Chapter 271

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The next morning, we had breakfast and decided to go out for a shopping trip immediately after.

“”What first~?””
“Let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild first.”

At the Adventurer’s Guild, I plan to get money by selling the materials I received from Oswald-san. Although I have enough money even without doing that, I’m thinking of not mixing that money with my own money.

“Good morning. How may I help you?”
“”Good morning.””

When we arrived at the guild’s reception desk, the receptionist lady greeted us with a smile. Then, Allen and Elena also returned the greetings with a smile of their own. Their shyness has completely softened~

“We’d like to sell off materials. Oh, there’s a good amount.”

I stated our business while handing over my guild card.

“Understood. In that case, please place the items at the space over there.”
“Okay, got it.”

I put the materials to be sold on the counter-like large table indicated by the receptionist. By the way, I’m going to keep Lyra’s——Edenbird’s feather instead of selling it.

“This is all.”
“Wonderful. Please give me a minute to assess the value.”
“Oh, I’d also like you to dismantle this for me separately…”
“Then, I will take care of it for you as well.——!!”

The receptionist gulped as I placed the carcass of the Bloody Wolf, that is the souvenir for the Ruven family, on the counter to have it dismantled.

“Bl, Bloody Wolf!? Where did you!?”
“Ah, we haven’t come across it around here, so no need to worry.”
“Ho, however… it’s still warm, you know!?”

The carcass was as fresh as when we caught it since it was stored in my Infinite Storage. Well, it would become a serious matter if Bloody Wolves appeared regularly around this town, so it cannot be helped that the receptionist was panicky.

“We defeated it in the Gaya Forest, so please calm down.”
“… Gaya Forest. Ah, magic bag… you are in a possession of something good then. I’m really sorry.”

She didn’t question the fact that I had a lot of stuff because I was pretending to be taking it out of a magic bag, but because magic bags that slow down the passage of time are rare, she did not think of that right away.

“You want this dismantled… so that means you are not selling it, correct?”
“I want to make a rug out of the fur, so selling it would be a little…”
“T, then, at least the meat!”

Regaining her calm, the receptionist negotiated to get at least some of the Bloody Wolf material.

“Can’t have.”

Allen and Elena were against selling the meat.
That reminds me, did we ever eat… Bloody Wolf meat?

“Err, I’m sorry, it doesn’t look like I can sell it.”
“… How unfortunate.”

The children’s opinion comes first, so I decided to reject selling it.
I could have taken out the other Bloody Wolf carcass I have, but I somehow managed to stop myself.

“The total price came out at this amount. Please come again.”

After receiving the money, I decided to come for the dismantled Bloody Wolf later, so we went shopping at last.

“”Next is~?””
“N~ let’s systematically visit the necessary shops, I guess?”
“It means to visit every shop in order.”
“”Got it! Then~””
“First place is.”

The place Allen and Elena pointed at was a bakery.

“They didn’t ask for ingredients, but I did forget to tell them about sweet buns and stuff like that.”

Sweet buns——jam buns, cream bread, anpan. In addition, Oswald-san could enjoy berry filled pastry, too. Oh, but they probably don’t sell cream bread and anpan here, so let’s buy only jam buns and berry pastry.
Ah, I surely can’t take Lyra inside the bakery, so I had her wait at the roof for a little.


“… Huh? They have cream bread here?”

When we went inside, I saw that they were selling cream bread.

“Lad, you are lucky! Cream bread usually gets sold out right away, but there are still some left today!”
“Eh, I will take the rest then.”

I reflexively buy up all the cream buns left. There are only three, so I wouldn’t have a chance to buy them anywhere else if I didn’t take them.

“I would also like three of these and these, and also these.”

There were also bean jam buns and maro buns on the shelves, so I bought all the kinds that Oswald-san would be okay with, in numbers.
The magic ring that Lyra is wearing does not have the effect of slowing down the passage of time, and I don’t know if Oswald-san has that kind of magic bag, so I tried not to buy too much.

“… I have to thank Rebecca-san when we return.”

I’m sure Rebecca-san is supporting this bakery. In addition, the bakery is located right next to the Adventurer’s Guild, which makes it easy for us to stop by. I’ll have to thank her when we get back~

“N? What’s up?”
“Allen wants to eat too.”
“Elena also wants to eat.”
“Eh, a bread? It has not been that long since you’ve had breakfast, no?”
“”We will do halfsies, so~””

I’m weak to children pleading to me~ Moreover, to make it even harder for me to say no, they said they will split it in half beforehand!

“N~~~ Sure, if you split with Lyra, too.”
“So, what bread do you want?”
“”Maro bread!””

… Their reply was too quick. It seems that they were really eager to eat as they had already decided on the type of bread. They probably had no doubts that I would allow it. As their elder brother, I occasionally have to tell them no clearly, but Allen and Elena never do something that needs me to scold them strictly.
It’s… difficult to know whether I should feel proud that my younger siblings are good kids or lament that I have nowhere to show my dignity as an older brother. Well, if anything, it’s better to be proud.

“”Lyra, thank you for waiting~””

When we stepped out of the bakery, Allen and Elena immediately called Lyra.
Then, Lyra flew over right away and settled on my shoulder.

“Lyra, can you put this into your magic ring?”

Because there were no people in sight, I had Lyra store the bread which we just bought into her magic ring. Of course, except one of the maro breads.

“… Nn~?”

When I handed the bread to Allen, he, with a serious look on his face, split off a third of the maro bread off.

“Here, Elena.”
“Yay~ halfsies, halfsies~♪”

Elena, who received two-thirds of the bread from Allen, effortlessly split it in half.

“Here, Lyra’s portion!”
“… Cuckoo?”

When Elena presented the maro bread to Lyra, Lyra tilted her head in puzzlement. She probably doesn’t understand the meaning of the bread being offered to her. So I took the bread instead, split it into bite-sized pieces and carried it to her beak.

“It’s a bread made from maro fruit. Why don’t you try it, Lyra?”

Lyra alternated between me and the bread near her beak and timidly took the bread into her mouth.


Lyra was clearly in a good mood indicated by the lively chirp after eating the bread.
She seemed to like it, so I tore off more of the bread and brought it to her beak again. Then she ended up eating her third of the bread in no time at all.

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