Chapter 246

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Sorry about that, Takumi.”
“I beg your pardon, Takumi-dono.”
“Nono, I don’t mind, so don’t worry about apologizing.”

The princes apologized, but I couldn’t stand it. I really want them to stop.

“And so, Takumi. Creta has tested us… or rather, they tested you, Takumi. Do you understand that?”
“Eh, is that so? Not you and the Guardia?”

Austin-sama seemed shocked too, so wasn’t he unaware that Rain-sama and Cloud-sama changed places with each other?

“I didn’t know exactly what he had in mind, but His Majesty Maynard had informed me beforehand.”

I thought that Maynard-sama was a bold person, but he seems to be fully prepared in each direction. Well, wouldn’t that be only natural for someone who governs an entire country?

“Let me explain. The contracts Father prepared include one in which we would use Takumi-dono’s condition in case you noticed us. In case you felt something was wrong but did not say anything, we would go with what we discussed the other day. And, if you did not notice whatsoever, we intended of adding a few conditions of our own.”
“Ehh~ was that so?”

When Rain-sama explained in detail, it was actually relatively simple.
It seems that Maynard-sama wanted to test me and adjust the contract based on the result of the test.

“… Is that all?”
“What do you mean?”

When I showed convinced expression after Rain-sama finished explaining, it was he who was making a baffling expression this time.

“Let’s see, don’t you find it uncomfortable that we tried to test you, or aren’t you worried about the conditions we would set in case we deemed that you failed… or something?”

Apparently, Rain-sama was doubtful since I was quite nonchalant about the whole thing.
But, I don’t really have any thoughts regarding the contract’s conditions, so I can only react like this.

“N~… not really——oh, I was surprised.”

I was surprised that Rain-sama and Cloud-sama were twins, I was also surprised that the cupboard moved, and I was also surprised that this prank was started by Maynard-sama himself~
Yep, I was undoubtedly “surprised”.


Allen and Elena were of the same opinion. I think the cupboard was the most interesting to them, though~

“”The cupboard was amazing~””
“”Eh? T, the cupboard?””

As I thought. The kids said what I was thinking, causing Rain-sama and Cloud-sama be stunned at the same time.

“”Wanna look closer~ can we?””
“”… Ehh.””
“”Can we?””
“Yeah, go ahead.”

Seeing that Rain-sama and Cloud-sama wouldn’t properly reply to them, they sought permission from Austin-sama. When he gave them permission, they then turned towards me with smiles on their faces.
To look at me after resolving a potential problem… that’s pretty slick.

“… Just for a little. You cannot leave the room.”
“”Got it~! Going!””

The kids jumped down from their chairs and made their way towards the moving cupboard. They tried to move the cupboard and were peeking into the adjacent room.

“They seemed to be interested in it all this time, but it seems they weren’t able to endure any longer.”
“Yes, indeed. I’m sorry for their restlessness.”
“Nono, it’s tough for kids to stay still for a long time, after all.——Well then, how about we finish the discussion before the kids come back?”

Austin-sama who watched the kids warmly directed his gaze towards Rain-sama and Cloud-sama.

“Since Takumi noticed His Majesty’s ploy this time, there is no doubt we will go with conditions set by Takumi, right?”
“Yes, that is correct.”
“And that’s the case. Takumi, are there any other conditions you want to add?”

There’s no way I could come up with something if you asked me this suddenly.

“… I can’t think of anything, so please give me your suggestions.”
“Let me think~ How about increasing your interest rate——”
“No, thank you.”
“I thought so.”


They say that I wouldn’t have to worry about money, but I’ve got more than enough to spend already, so I don’t need any more than this. I think it’s a luxurious problem to have, but the present me can easily make a lot of money.
Thus, I instantly refused Austin-sama’s suggestion. Then, Austin-sama nodded, saying “I knew it.”

“How about a ‘network’?”
“Network… you say?”
“If there’s something you want or you are searching for something… we can get you the information.”
“I see…”

Something I want. Erm, is there something like that, I wonder~

“It seems you can’t think of anything.——Rain-dono, how about this? Let’s leave it on a favor, if there’s something Takumi has difficulty with, you just have to lend him a helping hand. Why don’t we do that?”
“I can’t say that we will be absolutely of help, but we can give advice or lend a hand. I don’t mind doing it like that.”
“Takumi, how about it?”
“Y, yeah. Let’s leave it at that.”

I feel that having a royal family’s favor is quite a serious matter, but there’s no better place to run to if something goes wrong.
That being the case, the contents of the instant soup contract we discussed the other day were safely signed.


After the contract was signed, the fully satisfied children finally returned in a good mood.

“Welcome back. How was it?”
“”Amusing! Want it!””
“Nonono, what do you want?”
“”A moving cupboard?””

Why did it turn into a question?
And even if you have a moving cupboard, it’s just a cupboard.

“Even if you have a moving cupboard, you have no place to install it, right?”
“”I see~ unlucky.””

Oh my, they let go of it immediately this time.
They are not that selfish to begin with, but it’s been really helpful that they have been so obedient recently

“Then, should you not say thank you for showing it to you?”
“”Yeah.——Thank you.”

Listening to what I said, the children bowed their heads to Rain-sama and Cloud-sama.

“”Onii~chan, want snacks!””

My children are not selfish, but they sure do things at their own pace… what do they call this? Going my way?

“Takumi, I want snacks too.”

Austin-sama took the opportunity to agree.

“Allen, Elena, what is your suggestion today?”
“”Mmm~ shaved ice?””
“Shaved ice? What kind of thing is that?”
“”You see~ it’s like snow~””
“And sweet~”

It’s an exchange of someone who already finalized the snack time. Oh, well~

“Takumi, that’s a new kind of a dessert, isn’t it? Why did you not tell me about it before? There wasn’t anything about it in the letter?”
“Nonono, I made shaved ice back in the capital, so I naturally wouldn’t write about it in the letter. I mean, even if I made it after leaving the capital, I wouldn’t normally write about stuff like that, no!?”
“No, I would be troubled if you did not report about that. I could use it to please my Mother.”

I knew Tristan-sama was weak against Grace-sama, but is it the same for Austin-sama, too?
So that means Grace-sama is the strongest there.

“Rather, aren’t they already being sold in Guardia’s capital?”

Grandpa Sol and Stefan-san were fired up and they wanted to start the sales before it gets too hot.

“Is that so?”
“Yes, the Fiji Company were eager to sell it, after all.”
“I see. I will confirm immediately upon returning. However, I will have to put up a request with you for now.”
“”Shaved ice~””

Rain-sama and Cloud-sama were curious about the shaved ice too, so the snack time was decided upon, and I made shaved ice for everyone.

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