Chapter 270

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“Is there anything else we can do to help with the wedding preparations?”
“Thank you, Takumi-san. But I will just accept your feelings.”

It seems that the wedding preparations are being done in the Capital, so there was nothing special to do here. Thus, we decided to focus all our efforts on collecting flowers and preparing gifts.
Oh, by the way, I also asked about Wald-sama’s marriage partner, but I was only told that she was a Marquis’ daughter from Guardia and that she had silver hair and blue eyes. Apparently, they didn’t want us to judge what kind of person she was based on appearances. Well, it was a pity, but I could understand what Rebecca-san was saying, so I backed off since I was able to get the bare minimum.
The conversation seemed to have run its course, so I decided to get ready for bed. The kids still look like they didn’t talk enough, but we will stay in the town for a while, so convince them that they will be able to talk whenever they want.

“It’s here.”

Rebecca-san showed us into the room herself.

“So big!”
“”There’s no bed~?””
“Fufu, the bedroom is behind that door.”
“Eh, the bedroom is separate!?”
“We tried to make sure it doesn’t deviate from your tastes, but what do you think?”
“My, my tastes?”
“Yeah, I mean, this is your room, Takumi-san. You have to be able to relax in your room.”

Although we were guided to this room, I was quite surprised that this wasn’t a guest room, but my room. Or rather, I was feeling apologetic.
Moreover, she also said “I also had Allen-chan and Elena-chan’s room prepared, but it’s not complete yet and I thought they would dislike it, so I will have it ready when they get older.” So that means this is not a temporary room, but a room that I would be able to use semi-permanently.

“Oh, I will have it fixed if you don’t like it, so just say the word. Of course, if you want something changed or something is missing, you can also tell me immediately.”
“Nono, I won’t say I dislike it! I just feel apologetic that you had to prepare a room for me…”
“I’m not telling you to stay here forever. Just remember that there’s a place for you here and you can come back once in a while. You just arrived today and must be tired, right? Take a good rest.”
“”Good night~””

The depths of Rebecca-san’s pockets were on display once again. Or rather, I almost cried.
Moreover, she swiftly left after saying that.

◇ ◇ ◇


I was relaxing on the king bed, ready for bed, when I heard a steady tapping on the window.

“”Onii~chan, what is it?””
“N~ there’s a bird.”

As I slowly approached the window, I saw a small red bird pecking at the window, so I opened it. Then, the red bird stopped at the window frame without hesitation.


The bird seemed affectionate to humans.

“Ah, is it perhaps Lyra?”

The red bird chirped in affirmation. It appeared to be Oswald-san’s familiar Lyra.
I was told about Lyra, so looking at the red bird’s characteristics, it immediately came to my mind. However, I thought that Edenbirds were larger than this… ah, it has the same Shrinking skill that Joule, Feat, and Vector have, so it made its body smaller with that!

“Indeed. Coming to the town in the big form would only frighten the townspeople, and it might be even mistaken as a monster attacking the town.”

I have also sent Joule to the town as a messenger before, but I told him to get smaller that time.

“Have you come on a shopping errand?”

Oswald-san and Marshelly-san said they had a shortage of goods other than ingredients, so they immediately sent Lyra to purchase some things.

“Eh? Ehhh!?”

Lyra chirped in affirmation, and various things appeared all over the table and floor. Among them were baskets full of fruits and vegetables.

“Oh, it’s a magic ring!”

Magic ring is a magic tool with the same function as the magic bag. However, it’s a magic tool that is much rarer than a magic bag, but Lyra was carrying it.

“First of all… this, I guess?”


I picked up the letter that was on the table.


The letter was quick and apologetic, but it asked us to buy something.
We spoke about going to Rubia, so they must have sent Lyra to meet us here.
The letter also asked us to give the fruits and vegetables to the people in the mansion where we would be staying. I told Oswald-san that we were going to see someone we knew, so he was being quite considerate.

“Let’s see, the things they want Lyra to bring back are… pots and tableware, cloth and paper.”

When I looked at the list of things they wanted to buy, I found that there were very few food items, but many consumable items that were needed for daily life. I guess they really were lacking in many things.

“They also want some novels, huh.”

Since these were entertainment items, it would have been too much of a hassle for the person in charge of the shopping to purchase for them. I don’t know the lineup of books that Oswald-san already has, but it should be okay if we choose relatively new books, right?
As for the price, it might be a hassle since he was giving us monster materials, but he wants us to sell them to pay for it. In addition, it was written that the extra money was a labor charge and should not be returned.

“… It’s obviously way too many materials.”

There were furs and fangs, and obviously too much of them.

“”This is amaz~””

Moreover, there was a red feather the size of the children’s bodies among the materials.

“Is this perhaps Lyra’s feather?”

When I asked Lyra, she gave an immediate reply. It sounded to be affirmative.
If an A-rank Edenbird feather is included, it’s pretty hard to say that the change was not worth the trouble. And since it says “non-returnable,” they seem to have anticipated that I would think that way.

“I don’t have these things at hand, so we will have to go buy them tomorrow. I will buy various and I mean lots of various stuff for you to bring home.”
“”Going shopping~””

Since I cannot return the change, why don’t we buy everything that seems usable for Lyra to bring home!

“Lyra, we will go shopping tomorrow, but what are you going to do until then? If you stay in that form, you can go shopping with us too.”

As you can imagine, I don’t have everything ready right now, so I had to ask Lyra to wait until I have everything ready. And when I asked her what she wanted to do in the meantime, she just tilted her head and froze.


Seeing Lyra’s reaction, even Allen and Elena tilted their heads.

“Err… What did you do with the previous person? Were you waiting outside the town?”
“… Cuckoo.”
“Eh, you were going to come back the next day to pick up the stuff then?”
“… Cuckoo.”
“I see.”

Lyra made a small noise and nodded slightly.
So it’s the first time she’s been asked to go shopping, and she’s frozen in place, unsure of what to do?

“Well, why don’t you come with us then? Then let’s go together, and if there’s something you like, we can try to buy it too.”
“Let’s go~”
“Shopping together~”

Allen and Elena seemed to be in favor. There was no response from Lyra, but she didn’t seem to disagree.
I put away the things she brought us in the Infinite Storage, then took out a basket and cloth to make a bed for her, and gently lifted the stunned Lyra and put her in it.

“Let’s sleep then.”
“”Okay, good night~””
“Yes, good night.”

I decided to turn off the light in the room and go to bed, not wanting to hear any more objections.

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