Chapter 31

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First Shopping
A day after returning from the expedition, we were leisurely spending time in the inn’s room.
Therefore, I decided to confirm my status which I did not see for a while.


StatusSkillsTitlesContracted Beasts
Name: Takumi Kayano
Race: Human? Wind God’s retainer (Temporary)
Occupation: Magician
Age: 20
Level: 25
Light Magic 66
Dark Magic 62
Wind Magic 169
Water Magic 50
Space Magic 109
Life Magic 124
Swordsmanship 54
Throwing 49
Appraisal 209
Dismantling 119
Familiars 22
Training 12
Cooking 113
Sewing 23
Washing 12
Cleaning 31
Crafting 39
Gathering 42
Arithmetics 108
Reading 125
Concealment 37
Detection 35
Oracle 12
Abnormal Status Resistance 300
Mental Status Resistance 300
Physical Attack Resistance 300
Magic Attack Resistance 300
Transmigrated From a Different World
Blessed by the God of Creation, Marianora
Friend of Wind God Sylphreel
Conqueror of Low-Grade Dungeon
Monster Contractor
Fenrir (Joule)
Thunderhawk (Bolt)
Celestial Tiger (Feat)

My level increased considerably, and my skill proficiencies rose too.
A new entry, “Contracted Beasts” appeared.

And, strangely, I have obtained “Water Magic”.
Because its proficiency is not in the single digits, I think it means that I didn’t learn it naturally, but it’s something that I was given. It’s not something the Wind God Syl could give me directly, but I think he somehow has his hands in it.

Speaking of Water Magic, it’s something Allen and Elena have, but never learned how to use it.
But, unlike the advanced knowledge about Wind Magic that was implemented into me, I have little to no knowledge about Water Magic…
In the first place, because all the knowledge about the use of magic was implemented, I have no idea how to teach them.
Would they sell magic books in the bookstores? Let’s look for a bookstore later.


“”O~ne, two~, three~, fo~ur, five~ ……… ten!””

I put the teaching of magic aside for now and taught Allen and Elena numbers.

“Yes, well done. This is a copper coin. What goes after 10 copper coins?”

In the beginning, I thought it would be nice if I could teach them to count up to 100, but the two learned it just like that.
Therefore, I greedily taught them to count up to 10,000♪
And then, I lined up coins by ten side by side, 10 Copper coins, 10 Large Copper coins…… first of all, I taught them about five kind of coins.

“Then, next is 54G.”
“”N, this……… here!””

When I ask for a specific amount, Allen and Elena correctly count and present me with 5 Large Copper coins and 4 Copper coins.
They were nervously presenting the coins at first, but they got the gist of it after doing it several times, and now they have confident expressions.
When I pat their heads while saying “You did well”, the two look very happy.
Seriously adorable!!

“Then, if I shopped for 26G with this?”
“”N, umm…… this!””

I only taught them about five kinds of coins, but they accurately grasped their value.
Therefore, this time, I handed them a Silver coin and asked them to return me the correct amount. The two correctly returned me 7 Large Copper coins and 4 Copper coins.
Not only addition, but they are also able to subtract. Aren’t they amazing?

If they were able to come this far, putting it into practice follows, right?


◇ ◇ ◇


“Allen, Elena. Is there something you want to buy?”

We went to the shopping street at once.
The store we went to first deals in dried food. They are selling the dried fruits Allen and Elena often eat for snacks.
The shop assistant is a middle-aged woman, and because this woman always looks at Allen and Elena with gentle gaze when we are here, I have decided on this shop to be Allen’s and Elena’s first shopping place.

“Welcome. Have you found what you want?”


Sure enough, the woman matched the children’s eyes and picked up the jar with products, so it’s easier to see.

“Can you show what you want and say ‘Please’, Allen?”
“Yea! This! Please!”

Allen says while pointing at an apricot-like dried fruit in the jar.

“Yes. Shuri fruit, is it? How many would you like?”
“Umm……… five!”

After Allen was asked about the number of pieces he wanted, he glanced at me first, so I showed him “5” with my palm. Then, Allen correctly answered the woman with the right number.

“5 pieces, is it? That will cost you 75G.”
“Urmm…… here!”
“Oh? …… My! It’s accurate! How admirable~”

The woman got surprised the moment Allen took out the money. She then looked at me, and I nodded at her with the meaning of the request. My meaning seemed to have conveyed properly, as she faced Allen right away.
Allen took out coins from his pouch and handed them to the woman. The woman received the money, got surprised that the amount was right and praised Allen.

“Next is Elena, okay?”
“Yup! Elena, this! Please!”
“Yes. Riigo fruit. How many would you like?”

Elena who could observe the exchange between the woman and Allen had a smoother time.

“Yes. Then, that makes 60G.””
“Ummm…… here!”
“Yes. That’s just right. How admirable~”

The woman also praised Elena well.
It really helps she praised them equally.

“”We did it~?””
“Yeah. You did really well~ Admirable, admirable.”

Because the two clung to me after storing the dried fruit in their pouches, I patted their heads a lot.

“Thank you very much for going along.”

When I thank the woman who helped Allen and Elena with their first shopping, the woman said “Don’t worry about it”.
Together with the thanks, I bought some dried fruit, nuts, spices and fine powders in a reasonable amount.


We went to the bookstore next.
Although the objective is to purchase books related to magic, I also need to buy some novels.
I haven’t read anything since arriving at Aetherdia. I read dozens of novels a month back on Earth, so I’m already missing it.

The paper is also produced on Aetherdia, so it’s quite inexpensive. Because of that, the books are sold at a reasonable price.
A paper is a high-class item, and books are luxuries! I’m glad it wasn’t that kind of pattern.

Good amount of books is displayed on the bookshelves.
Books about magic, medicinal plants, monster books with pictures and their special traits, poetry, and scriptures. Of course, there are also many in the novels genre. Well~ most of the contents of the stories are about adventures and love, though.

After looking around the shop for a while, I found “Magic Basics” “List of Incantations”, these two books.
Not necessary for me, but I thought it would be easier to explain to Allen and Elena, so I brought encyclopedias like “Complete Works of Plants” “Complete Works of Monsters”and returned to the inn.

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