Chapter 247

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“This is quite delicious, isn’t it~”
“”This is!””

When I poured syrup made from the Margo fruit on the fluffily shaved ice, and served it with diced margo fruit, everyone ate it deliciously.

“Ice that has been shaved with a fruit syrup on top, huh. The method of making this is not something that unusual, so I find it strange why no one has tried making this before.”
“True. Moreover, don’t you think it’s perfect for the coming season? We have to urgently acquire the magic tool Takumi-dono used to make this!”
“You said the Fiji Company deals with these? Let’s inquire about this right away.”
“I don’t think we have this Fiji Company here, no? Wouldn’t it be faster to send people to Guardia?”
“That’s true. Let’s do that then.”
“Alright. Next we have to tell the chefs to make some syrups from fruits.”
“Let’s have them make all kinds of syrups.”

Rain-sama and Cloud-sama seemed to like it very much and were discussing various things so that they could enjoy it in the future.

“Fufu, I will arrange the magic tool for you. I am also intending to get one, so I will send you one——Takumi, you can get it from the Fiji Company, right?”
“Yes, it’s made by a magic tool craftsman who is on good terms with the Fiji Company, so I think it will be fine if you contact that person through them.”
“We will leave it in your hands then, Austin-dono.”
“Yes, leave it to me.”

Austin-sama was eager to get his hands on the magic tool.

“We will have to thank Takumi-dono for introducing us to something this good.”
“Indeed~ How about we show them to him?”
“Oh, those children? However, can that be considered as showing gratitude?”
“We just have to ask, right?——Hey, Takumi-dono. I heard that that the wyverns got attached to you and the kids. Do you like animals by any chance?”

I don’t need thanks since it was just a snack for the children. Rather, didn’t the way Cloud-sama speaks change a little?

“”Huh~? The way you speak changed~?””

Certainly, Rain-sama’s way of speaking hasn’t changed, but Cloud-sama’s speech pattern crumbled a little.

“Ah, I am sorry about this. I am trying to be careful, but the way I speak returns back to my usual when I stop thinking about it.”

Being pointed out by the children, Cloud-sama tried to correct himself in a panic.
I see, so his true self has come out.

“We won’t mind if you talk to us how you normally speak. Oh, but Austin-sama is with us, so it wouldn’t be possible?”
“No, I don’t mind either. The contract has been already signed, after all.”

The official business is over and the rest was a private matter, so Austin-sama kindly agreed.

“Thank you very much, Austin-dono, Takumi-dono.”
“Oh, I’d be happy if you didn’t use honorifics when addressing me.”
“That so? I won’t be holding back and call you Takumi then. Unlike Rain, I’m poor with formalities. It really saves trouble.”

Heeh~ So that means Rain-sama and Cloud-sama’s personalities are considerably different.

“I’m also not very good with honorifics, so it’s very helpful when you don’t use them.”
“Haha, roger that.”
“Thank you very much. Oh, by the way, what did you mean by asking us about liking animals? Well, I don’t dislike them and the children…”
“So they say.”

Once it became easier to talk to Cloud-sama, I immediately returned back to the topic.


“I thought of showing you our country’s treasures if you liked them.”
“Treasures… you say?”
“Yep. They are something like the Guardia’s wyverns, are you interested?”

Cloud-sama wouldn’t tell me directly, but it must be something incredible if compared to the wyverns. They must be high-ranked monsters, but… I wonder which?

“I’m very curious.”
“”Wanna see~””

The children already had excited expressions on their faces.

“I see. How about we go now if you have time?”
“”Let’s go~!””
“Erm, are we fine to go? We are still technically in the middle of the work, so… no?”
“I don’t mind.”
“But, I’m uneasy letting you go alone, so have Kevin accompany you.——Kevin, I will be fine, so you accompany Takumi’s and the kids.”

Austin-sama gave us permission and it has been decided that we will go take a look at the Creta’s treasured animals, but Kevin-san was ordered to tag along with us.
Isn’t it strange for someone like me who came to Creta as a guard to be accompanied by another guard…?
Huh? When Kevin-san went out with us yesterday, was he perhaps instructed to watch over us too… that can’t be, right?

“What are you uneasy about?”
“I’m worried about the results, rather than your actions. We are here as guests, so please don’t angle too much disturbance.”
“Nonono, a, angle? What are we angling!?”
“Of course, I’m talking about what you will be shown. You have a criminal record of attracting wyverns on your first meeting, so I can only imagine what is going to happen next.”

If they are monsters raised by humans than there’s a possibility of being accepted positively.
There is, but… it’s not like we are going fishing!

“It’s not something we can influence, so I think it might be better to give up…”

I wasn’t trying to get accepted by the wyverns when we met them, so it’s not something I can avoid on my own.

“Yes, I am aware. That’s why I will have Kevin accompany you. It’s necessary to hear a report from third party about what occurred.”
“I don’t really understand, but you are saying that Takumi and the kids are supposedly able to tame monsters beyond our comprehension?”
“Yes, I don’t think there will be a problem if you have that awareness. Cloud-dono, it’s better if you mentally prepare.”
“I see, I understand. Thank you for your advice.”

This is… would it be better to live up to their expectations now?

“”Quick, quick, we wanna see!””
“Oh, right. Let’s go then.——Rain, I will take Takumi and the kids, you handle the rest.”
“Alright, go ahead. Cloud, you might have gotten permission, but make sure not to be too rude please.”
“I know.”

◇ ◇ ◇

The place Cloud-sama took us to seemed like beast stables.

“They seem to be outside right now. Can you see them over there?”
“Look, over there.”
“”Oh, there they are~””

Cloud-sama pointed to the open space that stretched out behind the beast stables, and there were monsters with a lion-like body and an eagle-like head and wings. They were… S-ranked gryphon.
The beings Cloud-sama treated as “treasures” were really incredible!

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