Chapter 266

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Underwater Gathering 2
The yellow butterfly flowers are said to be quite valuable, but that’s because they bloom on the seafloor, so they are hard to find. The reproductive capacity itself seems to be quite good, so… well, they will be just barely safe.

“”I’m so~rry.””
“You thankfully didn’t get past the worst part… well, let’s leave it at that. But you have to be more careful next time.”
“Mm, good answer!”

Allen and Elena reply cheerfully with their hands raised.
Since they seem to be firmly remorseful, Allen and Elena would not make the same mistake again.

“Now then… shall we move on?”
“”You see, you see!””
“What is it?”
“”Let’s go that way~!””

When I tried to proceed a little deeper, Allen and Elena pointed in the direction they wanted to go.

“That way? I have not decided where to go in particular, so I don’t really mind, but did you discover something?”
(Isn’t it medicinal plants?)
(A monster, perhaps?)
(Something yummy!)
(I’m sure it’s minerals!)

Joule and others raised their predictions in turns.

“”N~ Don’t know. But…””

Allen and Elena themselves didn’t seem to understand it, so they tilted their heads puzzledly.

“Oh well, that’s fine. Let’s just see it ourselves.”

Since it caught Allen and Elena’s eyes, something must be there. Well, I planned on wandering around to begin with, so I have no problem going there even if we don’t find anything.

“”Ah! Crab~””
(Oh, that’s not fair! I’m going too~)

The moment monsters entered their sights, Allen and Elena swam towards them at great speeds. Vector chased after the two.

(Wow. They left so vigorously.)
(They are getting further and further apart from Vector.)
“For sure. Well, it’s not such a formidable enemy, so they will be fine.”

I would stop them if it seemed even a bit dangerous, but it wasn’t an enemy they would make a mistake against and get injured, so I let the two do as they please.

(Is something the matter, Niisama?)
“I cannot confirm since we are still far away, but isn’t that a Sand Lobster?”
(It’s torso sure does look long.)

It’s similar to a crab, but isn’t that actually a shrimp? Huh? Or was it a crayfish? Well, whatever, let’s go with shrimp.

(Oh, they defeated it.)
(Allen and Elena seem to be dragging the prey back.)
(Vector did not even catch up yet, though.)
(Ah, they passed by each other!)

Vector made a U-turn in panic and chased after the twins again. However, they steadily pulled away again.

“Welcome. Any injuries?”
“That’s good. By the way, did you have no inclination to wait on Vector?”
“He was chasing after you two, but you left him behind both times, you know? Look, over there.”

Allen and Elena turned around, faced Vector who was swimming towards us, and they tilted their heads.

“Erm… you didn’t notice?”

Looks like they only saw the prey.

(Allen, Elena, why did you not wait for me!)

The kids apologized to Vector while smiling, but they did not seem to be reflecting whatsoever.

“”You know, you know, it wasn’t a crab~””


Rather than that… is what the kids’ tone was suggesting to me, as they seemed to have more interest in the Sand Lobster.

“Ah, yes. That’s a Sand Lobster. It’s not a crab but something like a shrimp.”

Allen and Elena’s eyes were sparkling.

“Ebi fry!”
“”Wanna eat!””
“This sized!?”

The Sand Lobster was half the size of the twins’ bodies.

“I don’t think I will be able to put it over a fire at this size, you know?”

It might seem done from the outside, but I wouldn’t want it to be raw on the inside, so when I voiced out my opinion, the kids raised their voices in displeasure.

“Wouldn’t it be better to cut it into bite sizes and eat it in other various dishes?”
“”Other dishes?””
“In addition to ebi fry, I have eaten ebi chili before. There’s also ebi mayo, ebi tempura, you can also use the tempura for onigiri. Don’t you think that a cream stew also sounds good?”

When I named the shrimp dishes I could recall, the children’s faces gradually lit up. Well, Joule and others were the same, so everyone’s faces were bright.

“”Wanna eat all!””
(They are all dishes I have never heard about!)
(Is one Sand Lobster going to be enough for all of those dishes, though?)
(Indeed. One does not seem to be enough.)
(Hunt more!)
(We have to find them first! Let’s search!)

I just wanted to deflect the giant ebi fry idea, but I have ended up motivating them in a different way.


From there, the actions of the kids were swift.

“”That way~””
(Roger that. That way it is.)

They started looking for the Sand Lobsters.

“Over there~!”
“Over there as well~!”

Allen and Elena immediately found Sand Lobsters and split up.

(Wait up~)
(My, oh my, they really are eager, aren’t they~)

Joule and Bolt followed Allen, while Feat and Vector went after Elena. Mile stayed with me.
The other kids seemed to get used to swimming already as they followed Allen and Elena with quite the speed.


However, even though they have gotten used to it, they were still unable to catch up with Allen and Elena, so when they arrived, Allen and Elena already finished dealing with the Sand Lobsters.

(Hm~mm, we still can’t catch up, huh~)
(As expected, it’s not the same as running on the ground.)
(Swimming is just way too different from flying for me.)
(Allen and Elena are unrivaled in water!)

Unlike the twins, who have returned to me with beaming smiles, Joule and others had frustrated looks on their faces.

“Allen, Elena, don’t rush so much because we would be troubled if something unexpected happened.”

Allen and Elena, who were obsessed with hunting, didn’t stop so easily though, as they kept hunting not only Sand Lobsters, but also other various monsters.

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