Chapter 267

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ebi Dishes
(Allen, Elena, what did you find this time?)
“Over there, over there.”
“Slumber is there~”

Slumber grass has a sleep effect, it’s a medicinal herb used in drugs to relieve insomnia.
Allen and Elena moved whilst hunting monsters, but they didn’t forget about looking out for herbs. That is so like them, but——

“Hey~ It’s way past noon already, you know~”

If I didn’t interrupt them now, we would go without lunch. I’m fine with that myself, but it wouldn’t be good for the children’s bodies, so I called out to them.

“Yep. We need to take proper meals, so it’s about time we take a break.”
“”Au~ hungry~””

Being pointed out by me, Allen and Elena seemed to realize that they were actually hungry.

(Oh no! We have to quickly find a place where we can eat!)
(Indeed, I hope there is an island or a rocky area nearby~)
(Shall we go to the surface first?)
(Quickly! Let’s go quickly!)
(Takumi Nii, let’s hurry up to the surface!)

Noticing that the children were hungry, Joule and others got panicky.

“Now, now, don’t panic. I’ve heard that it’s bad for your body to surface from a depth rapidly, so take it slowly.”
(Eh, is that so?)
“I don’t know whether it’s true or not because I didn’t study it any further, but it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious.”

Or was it a sickness of someone who had been diving for a long time? Or is it unrelated?
N~ Our bodies are healthy and I can just heal us with magic when it comes to it, but… no, it would still be better to stop them from surfacing rapidly.


We took some time to reach the surface of the sea.

(Oh, there’s a rocky reef over there!)
(It’s on the smaller size, but big enough for us to rest on.)
“Indeed. Let’s go over there then.”

Looking around, we found a rocky reef that looked acceptable for us to rest on, so we moved there immediately.

“Now then, what do you guys want for lun——”
“I know you guys are looking forward to it, but let’s leave that for the evening.”
“I have cream buns, anpan, curry bread and also various sandwiches in my Infinite Storage that you guys can eat right away… are you against that?”
“”Is not!””

Since I was wearing a mermaid bracelet, I didn’t get dirty or wet, so I immediately started thinking about what I should do for lunch. Unfortunately, cooking now would make our late lunch even later, so I decided to leave the shrimp dishes for dinner and simply have some bread and hot soup from my Infinite Storage for lunch.

“What would you like to eat?”
“”Cream buns!””
(I would also like to eat cream buns~)
(Niisama, do you have any egg sandwiches?)
(I… I would like Aniue’s recommendation.)
(I want curry bread!)
(I’d like a nutty pastry!)

When I handed everyone their desired bread, and a tuna-onion bread to Bolt, Allen and Elena dug in right away. They must have been really hungry.

(Niichan, I want to eat what Bolt is eating.)
“Allen too~”
“Elena too~”
(Me too~)
(Niisama, could I have one as well?)

Allen, Elena, Joule, and Feat followed after Vector.

“Of course, it’s fine. What about Bolt and Mile?”
(I would like one more but something different, please?)
(I am full!)

Mile said she was full with just one piece of pastry, so I gave the two kids and the three animals some tuna-onion bread, and handed Bolt a cream bun.
By the way, I made white bean paste and sweet potato paste, but forgot to make bread with them. Oh, and I remembered that I was trying to make a paste with Ishiuri as well. I also made cream mixed with chocolate, so a chocolate cream bun sounds good too.
I would also like to make more kinds of side dish bread. What we have now are sandwiches, tuna-onion bread, and bread for curry and sausages? Ah~ but I don’t have to go through the trouble of making side dish breads, I can just make various pizzas and sandwiches and put them in my Infinite Storage. Oh, burgers might be good too!

“Let’s take a short break after we are done eating and slowly return to the beach.”

After the break, we slowly made our way back to the beach, looking for food ingredients on the way. By the time we returned to the beach, the children had already found lots of medicinal herbs and other ingredients.

“Let’s do some Ebi cooking then!”
“”Will help~””


I will try to do some Ebi dishes for dinner as planned.

“We have to dismantle a Sand Lobster first.”

I’ve been asking the adventurer’s guild to do most of the dismantling for me, so I haven’t gained any proficiency in the Dismantling skill. But since Syl has set my initial proficiency level to expert, I can do dismantling myself without any problems.

“Allen, Elena, rub these pieces for me.”

I cut the dismantled lobster into bite-sizes, sprinkled them with salt and starch, and had the children rub it into them.

“After you give it a good rub, wash it under water and wipe off the moisture. Can you do it?”

I think I will cook them as they are for ebi chili, or batter them and deep-fry them for ebi mayo.
Tempura… let’s leave that for another time. I think I would like to have tempura with various vegetables and other seafood.
Oh, ebi katsu would be good too. I would like to make a big batch and put it in bread! I should also use the leftover shells to make bisque.
A shrimp gratin with white sauce and cheese on top sounds good too. Ah, no, I’d rather make a doria with rice underneath.

“”Next is~?””
“Can you mix this for me?”

I cooked more and more while asking the children for help.

“Alright, this is the last one!”
“”Is done~””
(Oh~ you have made so many~)
(All of them look delicious~)
(They are all dishes I have never seen before.)
(So hungry~)

Hearing our words, Joule and the others came up to us as if they had been waiting, looking at the dishes on display and voicing out their admiration.

(Ah, right. Niisama, you can do it after the meal, but could you deal with the pile over there?)
“Erm… what is that?”
(It’s not like we could rest while you guys were cooking, right? That’s why we looked for stuff in the meantime.)

In the direction indicated by Feat, there was a small mountain of fish, ingredients and monster materials.
Apparently, everyone had split up and collected them.

(We worked hard~)
(We did our best!)

“Ehhen!” Joule and Vector puffed up their chest with pride.

“”You worked hard~””

Allen and Elena stroked Joule and Vector’s heads.

“That really is a lot~ Thank you, everyone. You must have become hungry after working so hard, right? Well then, let’s eat before the food gets cold.”
“”(((((Yeah! Let’s dig in!)))))””

Everyone’s momentum was incredible when they started eating.

“Hey now, hey now! Eat a little more slowly.”

They seemed to like the ebi dishes very much, but eating this fast is not good.

“”Onii~chan all are yummy!””
(I like this one with mayonnaise the most!)
(The soup is to my liking~)
(Aniue, the White Wheat under this syrupy white sauce is very good!)
(Chomp, chomp.)
(Vector, don’t talk with your mouth full! Takumi Nii, I definitely want you to make this crispy fried thingy again!)

We have plenty of Sand Lobsters, and there are still many dishes I want to make, so I will be surely making another ebi dish before long.

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