Chapter 273

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shopping 3
“Oh, it’s the Fiji Company.”

As soon as we left the bookstore, Allen and Elena found the store of the Fiji Company, which they had become very familiar with.

“Let’s stop by since we came across it.”

I didn’t give Oswald-san that much of miso, shoyu, and Easy Salt Series. I was not asked of this, but I thought I might as well get him some more, so we entered the store.

“T, the Honored customer is!! I, I will call the branch manager over, so please wait just for a moment!!”

When we entered the store, I was surprised by the shop assistant who greeted us and went to call the manager without giving me time to say a word.

“Thank you very much for coming. You must be Takumi Kayano-sama, right?”
“Huh? Eh? How!?”

After a while, a middle-aged woman approached me. The shop assistant said he would call the branch manager, so this must be her, but she seemed to know about me for some reason.

“We were told about you by the Chairman, Kayano-sama. Ah, my name is Hannah, and I’m the manager of the Rubia branch.”

The chairman would be Stefan-san, right? And, well… did he spoke of our characteristics, like we are a dark-haired man with blue-haired little twins in tow… or something? I believe that’s the only way to recognize us at first glance.
Also, since Stefan-san knows that we are coming to this city, did he contact this branch beforehand? I hope he didn’t notify all the branches or something like that… right?

“Ah~ please call me Takumi. I’m more used to being called that.”
“Understood. I will call you Takumi-sama then.”
“Erm, is the -sama necessary?”
“Of course, you are a customer and a very important person for our company, so please allow this much.”

I asked her to call me by my first name, since I was rarely called by my surname these days, but that didn’t stop her from using -sama.

“What can I do for you today, Takumi-sama? Do you perhaps have an idea for a new product?”

I wondered what Stefan-san had really told her. No, I think he told her about the curry powder and Easy Salt Series… I’m sure he said many other things, too.
Rather, I can’t pull out new ideas from my pockets so easily, so please don’t look at me like that, shop manager——Hannah-san.
Well, on the contrary, it would be easier to talk when I really got an idea.

“N, no. We just came to buy something today.”
“Is that so? That’s too bad.”

Hanna-san looked disappointed at my words.

“Ah, but…”
“What might it be!”

When I remembered something, Hannah-san’s eyes instantly lit up. She bit on the bait unbelievably fast. It was a little scary.

“… Uh, I’d like to dry and powder a certain kind of seaweed, and make it into a so-called Aonori. Also, could you add that to the Easy Salt Series?”
“So it’s Easy Salt made from seaweed! I see! Please leave it to me!”

She readily agreed, so when I took out a sample of Aonori from my Infinite Storage and showed it to her, she said it was a common seaweed and that there would be no problems securing the ingredients.
If this works out, I won’t have to make the Aonori salt myself. I’ll also ask her to make kombu salt, which is a mixture of powdered kelp. Oh, would a sesame salt be possible as well?

“Thank you very much for the good idea. We will start experimenting immediately, and we will contact the Lord’s residence when it’s finished.”
“Ah, yes. Please.”

I haven’t told her where we are staying, but she seems to have already figured that out.

“Oh, yes. So I’ve got an acquaintance and I would like to get miso, shoyu, and Easy Salt Series for them.”
“Yes, I will have it prepared right away!”
“T, thank you.”

I told her what I wanted to buy, and she personally brought the items to me. And they were in huge quantities. It was indeed a lot, so I decided to give a part to Oswald-san, and keep the rest of the Easy Salt Series for my own stock. Since it seems to be a good bargaining chip for adventurers who don’t know about it.

“I have one more request…”
“Yes, what is it?”
“Can I let a bird enter the store? Ah, it’s an obedient child, so she won’t cause any problems…”
“A bird? Let’s see… there are currently no other customers around, so it should be fine for a short time.”
“Thank you very much.”

Lastly, I asked Hannah-san to let Lyra do some shopping, and she gladly gave me permission.

“”Will call her~””

Allen and Elena went out of the store and brought Lyra back with them.


“”Brought her~””
“Thank you.——Lyra, why don’t you look around? I will buy anything you want.”

Lyra looked around the store curiously after hearing my words.

“Allen, Elena, why don’t you show Lyra around?”
“”Okay! Leave it to us!””

Allen and Elena enthusiastically explained the items to Lyra. They seemed to be explaining the ingredients, but they were saying things like, “It’s delicious when you boil it with XX” or “It’s good to eat it with shoyu”. Lyra was still listening earnestly to the children’s words.


Lyra, who was listening to the children’s explanation, was interested in something that looked like fruit. The kids couldn’t explain what it was, though.
Edenbird is a bird, but it is also a monster, so I thought it must have been a carnivore, but she apparently also likes nuts and fruits.

“What’s this~?”
“This is my first time seeing this too~ Erm…”
“Takumi-sama’s companions also have discerning eyes! That’s a nut of the sea called Sheira nut and it just came in the other day!”

Before I could confirm it with my appraisal, Hannah-san gave the answer. It wasn’t a fruit, but a nut.
A sea nut at that.
It was bright blue in color, with a spiny surface like that of a durian.

“You are saying that these nuts grow in the sea?”
“Yes, that’s correct! They are extremely rare so they rarely appear in our store!”
“”Ohh~ sea nuts!”

Lyra found something unusual it seems.

“How many of these Sheira nuts do you have?”
“Just five.”
“I will take them all then.”

They were quite expensive since they were so rare, but since Lyra was interested in them, I decided to buy them all.

“Onii~chan, Allen wants too!”
“Onii~chan, Elena wants too!”
“”Wanna try~!””
“… Well, that’s…”

I have never eaten it before, so I agree that I would like to try it too. However——

“This is what I bought for Lyra, you see~”

Lyra chirped in a gentle voice as she looked at the dejected children.

“N? What is it, Lyra?”
“Oh, you are going to share the sea nuts with us?”
“”Yay! Lyra, thank you!””

Someway or another, that’s what Lyra said… rather, it seems that I was correct with my hunch. Lyra is so kind~

“Thank you, Lyra. Then, we will take you up on your offer and take one nut.”
“Is there anything else that interests you?”

Lyra didn’t seem to have anything else on her mind, so we decided to leave the store. At that point, Hannah-san asked me what I was planning to do the day after tomorrow. It seemed like she was going to make a prototype and bring it to me tomorrow. I told her I didn’t have any plans, and I would be staying at the Ruven house.

“Now then, what do we do next?”
“N? What is it, Lyra?”

As we left the store and I was thinking about what to do, Lyra suddenly chirped.

“”Are you leaving?””
“”… I see~ Too bad.””
“Eh, you are already leaving? You understood her, Allen, Elena? Or rather, aren’t you tired, Lyra?”

I tried to encourage her to stay another night, but she seemed to want to go back to Oswald-san’s place as soon as possible.

“Then, we will see you again, Lyra!”

Lyra flew into the sky and out of the town without hesitation.

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