Chapter 248

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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As expected, we didn’t approach too close, but I could feel their impressiveness from a reasonably close spot.

“They are quite big, aren’t they~”
“”Yea, big~””

They were a little bigger than Joule or Feat, but slightly smaller than Vector.

“Are they basking in the sun?”
“”Looks comfy~””

The weather today is very good, so the gryphons were sprawled on the ground, enjoying the sunshine.

“What do you think?”
“Right! It’s fine to get a little bit closer.”
“Yeah. But, you will have to stop when told to.”

We slowly closed the distance between us and the gryphons.

“Please stop right here.”

A young knight of a similar status to the Guardia’s dragon riders stopped us, saying we cannot approach any closer.

“”No more?””
“Yes, any more than this and the gryphons will feel intimidated.”

As the young man said, the gryphons seemed to notice that we were approaching and raised their heads that were resting on the ground to observe us.
Then, Allen and Elena stared fixedly at the gryphons.

“… Takumi, what are the kids doing?”

Perhaps finding the children acting strange since they were staring at the gryphons for a few minutes, Cloud-sama questioned me.

“Err… they are greeting them?”
“Greeting? The gryphons?”
“Yes. But, a staring contest would be more correct, I think?”
“Either way, it’s not something you should do with the gryphons.”
“Well, my children are not normal, after all.”
“… I see.”

Cloud-sama didn’t say anything further and began observing the children.
They weren’t doing anything dangerous, so he let them do as they please.

“… Guru.”

A short time later, the gryphon closest to us let out a little cry and bowed its head.


Before long, the children seemed to win the staring contest as the two raised their hands overhead when the gryphon lowered its head.


Moreover, in the moment of happiness, the two started running towards the gryphon, so I unconsciously let out a voice.
Cloud-sama also raised his voice in surprise.

“Wha! That’s, that’s dangerous!”

The beast knight young man’s face turned pale.
However, Allen and Elena embraced the gryphon as if nothing had happened.

“”Ohh~ so soft~””

Without regard to other people’s feelings, the twins rubbed their faces against the feathers of the gryphon.

“Hey there, Allen, Elena! You were told to not act on your own!”
“No buts!”
“”Au~… I’m sorry.””

I approached the gryphon and the frolicking children, and scold them merely for form’s sake.
I mean, the beast knight looks pitiful with his face so pale. Well, it would be a big problem if the people His Highness guided here would get hurt, after all~


Then, the gryphon who let itself obediently be touched by the twins stood up and made its way to my side, nuzzling its big head to my chest.


“Huh… they are unexpectedly amiable, aren’t they?”
“”Nonono! They are definitely not!””

Its cute gestures were like those of a pet dog.
However, the beast knight young man and Cloud-sama promptly denied.

“I’ve never seen them acting in this way even though I usually take care of them!”

It appears they are not that friendly.
Since the gryphons took liking to us after the wyverns did, we might have quite a likable constitution or something.
Wyverns and gryphons, huh~ Huh? Is it perhaps because they are wind-attributed monsters that they are amiable to me, the Wind God’s retainer… or something like that?
No, but wouldn’t it be strange for them to act this intimate with Allen and Elena then? The two of them are the Water God’s lineage, after all. So does that mean it doesn’t have to do anything with attributes? N~ I guess I will never find out.

“Ta, Takumi.”

When I came back after being immersed in my own thoughts thanks to Cloud-sama, I noticed that the gryphons scattered around were suddenly gathering around us.


Before I noticed, two gryphons with Allen and Elena on their backs, suddenly flapped their wings and rose into the sky.


That surprised me quite a bit too and I couldn’t help but shout.
… The children seemed to be pleased, though.

“Err… can this be considered a kidnapping, I wonder?”

Ah, but, they seem to be circling, so they don’t seem to be taking them away?

“The gryphons are kidnapping them? W, what do we do about this!!”

I was calm, but Cloud-sama who found this situation too unexpected was feeling apologetic and guilty.

“Cloud-sama, it’s fine-ish.”
“They are not flying too far, they seem to be playing.”
“B, but… what do we do if they fall?”
“Ah~ I think it will be fine. Well, I can catch them if they fall by any chance.”

I cannot imagine Allen and Elena falling off of the gryphons. If they did, they could land lightly on their own, and even if they couldn’t, I would be able to catch them.
But, Cloud-sama didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Allen, Elena~ Cloud-sama is worried, so please come back~”

First, I asked the children to come back to reassure Cloud-sama, but they seemed displeased.
N~ something that would attract their attention… food? Will they come back if I lure them with food?

“If you come back right now, I will prepare whatever you like for the dinner~”
“”Really? Then, coming back~””

The reply was quick. The two’s gluttony is stable~

“”Here I go~””

Not sure what they were thinking, Allen and Elena suddenly stood up and jumped down without any hesitation.


I used wind magic in a hurry to catch the two kids.
I said I would catch them if they fell, but I did not consider them jumping off on their own.

“You cannot do that so suddenly.”
“”Is fine with Onii~chan around!””

Allen and Elena apparently jumped off with the belief I would catch them.
I’m happy they trust me so much, but I would like to have time to prepare. For the people around, not me!

“Even if it’s fine, you have to say a few words beforehand the next time.”

I will be troubled if they repeat this next time, but I cautioned them just in case.

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