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Syl’s Anguish
“T, there’s no mochi!?”

After sending the Red Wheat, I, the Wind God Sylphreel, was waiting for Takumi-san’s response with excitement.
However, what Takumi-san sent me back was not mochi made from Red Wheat, but desserts called crepes. No, it’s not like I don’t like these crepes. They look very delicious so I am very happy about receiving them.
However, what the Creation God, Marianora-sama wanted to eat was mochi, you know~

“No, I’m sure Marianora-sama will be happy about these crepes, too!”
“What is it~?”

Suddenly hearing Marianora-sama’s voice from behind me, I got so surprised my body froze in place.

“Sylphreel, you called for me just now, no? Oh my! Is this perhaps!?”
“Ta, Takumi-san sent me this just now. They are desserts called crepes.”
“I see! So they are crepes, after all! I wonder what they are filled with?”
“Erm… berries, custard, and chocolate, if I’m not mistaken.”
“My, oh my! My favorite is choco-banana with fresh cream, but this combination also sounds delicious!”

Marianora-sama discovered the crepes and her eyes started sparkling. Oh, great. It seems that even crepes are okay!

“He sent enough for everyone, so let’s call Salamanteel and Nomoodle over.”
“Sure!——Mm, both will be coming soon.”
“Thank you very much.——Well then, Vint, prepare some tea for us.”

Marianora-sama contacted the Fire God Salamanteel and Earth God Nomoodle via telepathy. Seeing her quickly take a seat on a chair by a table she created herself with a full smile, I immediately told Vint to prepare drinks for us.

“I’m here~”
“Have you called, Marianora-sama?”

Salamanteel and Nomoodle arrived before Vint prepared tea. Too fast.
Well, it’s Marianora-sama who called them, so they treated it as their top priority, I guess.

“Oh, is this perhaps food that Takumi sent?”
“That’s something I haven’t seen before once again. I’m looking forward to it.”

Salamanteel and Nomoodle took seats, looking very fidgety.
They have also been captivated by the variety of foods Takumi-san sends, after all~
Well, the same goes for me, though!

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“Here it is! Okay, let’s quickly dig in!”

The tea we were waiting for arrived, so we immediately started eating the crepes.

“N~~~! So delicious~ As expected of Takumi-san.”
“Ohh~ yummy! Syl, what’s this called?”
“They are called crepes. And yes, they are truly delicious!”
“So they are crepes, huh. Sweet and sour fruits go well with the sweet cream.”

All the food that Takumi-san makes is really delicious.
Of course, Marianora-sama, Salamanteel and Nomoodle were eating with relish.


While I was enjoying the crepe, Marianora-sama let out a modest laugh.

“What’s the matter, Marianora-sama?”
“It’s not like we are on bad terms, but we don’t often drink tea together like this, right~”
“Come to think of it… that’s right.”
“Indeed. The only times we saw each other was for work-related matters, after all~”
“Yes, only when we need something from the other at that.”

I was startled by Marianora-sama’s words. It’s certainly true that we don’t normally relax together like this…
Salamanteel and Nomoodle who just noticed that, were also surprised.

“See, isn’t that right? That’s I was thinking that this is also quite nice~ Fufu, this is also thanks to Takumi-san, isn’t it~”

Marianora-sama smiled happily.
But, you could indeed say it like that. Was it not for Takumi-san’s food, I don’t think we would have gathered like this before?

“But it’s unfortunate that Windell is not present.”

However, the expressions of us three changed completely with Marianora-sama’s next remark.
Indeed. Because the Water God Windell is not present, you can’t really say that we all gathered! We are missing a compatriot who said he was leaving on a honeymoon to who knows where! Why is there not even a word from him!?


“… I really wonder where Windell is wandering now~~~”
“Windell is freer than anyone, after all!”
“Is that really something you should be saying, Salamanteel?”

I must be making a bitter face now. Salamanteel looked amused and Nomoodle was making a disappointed face.

“That child has a free-spirited disposition, after all~”
“Marianora-sama! Please don’t just scold him when he returns, but give him a proper punishment. Even though it doesn’t look like it, we are still bothering Takumi-san with the mess he made!”
“Ehh~ but we are able to eat the leftovers thanks to that~”
“Look, we can eat delicious things like these only because Takumi-san is taking care of the children, no? That’s why I can’t be too harsh on Windell~”

That might be true? No, but, even so, Takumi-san is my retainer, so this would happen even if he wasn’t taking care of the children… right?

“T, this and that are different stories.”
“Well, whatever we do will happen only after Windell returns, right?”
“That’s right, we also need to hear what Windell has to say for himself, after all.”
“That’s true, but~~~”

Ugh~~~ Salamanteel and Nomoodle aren’t directly related, so they can be nonchalant about this.

“It’s fine, Sylphreel. I will think about it properly.
“All we have to do is to provide all the support we can. By the way, what ingredients are needed to make this crepe?”
“Erm… he didn’t use any particularly rare ingredients, I believe.”

… Nomoodle? Are you thinking of sending him ingredients to make crepes again?

“Nana fruit! And also fresh cream! Milk with lots of fat!”
“Nana fruit, is it? Marianora-sama, there are no Nana fruits in these crepes, no?”
“Nope! But you can enjoy all kinds of flavors with crepes, just like with ice cream! And choco-banana reigns supreme among crepe flavors! That and Nana fruit with fresh cream!”
“I see, I am really curious now.”

… Does this mean I have to ask Takumi-san to send me chocolate-banana crepes?


The three looked at me all at once.
… As I thought.

◇ ◇ ◇

The day after we ate the crepes, Takumi-san sent me some mochi.
I had expected it to take a while for Takumi-san to send me mochi since I just received the crepes from him, but he sent it the very next day! It was a happy miscalculation. Moreover, he made sure that I can enjoy various flavors!

“Let’s tell everyone at onc… no, wait?”

I think we should put off eating this mochi for a while longer. I mean, I don’t know when Takumi-san will send us food again.
I can also play this hidden card when everyone will look at me with faces that say “Is it still not the time yet?”.

“Sylphreel, you cannot.”

I heard Marianora-sama’s voice from behind me, causing me to shudder.

“I won’t get angry with you since you weren’t trying to monopolize it, but you shouldn’t do that either.”
“I’m so sorry~~~”

Marianora-sama smiled at me, as if she knew exactly what I was thinking.
When it comes to sweets, there’s nothing that can escape Marianora-sama’s sight, after all~

“I am glad you understand~”

That being the case, Takumi-san, I ate the mochi deliciously with everyone right away.
They were really yummy!

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