she apologized.
It seems she was informed beforehand about my visit.

“Is that Takumi Kayano-dono!”

As soon as the receptionist left her seat, a large man appeared.
Zeezee, he gasps for breath, just how much were you hurrying!?

“Yes, that’s right. eh… um, are you the Head of the Woodworking Department?”
“Ah! Excuse me. I’m the Head of the Woodworking Department Galion. It’s too quick, but!! Gaya Forest’s large tree! You have it, right!?”
“…… Yes.”

It is about selling the large tree from the Gaya Forest after all. He’s leaning forward, almost falling down. It was to the extent I unconsciously took a step back.

Trees from Gaya Forest seem to be excellent materials. Besides being able to make furniture without seams because it’s so big, it contains magical power so it’s possible to grant it fireproof magic.
Goods made from these trees are apparently all sold at high price.
But, as we know, Gaya Forest is a dangerous forest. Even when cutting down the trees around the forest, you don’t know when a demon appears, so you must not be negligent and hire an escort. Besides, cutting down the trees is a challenge itself. Besides, carrying it back is an equal difficulty.
Therefore, it’s not something craftsmen secure on their own, but it’s something that the Craftsmen Guild desperately needs.

Yep, that’s what the department Head-san told me in excitement.
I don’t care about it anymore. I won’t understand anymore technical talk!

Of course, I have no use of it, so I agreed to sell. After I had placed the trees in the storehouse, the department Head-san was going to begin to talk again, so I quickly received my money excused myself.
The enthusiasm was conveyed, but I am somewhat tired……



◇ ◇ ◇



After leaving the Craftsmen Guild, I visited the『Gold Wheat’s Shop』.
Ünexpectedly, long time no see? The last time I came was before conquering the dungeon.

“Ou, Takumi……”
“Huh, you look somehow down? There are also no products even though it’s just past afternoon?”

Road-san’s complexion was bad at first glance. In addition, there were no products lined on the shelves. There should be many products lined up with customers lining up until the evening, but……
What happened?

“No…… you see……”

Road-san begins to speak in a small voice.
His story was like this――

This noble coerced him “Sell the Cream bread” by using his power.
Road-san didn’t defy and made Cream bread with all ingredients he had left.
It seems to have ended at that time.

However, that noble told him to teach him the Cream bread’s recipe next. Naturally, Road-san didn’t respond to that.
A recipe is cook’s treasure. It’s not something that could be given out so easily.
Besides, I was the one who taught him the Cream bread recipe so it’s not something he could teach others on his own.
Is he too loyal or what should I say…… Road-san is an extremely diligent craftsman. But, I have good feelings about Road-san because he’s like that.

After declining him, the noble started making an uproar “They stole our secret recipe” this time. Furthermore, he pressured other stores not to sell the wheat flour which is always necessary for a bakery to “Gold Wheat’s Shop”.
If there is no flour, he can’t make bread.

――Because of that, he had no choice and suspended the business.

What a dirty thing to do!

“If you told the Cream bread recipe, the opponent would pull back, but telling him obediently would be unpleasant…… Road-san. I’d like to investigate for a bit, could you wait for a few days?”
“Of course, I have no objections. It would be annoying just to give up after resisting this much. Rather, sorry for taking your time.”
“Please don’t mind it. I’m not unrelated to this matter either.”

Speaking of which, it’s my fault for teaching Road-san.
Besides, I don’t like people who use such dirty means. I feel like beating him up.
Hm? It’s okay, I won’t beat him up physically. I can do it though if it’s the present me. But, because the opponent is a noble, I would most likely become a criminal?

“Ah, right. I almost forgot. I would like a bit larger amount of bread made, would that be alright? I will be using the ingredients I have at me.”
“Ah, I don’t mind. I’m free anyway.”
“Then, I would like this please.”

I retrieve the necessary ingredients from the Infinite Storage, hand over the paper with number and types of bread to Road-san and left the store after saying I will come tomorrow again.

Now then, let’s start with collecting information!

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