Chapter 272

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Shopping 2
We didn’t spend too much time eating to sit down, but we walked while eating and peeking into the shops for a while.
I bought a wide range of pots, small pans, and frying pans of various sizes.
I also bought a variety of barrels, baskets, jars, and pots. I returned the baskets that were used to store vegetables and other items after I switched the containers, but I thought it would not be a problem to have more. The magic ring seems to have a large capacity, so I don’t think they will have trouble finding a place to store them.
Next, I went to a store that sells tea leaves and bought three kinds of tea leaves in moderate quantities, based on what was selling well. Buying too many tea leaves would cause them to spoil.
At the cloth shop, I bought white and black cloths that I had been told to buy, as well as dark green cloth that I thought would look good on Oswald-san and brown, gray, and dark blue cloths that I thought would be useful.

“Well, we bought lots of paper and ink, so let’s go to the bookstore next.”
“”Bookstore~ Over there!””

The twins immediately reacted to my mutter and located the bookstore.


We were greeted by a young man who seemed to be an employee of the store when we entered, and when I looked around, the assortment seemed to be quite good.

“I’m looking for something rather new and story-based to read, do you have any recommendations?”
“N~ let’s see, this and this one are selling well. Also, this is the new work of a popular author, but it’s related to their previous books, so I recommend reading the previous works first. Oh, but it’s written in a style that can be read by itself, so there won’t be a problem reading just this piece.”

It’s related to the previous books, huh… so it’s a series? N~ the previous books have been selling for quite a while. I don’t know whether Oswald-san read them before or not. But let’s buy just the new work since it can be apparently read by itself.

“Do you have two copies of each?”
“N? Ah, yes, all of them are popular so we are stocked up.”
“Then, I will take two copies of the newest book and a copy of the previous books. Ah, could you please bill them separately?”

I will secure our copies of the recommended books since we are here.

“I’d like more books, do you have any other recommendations?”
“Let’s see~… By the way, is there a specific reason you are looking for new books?”
“I was asked by an acquaintance to buy books for him, but I don’t know which books he already read. He apparently haven’t had the opportunity to buy any books for a while, so I thought that newer books would be a safer option.”
“I see, if that’s the case, would books that came out a few months ago instead of books that came out just recently be also fine?”
“Yes, I think books that are a few months old would be fine, too.”

The young man picked out books one after another. I’ve never read any of these books before, so I’m also going to keep the ones that have more than one copy and the ones that only have one copy for Oswald-san.

“How about this much?”
“I think this should be enough. I will pay for these ones first then.”

First, I will finish paying for Oswald-san’s share of books.

“Allen, Elena, did you find something nice?”
“”Yea! Want this!””

While the young man was looking for books, I asked Allen and Elena to browse the shelves of the children’s books, and they seemed to find some good ones.

“Roger that. Place them over there then.”
“That’s really generous of you. Not many people buy so many books at once.”


The young man looked slightly dumbfounded rather than impressed.
He said that even though the books were not that expensive, there were no customers who would buy such a large quantity.

“Well, would you like to pay the bill now?”
“Wait a moment please. Do you have anything about medicinal plants or monsters? Something very detailed, if possible.”
“You are buying more!? That makes me happy, but is that really fine?”
“If it’s about money, then there’s no problem.”
“Is that so? Fine then… err, medicinal plants and monsters? Wait a moment please.”

The man went to the back of the store to look for the books, and I went to the entrance of the store with the bill for Oswald-san, which had already been paid for.

“Sorry, but please store these.”

I called Lyra, who was waiting outside the store, and asked her to put the books away, making use of the blind spot of the half-open door.

“Thank you. But I’m sorry, could you wait for a little longer?”

When I told her it would take a little longer, she didn’t seem to mind and flew to the roof.
Lyra didn’t complain, but I get the feeling that she’s just tagging around to deliver the package. If this is the case, would it have been better for Lyra if we had made the purchase alone and handed it over at once?
No, we can still make up for it! Now that we’ve done most of the shopping, let’s do Lyra’s shopping.

“Thank you for waiting. How about these?”

The young man brought back several books.

“We have this~”
“We don’t have this~”
“We don’t have this either~”
“We have this one~”

When the young man lined up the books on the counter, Allen and Elena looked at the covers and separated the books we had from the ones we didn’t.

“Erm… are you really letting them do it? Are they dividing them correctly?”
“They know, they wouldn’t make a mistake.”
“Really? These little children?”
“They are my children’s favorite kind of books, after all.”

The young man exclaimed in surprise. Well, it’s unusual for someone as old as Allen and Elena to love reading plant encyclopedias~

“”Did it~!””
“Thank you.”

There were five books in total that we didn’t have. I decided to buy all of them, and left the store after paying for them along with the fiction books I had secured first.

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