Chapter 280

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The day after the takoyaki, we came to the Adventurer’s Guild.
I like lazing around in the mansion quite a bit too since there are a lot of things I can do indoors, such as mass-producing food, but it was a nice day, so we just went out for a walk when we arrived here.

“”A request~?””
“What do we do? I haven’t decided yet, so let’s just take a look at the requests and see if there’s anything interesting. If not, there’s no need to force ourselves to take on one, so let’s just keep wandering around the town then.”
“”Okay, got it~””

I’m sorry for being an overly choosy adventurer, but it’s not like we have to earn money doing something we don’t want to do, so I will just go with this policy.


When I entered the guild and was about to go look at the request board, a boy who looked like he was just coming of age came flying towards me, so I quickly caught him.
It may be an exaggeration to say that he flew at me, but he didn’t “stagger” or “fall”. Because his body was completely floating in the air.

“Are you alright?”
“… Y, yes. T, thank you very much.”

I stood the boy up firmly and checked him for injuries, but he seemed to be fine.


Then, boys and girls around the same age as the boy who had flown at me came running up to him in panic.

“Kane, are you okay?”
“A, are you injured? You are not hurt, are you!?”

They must be his party members. They checked the boy’s safety worriedly.

“Why did you throw him! What’s your deal!”

A strong-willed girl turned around and glared into the direction the boy flew from.
There was a man there with a tough body and a seemingly bad temper. Apparently, the boy had been thrown to the ground by that man.

“Stop squealing, you are too noisy. You better quit being an adventurer if you get injured from something like that! In the first place, you should not refuse when I say that I’m going to teach you!”
“You think we don’t know! Your only purpose is to rip off the guidance fee from us without teaching us anything! Of course we will refuse you!”
“I’m going to teach you well, so I need a proper fee for that!”
“Your violent behavior can’t be called teaching!”

Oh, I get it now. That guy with a bad temper wanted to extort money from these beginners in the name of guidance! And so, these children realized that and refused further guidance, causing that man to fling away the boy in anger.

“… Haah.”

I let out an involuntary sigh of disgust, and the man with the bad temper noticed it.

“What, you bastard. What are you bringing kids like that here for, where do you think this is!?”

Whoah~ what an easy-to-quarrel fellow.

“You are going to get detained if you keep on quarreling.”

The fellow adventurers are not interfering because they think this is just a quarrel between adventurers, but what this man is doing is extortion. It’s a proper crime, the guild is surely acting already.

“Shut up! Who do you think I am!”
“No, I have no idea.”

I wouldn’t know someone I met for the first time. Or is this person a celebrity everyone here knows?


“I am a noble, you know!”

When I examined the man with Appraisal, it showed that he was the third son of Baron from the Belfard Empire. He doesn’t seem to be a famous celebrity or anything, though. Erm… is his status something he can use to swagger around in foreign countries? Rather, to put out his identity while being an active adventurer is a bit…

“You bastard!”

As if he didn’t like the fact that I remained silent and tilted my head, the man pulled out the sword he wore at his waist. I don’t know why people like this have such a short temper. You should have given me a little more time to think.
The moment he pulled out his sword, Allen and Elena felt threatened by his action, so I hurriedly moved to stop them.

“Hey! Stop!”

I couldn’t stop the first kick to the abdomen, but I caught Allen and Elena in the nick of time and was able to stop the ax kick on the head.

“”I hate that guy—!””
“Yes, yes, do not point your fingers. Well, your brother dislikes him too, but violence is not the answer here.”

Allen and Elena pointed at the fallen third son of the Baron and showed their disgust. They were unusually angry.
I guess the first kick would be self-defense since the other guy had his sword drawn, but I’m glad I stopped them in time because the ax kick on the head would surely take his life away.
Rather, this kind of development happened before when we came to register as adventurers, right~ how nostalgic.
However… is it the level difference? Recently, Allen and Elena’s speeds have been getting more and more polished, so I can barely keep up with them. I think I need to start thinking about raising my levels earnestly.

“Oi, oi, what happened?”

While the people around me were buzzing around and I was thinking about the future, a thin man with well-defined muscles approached us. From what the people around me were muttering, he seemed to be the Guild Master. I was a little surprised, because he gave off the impression of an active adventurer.

“Is he the one who’s been causing trouble lately and is under observation? Someone take him to the infirmary. Oh, and keep an eye on him.”

The Guild Master looked around and immediately started giving instructions to the staff.
As I thought, the behavior of the man whom we got involved with has been a problem for a long time, after all.

“So, who was it that made him look like that?”
“Ah~ it was me. When I rebuked him for extorting others, he got angry, pulled out his sword, and attacked me, so I knocked him out.”
“You did? I don’t recognize your face. Are you an adventurer… no, did you come to issue a request?”
“I’m an adventurer, more or less. I haven’t been in this town for long, so I haven’t shown up here much before.”
“Is that so? Well, sure. Anyhow, let me talk to you in another room. And also, those who were extorted… yeah, those guys.——You guys too.”

The Guild Master tried to calmly assess the situation and gathered the parties involved in the commotion.

“Also, is there someone who knows what went on in this mess? Someone who was present from the beginning, if possible.”

The Guild Master looked for a third party to further confirm the authenticity of the story.
He seems to be quite a capable guy.

“GM, if you need someone from around the time the new guy got involved, then we saw it all.”
“Evan and Scott? I can trust you guys then. Sorry, but I’m going to take up some of your time.”
“Roger that.”

Two kind-looking handsome men came forward, so we all moved to another room under the direction of the Guild Master.

“Let’s start right away, you were the guys that got entangled with Bob, right? Erm…”
“We are an E-rank party, the Black Cats. That person said ‘I will teach you so pay up’ but we heard bad rumors about him, so we declined.”
“However, he seemed to be unable to stomach that we refused, so he grabbed Kane by the collar and…”

As soon as we entered the conference room and took our seats assigned by the Guild Master, the interview began.

“I was no match for him with my physique and got flung away. However, I was saved by this person who just happened to be passing by.”

The Guild Master’s gaze turned to me as he listened to the beginner adventurers’ stories, wrinkling his brow and drumming his fingers on the desk. It seems I was the next in line.

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