Chapter 281

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“Um, you said you were an adventurer?”
“Yes, my name is Takumi. As I said before, we only recently arrived in this town, and today we came to accept a request, but as soon as we stepped inside, he——Kane-kun suddenly came flying at me, so I quickly caught him.”

After catching him, the members of the “Black Cat” came running up to me, and then the rude man——Bob also came over and wouldn’t stop tangling with those kids, so I rebuked him. I was wondering what to do when Bob started to throw out his identity, but he didn’t seem to like my attitude and pulled out his sword. So, I had to use physical means to detain him.

“Fumu. Evan, Scott, how about it?”
“It was pretty much like that.”
“Yeah. The only thing I could add is that it wasn’t this man, but the children with him who defeated Bob.”

The Guild Master looked dumbfounded when the handsome man who was called in as a third party told him that I had left out some details.

“N? Nn?”

However, the Guild Master’s dumbfounded expression was short-lived, and let out a shout as he stared fixedly at us.

“Takumi… black-haired man of gentle manners like a wind… with children… you must be ‘Setsuna’!”

The Guild Master, who had been pondering out loud, shouted out my nickname. I’m not familiar with it yet, but “Setsuna” is the name I was given in the Capital.
Or rather, the Guild Master did well to derive that from the little information he had~

“Setsuna is that fellow, right? The one who became A-ranker soon after becoming an adventurer, right? I’m sure he was a young adult with two children…”
“Whoah! Seriously! Doesn’t he check all the marks!”

The two handsome men——I don’t know which one is Evan and which one is Scott, but one spoke about the details of my person calmly, while the other one let out a surprised voice.
Isn’t it amazing how much information you can get just by saying a nickname? Is this something you would usually know? However, I don’t know anyone else’s nickname, though? The only nickname I got to know in the Capital was that of the wolf Beastman Raizel, which is the ‘Ash Wolf’. I don’t know anyone else by their nickname.
I’m sure that Dragon Breath’s Rudolph-san also has a nickname, but… I don’t know it~

“And so, are you really Setsuna himself?”
“It’s quite difficult to accept being called like that, but… well yes, I have been called like that before.”
“Ohh! It’s amazing how young you are! I’m a B-ranker Evan, nice to meet you!”
“Ah, yes. I’m Takumi. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

The one with the dark blue hair was Evan-san, and the way he smiles seemed very social. So that must mean the one with light brown hair that looked more like a scholar was Scott-san.

“Evan, what are you suddenly introducing yourself for?”
“I mean, GM, this is a good opportunity, so I wanted to get closer.”
“Leave that for after we are done.”
“Roger that.”
“Returning to the story. Setsuna, it was your children who knocked Bob down?”

The Guild Master’s attention returned and he resumed the questioning.

“That’s correct. I managed to stop them after a single hit, so I don’t think that man was seriously hurt.”
“Certainly, he fainted brilliantly but I didn’t see any injuries. There should be no problems normally considering that Bob brandished his sword first, but…”

The Guild Master folded his arms and seemed to be pondering about something.

“Is there any problem?”
“We are still investigating his identity that he has been throwing around lately, so we had not confirmed whether it’s true or not yet.”

Ah, he did say “I’m a noble”, didn’t he? Even though the rank of Baron isn’t that high, it’s still something that can’t be ignored? Ah, I examined him with Appraisal, but the Guild might not know yet what kind of status he has. Is this why he is considering how to deal with this situation?

“Excuse me for intruding.”
“Granvelio-sama!? What is the matter?”

As the silence continued, Velio-san suddenly entered the room, and the Guild Master stood up in a fluster. Hearing the Guild Master’s words, the rest of the adventurers started getting noisy.
Well, Velio-san is the acting lord, isn’t he? Well, that’s what happens when a person like that suddenly appears~ Anyway, what happened for Velio-san to be here?


“I heard that someone claiming to be a noble was causing a commotion in our territory, so I have come to check it out.”
“I am sorry to bother you like this.”
“Nono, I just happened to be free. And so, I heard that he caused a public ruckus, what exactly happened?”
“Yes, he was flaunting his social status, but he also brandished his sword.”
“Hou… my goodness, he did something troubling indeed.”

Erm, from the flow of the story, that man called Bob was doing domineering things, but he wasn’t doing anything illegal publicly that could be used as evidence, so they couldn’t deal with him before.

“Who did he draw his sword at?”
“It was them.”
“… Hou.”

When he heard who Bob drew his sword at, Velio-san’s expression changed.

“Ve, Velio-san, we were not injured or anything, okay!?”
“I’m glad you were not hurt. However, he drew his sword at you and the kids, Takumi-kun. There’s no need to go easy at him then. I will pursue this matter mercilessly.”

Velio-san was smiling, but his eyes weren’t.

“U, umm, Granvelio-sama, you know these guys?”
“Yes, they are all our family’s children.”

Velio-san, what are you saying now!? Guild Master, Evan-san, and Scott-san were dumbfounded, while the beginner adventurers froze in place, you know~

“Ah. We are not related by blood, okay? They are kids my Mother treats like her own child and grandchildren. Well, I treat them the same way, though.”
“Velio-san, shouldn’t you say that we are adventurers who the Ruven household is guardian of here?”
“That wouldn’t convey the intimacy of our relationship, though.”

Geez~ Velio-san. That makes me happy, but is this fine for your reputation?

“”Shouldn’t we not say it~?””
“N? What do you mean Allen-kun, Elena-chan?”
“Ah~ I just told them that we shouldn’t tell outside that we are close with the Ruven family. We could get unnecessary attention because of that, after all.”
“That is true as well——Allen-kun, Elena-chan, listen well. It’s fine to say it but you have to choose your opponents well. It’s fine to say it to people who you think it’s fine to inform.”
“”Got it~””

Is that fine? Well, it should be fine since it’s Velio-san who said it?

“Well, we will have to investigate the identity of the other party first.”

Fufufu, Velio-san who laughed seemed to be full of motivation.

“Erm, he seems to be someone from a Baron household of the Belfard Empire.”
“Oh my, is that so? Thank you very much for the valuable information, Takumi-kun.——Then, Noah-dono, would you let my family deal with that problematic person?”
“Y, yes, gladly.”

The Guild Master gulped after sensing the dangerous aura coming out of Velio-san.

“Well then, I will be returning to the mansion, what about you guys, Takumi-kun?”
“We haven’t done anything yet, so we will stay.”
“Is that so, I understand. Please don’t do anything else today if possible.”
“How vexing. The way you say it makes it seem as if I cause trouble all the time. Rather, I won’t cause any problems.”
“My, oh my, I never spoke the word ‘problem’, I will take your word for it.”

Velio-san, who appeared dashingly, left just as dashingly and the room fell into silence.

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