Chapter 268

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Town of Rubia
“We’ve arrived!”

The next morning after enjoying the ebi dishes, we went straight to the town of Rubia.
We rode Joule and Feat’s backs until halfway, and when we got to the area where we could see the town from, I asked them to return to my shadow, and from that point we walked, arriving at the town around midday.

“Now then, I guess we should visit the Ruven mansion first?”
“Let’s go see.”

After we arrived at the town, we went straight to the Ruven mansion without stopping.

“Takumi-san! Allen-chan! Elena-chan!”

As soon as we arrived, Rebecca-san came to welcome us. She had apparently arranged to be informed as soon as we arrived at the town, so she was waiting for us.
… Come to think of it, something similar had happened in Bailey.

“Welcome home! I have been waiting for you!”
“We are home, Rebecca-san.”
“”Obaasama~ we are home~””

Rebecca-san who greeted with “Welcome home” instead of just “Welcome” not only hugged the twins but I also received a big hug myself. As expected, it was quite embarrassing for me, so I asked her to let go of me quickly and she hugged Allen and Elena again.

“Has there been any change in your condition?”
“”Is fine~! How about Obaasama?””
“I am also doing fine. Did you have fun adventuring?”
“So many.”
“Stories to tell!”
“My, oh my, I’m looking forward to it~”

Rebecca-san is quite young for a grandmother, but their exchange was really like that of grandchildren who came to see their grandmother after a long time.

“Takumi-san, you have no plans for today, right?”
“Of course, we don’t have any.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Then, I will have tea prepared, so I wonder if you can tell me about your adventure?”
“”Okay! Will tell~””

As she led us through a much larger mansion than the one in the capital, we arrived to the lounge.

“”You see, you see.””

When we settled down on a comfy sofa, the children immediately started talking to Rebecca-san.
The two took turns talking about meeting the Battle Eagles, swimming in the lake we discovered, their experiences mining in the town of Kelm, about the hot springs, how we flew to the neighboring country on the backs of wyverns, and about their frolicking with gryphons.

“My, my! You have had so many adventures~”

Hearing about it again like this, we certainly did many things in short period of time, didn’t we~

“”Also, also!””
“We have!”

Ah, right. I forgot to give her the souvenirs.

“Oh my, souvenirs? What is it, I wonder?”
“They are pelts for the rugs. Tyrant Bear and Bloody Wolf. The Bloody Wolf pelt has yet to be processed, but please use them in this mansion or the mansion in the capital by all means.”

I took just the Tyrant Bear rug out of my Infinite Storage for now and showed it to Rebecca-san.

“My, oh my, these are some amazing souvenirs again~ It looks like you have realized what I told you at that time.”
“You remember!”
“Of course. I remember what we talked about properly. Thank you both.”

Seeing that Rebecca-san was happy, Allen and Elena laughed out loud.

“”But you see~””
“Don’t have.”
“Dragon meat~”


However, Allen and Elena’s expressions suddenly got a little dejected.
Indeed, Rebecca-san spoke about dragon meat when she left the capital…

“We, unfortunately, did not come across any dragons, so we couldn’t procure the meat.”
“Fufu, that is unfortunate. But it cannot be helped if you didn’t encounter any. I will be always looking forward to it.”
“”Will do my best!””

Rebecca-san wasn’t serious, but the kids were very serious. Looks like we will go on a serious dragon hunt when we encounter one.

“”Also~ we have yellow butterflies~””
“Yellow butterflies? Eh, are you perhaps talking about Yellow Butterfly flowers? Those that bloom in the sea…?”
“Yes, those very Yellow Butterfly flowers.”
“My, oh my! I heard that it’s quite difficult to find Yellow Butterfly flowers, but it seems to be an easy task for you guys~”
“Allen and Elena found them and worked hard to collect many.”
“”Found lots!””
“My, my, but you worked so hard to gather them, so why don’t you sell them and buy lots of stuff you guys want instead?”

Thinking that it wouldn’t be good of her to receive something so rare, Rebecca-san suggested selling the Yellow Butterfly flowers instead.

“”… You don’t want?””

Instantly, Allen and Elena looked sad.

“My, my, don’t misunderstand me, Allen-chan, Elena-chan. It’s not that I don’t want it, I just thought it would be wasteful for me to get them because they are so valuable.”
“”Is not wasteful!!””

Rebecca-san explained in a hurry, but Allen and Elena were hurt by her words instead.

“Gee~ you guys are so cute! Fufu, thank you. Well then, I will accept your offer, so could I have a flower?”
“A flower?”
“Only one?”
“Yes, that’s right. We can do lots with one flower.”
“”Is that so?””

I don’t know how Yellow Butterfly flowers are used, but I’m sure they will be either extracted or made into powder and then processed into beauty products, so I guess you can make a good amount from one flower.

“Well, we won’t be selling all the remaining flowers, so please let me know if you need more.”
“Fufu, thank you, Takumi-san.”

We have many Yellow Butterfly flowers, after all. I wouldn’t sell everything even by a mistake.

“We also know precisely where the flowers grow, so we can go gather them again if necessary.”
“”Will get them!””
“My, oh my, how reliable you are~”

I remember where the cluster was. I’m sure they will regrow after some time, so we can just go get more when needed. Even if there are no Yellow Butterfly flowers blooming in that spot, I’m sure we will find more if we look around.

“What else could be considered a souvenir…”
“Ah, right. We have a lot of fresh fish and fruit to give you.”
“Sparkly? Erm… you mean the crystals? The ones you picked up in the Kelm mines?”
“Big one.”
“Red and big one. And sparkly… ahh, the ruby!”

The kids mean the ruby ore they dug up in Kelm’s mines. I have no use for it myself, and it’s a bit too early for Elena to make use of it.

“Wait a moment, Takumi-san. I am happy to receive fish and fruits, but as expected, I cannot accept crystals and rubies.”
“I’d like to help you financially, can’t I?”
“My, oh my, you are saying something sweet~ But, I can’t accept it. I mean, you are already supporting me enough.”

I know that it’s a very expensive item to buy and sell. But we get most of stuff on our own, so we don’t have to worry about money. Well, it’s something that’s slightly tickling the boundaries of common sense, so it can’t be helped~

“That’s too bad. Allen, Elena, let’s use the gems on another occassion.”
“”Another occasion?””
“Like a birthday or gift for some kind of celebration.”
“”Got it! Let’s do that!””

Next time, we won’t mention the name of the object. I’ll make sure to pack it well and let the recipient receive it without knowing what it is.

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