Chapter 249

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“”… Guru.””

Following Allen and Elena, the gryphons who took the children away, swooped down to the ground with a sulky look.


Then, the biggest gryphon who stood next to me, let out a noise as if scolding them. The scolded two animals hung their heads down.
Is it perhaps the top dog among the gryphons?
Somehow, when I stroked that gryphons neck, it snuggled up to me in a spoiled manner. There was no dignity in its appearances… or did I have just a wrong impression?

“Takumi, it would be best to deal with these ones, too.”

Kevin-san who maintained his position of… a mere attendant, advised me to deal with the situation as I couldn’t just keep silent. Following his advice, I looked where Kevin-san was looking——

“… Jumping down from that height… that’s ridiculous, isn’t it?”
“Y, Your Highness, just who are these people!?”

Cloud-sama and the Beast Knight young man seemed very confused.
Moreover, it weren’t only those two, other Beast Knights and gryphon caretakers were staring at us from a distance!

“His Highness’ prediction was spot on. It seems you have caught as many ‘fish’ as possible.”
“It wasn’t my intention whatsoever, though.”
“Well, it’s just what it means being you, no? Rather than that, how are you going to calm them down?”
“Err… what do you think I should do, Kevin-san?”
“Takumi, just do your best!”

… It appears that cheering me on is as far as he’s willing to help.

“… Allen, Elena, won’t you charge at Cloud-sama for a little? Like you did to Matthias-san and others.”
“”Got it~””
“… Eh?”

I said it jokingly, but the twins really started charging at Cloud-sama.
Moreover, the gryphons joined them.
I didn’t think they would seriously consider charging (hugging) at Cloud-sama, since Matthias-san and Rebecca-san are people they consider a family, but——


They really charged at Cloud-sama and brought him to the ground.


They were always caught, so they were stunned by the situation that was different from usual.

“Cloud-sama, are you okay!?”
“Are you injured?”
“Oh, I’m fine.”
“I’m sorry. I am really sorry!”
“No, don’t mind it. I was just taken by surprise.”

I quickly lifted up Allen and Elena from Cloud-sama’s body and helped Cloud-sama up.


Wondering whether they did something wrong, Allen and Elena’s expressions looked dejected.

“I’m telling you it’s fine. Don’t make such face at me.”

Cloud-sama looked at the twins’ faces and patted their heads with a wry smile.


“Sorry about that. I did not have much interaction with children their age, so I did not know what to expect.”
“… I am truly sorry about this.”

We were able to return Cloud-sama to sanity, but found ourselves in a different kind of trouble.

“Let’s see~ I will forgive you if you include me in the meal you have promised the kids earlier.”
“Eh? Meal?”

Struck with an idea, Cloud-sama promptly made a proposal.
Cloud-sama seemed quite panicked at that time, but it seems he was able to grasp my interaction with the children clearly.

“Yeah. The children were having so much fun with the gryphons yet their attitude changed immediately. Is the food you make so tasty?”
“”It’s super delish♪””
“I see. The shaved ice was also great. I’m looking forward to it!”

Seeing the children with big smiles on their faces, Cloud-sama looked at me with expectations.
Well, trading food for our previous disrespect seems like a favorable transaction, so I’m fine with it, but don’t set your expectations too high please.

“I don’t mind, but… what do I do then? I was planning on cooking secretly in my room.”
“You planned on doing it secretly?”
“Oh, I never intended to let the smell linger in the room!”

I was never going to do anything that might cause complaints, but I still wondered if it was a bad idea to try to cook in the room that was lent to us?
Well, Cloud-sama doesn’t seem to be angry, so I guess it’s okay?

“You don’t have to mind the smell, but I will contact the kitchen, so use it to your heart’s content.”
“Thank you. So, what would you like to eat, Cloud-sama?”
“What the kids want to eat takes priority, doesn’t it?”
“I can make you something else to eat in addition, you know?”
“Honestly, I don’t know what to specify, so I’ll leave it up to the kids.”

Since he doesn’t know the food I can make, he cannot make a request?
But I suppose he could make a rough request for “meat dish” or “fish dish” or something like that.

“So what do you want to eat then Allen, Elena?”
“… Well, that’s a snack or perhaps a dessert. Choose a meal, a full meal.”
“”French toast!””
“Oh~ sure, sometimes we eat a French toast for lunch, but wouldn’t that be better left for breakfast? So, please choose something suited for dinner.”

If it was just us, I wouldn’t mind the French toast, but since Cloud-sama will be eating with us, I would like them to choose something different.

“”… Something we never ate!””
“………… So it came to that.”

After pondering for a while, the answer Allen and Elena came up with was beyond my expectations.
Instead of choosing from a list of dishes I’ve cooked before, they came up with something I hadn’t cooked yet!

“Alright. I will do my best.”

We have a little more time before it’s time to make dinner, so let’s think about it.

“Takumi, if you can, could you make some for Rain as well?”
“Yes, that’s fine with me.”
“Okay, that’s good. He will hate me if he finds out I’m the only one who ate good food, so please.”

I’ll add one more for Rain-sama. Also, Kevin-san’s eyes are appealing to me, although he doesn’t say it, so I’ll add more portion for him. The rest is just—

“Should we invite Austin-sama to join us?”
“Ah~ Rather, would he have to give us his permission first? I will talk to him.”
“Please do that.”

We made plans so we decided to stop playing with the gryphons, but we had to appease them first since they did not want to let us go.

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