Chapter 269

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Surprising Report
Velio-san and Almeria-san joined us before dinner and we then ate the meal together.

“”So big~””

Almeria-san’s belly wasn’t that big when we parted in the capital, but she now gives off the “pregnant woman” vibe.
This is Allen and Elena’s first time looking at a pregnant woman so they stared at her belly in amazement.

“Allen, Elena, it’s not that her belly is full from the meal, okay?”
“”Is not~?””
“Fufu, there’s a baby, a child in there~”

The two were surprised by Rebecca-san’s words and stared fixedly at Almeria-san’s belly.

“Allen-kun, Elena-chan, come. I will let you pat it?”

Allen and Elena approached Almeria-san and timidly patted her belly.

“Fufu, looks like it said hello to us today.”

The fetus must have moved while the two were patting her belly. Allen and Elena were still staring with their eyes wide open in wonder.

“Velio-san, when is Almeria-san due?”
“We are estimating the next month.”
“Is that so! That’s something to look forward to.”

It’s a rare experience for a child to be born by Allen and Elena’s side~
Rather, this will be my first, too. A nephew or niece is going to be born, so I’m a little excited.

“We will have to celebrate the birth, right?”

When I whispered to Allen and Elena who returned to my side, their eyes started sparkling.
As expected, I won’t be gifting the ruby that Rebecca-san rejected a while ago to the baby, but we have to look for something nice now!

We continued to eat and talk happily, but the children seemed to be still not talking enough, so we decided to move to the lounge. Oh, except the pregnant Almeria-san who returned to her room.

“Right, Takumi-kun. I have a request for the children.”

There, Velio-san approached me to consult with something.

“A request for the children? Erm, what is it?”
“Takumi-kun, did you hear that Wald has decided to marry?”

For a moment, I couldn’t understand what Velio-san was saying.

“Eeeeehh~!? M, marry!? Wald-sama is!?”

I let out a scream unconsciously.
I mean, I never imagined Wald-sama getting married!

“… Looks like you didn’t hear about it. Mother, I asked you to tell him, didn’t I?”
“Fufu, I was absorbed in chatting with Allen-chan and Elena-chan, so I forgot to mention it. I’m sorry.”

Ah~ It certainly was mostly us doing the talking, so we didn’t even ask Rebecca-san how her family was doing in the meantime just yet~ This was my bad for not bringing the subject up.

“Is it really true that Wald-sama is getting married? Not a joke?”
“It is the truth. I really wouldn’t be joking about this!”
“Oh my~ That’s so unbelievable…”
“Well, you are right about that. My little brother often said that he has no interest in marriage, after all. But, he means it. The wedding is scheduled to take place in winter, will you guys also attend?”
“Eh, isn’t that too fast?”


Winter? Isn’t that only about six months later?
When it comes to marriage among the nobility, they usually get engaged first and marry after a year… that’s what I have been thinking. Marrying in half a year is quite soon, isn’t it?

“Well, yeah. It’s considerably hurried for the nobility. However, it’s not that uncommon, so it’s fine.”
“I see. I will attend the wedding, of course.”
“Is that so? Thank you.”

I have to appreciate Wald-sama’s formal appearances, after all!

“But, it’s a noble wedding, right? Can someone like me attend? Moreover, you said ‘you guys’ so is it fine for Allen and Elena to go, too?”
“Of course, it’s fine. Wald is not the eldest, and the two protagonists aren’t set on following the formalities, so they plan on inviting only the people they are close with. That’s why we would be happy if Allen-kun and Elena-chan attended as well. Rather, this is where my request comes.”
“Ah, right. Pardon me, I was so shocked about Wald-sama’s marriage that I totally forgot we even talked about something like that.”
“I was also shocked when I heard about it for the first time, so I understand. And so, I would like the kids to assist with the wedding procession.”
“Assist with the wedding procession…?”

Speaking of children helping during the wedding ceremony… is it that? Like scattering petals on the aisle where the bride and groom walk?

“Do you know what the role of the petal scatterer is?”

Ah, as I thought. So they have that in this world too~

“Yes, I know… but isn’t that done by relatives’ children?”
“Oh my, Allen-chan and Elena-chan are my grandchildren, and they are Wald’s nephew and niece, no? There’s no problem here!”

When I asked Velio-san, Rebecca-san replied as a matter of course.
However… if we follow the relationship that Rebecca-san decided on, it would make me Allen and Elena’s father, not older brother. Well, that doesn’t really matter, though~

“Allen, Elena, what do you want to do?”
“”Will help!””

Allen and Elena replied instantly. Well, I didn’t think they would refuse.

“Then, I guess we should start collecting lots of white petals from now on.”

Since the wedding is in winter, there will be fewer flowers in bloom by then. So, we better start gathering plenty of flowers now and store them in the Infinite Storage!
Oh, I also need to prepare a wedding gift! We might as well gift him something that would make him go “Even this!?” while at it!

“We originally planned to rake up the flowers in winter from wherever possible, but… it looks like we should leave the trouble to you guys.”
“Yes, we will get something so gorgeous others won’t be even able to compare with.”

Rebecca-san and Velio-san smiled wryly.

“Takumi-san, don’t try too hard.”
“That’s right, Takumi-kun. We would be happy if you restrained it to something within common sense… or something slightly above.”

They are apparently already imagining what we would do… I wonder what they are imagining? Should we prepare some amazing flowers to meet their expectations now?
No, but Wald-sama is the leading actor, so it wouldn’t be good if his scolding angry voice echoed around, right~ I would feel sorry for the bride, too.
N~ then, let’s prepare as much as possible, and leave it for the Ruven family to decide what is usable and what is not.

“Understood. Or rather, I don’t know what is acceptable anyway, so I would be happy if you told me when the preparations start.”
“Takumi-kun, use moderation, please. We don’t have an endless budget.”
“Nono, what budget are you talking about? I don’t plan to charge you for it. It’s a family celebration, after all.”

Velio-san let out a dumbfounded voice.
Hahaha~ If Rebecca-san and others are going to treat us as relatives, then we have to take advantage of it.

“Right, Allen, Elena? We are going to do our best for Wald-sama.”
“”Yeah, celebration, will work hard!””
“My, oh my.”

Seeing the kids so fired up, Rebecca-san smiled with a “It cannot be helped, right~” look on her face.

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