Chapter 250

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Special XX
After returning to Austin-sama’s place together with Cloud-sama, we got permission to cook the dinner safely.
Therefore, I was led to the kitchen to make the food as soon as possible, but Allen and Elena stayed in the room. With the drawing tools and Kevin-san.

“Now then, what do I make?”

It seems that this kitchen was used by the previous Queen——Rain-sama and Cloud-sama’s grandmother. The previous Queen was apparently just an innkeeper’s daughter, and sometimes used this kitchen to cook in secret.
It was a happy miscalculation for me, because I had thought that I would have to borrow a corner of the royal kitchen.
I mean, it would interfere with the cooks at work, and from my experience, things would probably turn troublesome.
Still… this is a situation where “stealthy” and “unobtrusive” are possible.

“Speaking of a menu that kids might be happy with… maybe that?”

First, I took out the mincer and Armored Buffalo meat from the Infinite Storage and made ground meat. Next, I chop some spring onions, stir-fry them and remove from the heat.
I then knead the ground beef with the stir-fry onions, bread crumbs, milk, eggs, salt and pepper.
The kids will probably love this, it’s the hamburger. I’ve made hamburgers before, but it’s a necessary dish to what I’m going to make after!

“Next is…”

I let the kneaded ground meat rest for a while, shaped them, and grilled.

“They said they wanted to eat pudding, so let’s make that for the dessert. I have to cook the white wheat, too!”

I don’t have to worry about the food getting cold by storing it into the Infinite Storage, so I continued working without worrying about the cooking order.

“Now then, this is where the real work starts.”

I peeled the shells of the largish shrimps I got in the Dungeon of Ripples, leaving the tails out, and fried them in order with flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs.
Next was the rice. I mixed it with finely chopped stir-fry vegetables, making butter rice. I then wrapped it in pan-fried eggs.
“The rest is the arrangement.”

What I made was hamburgers, omurice, and ebi fry. I tried to arrange it in a way the kids would like it.
I didn’t forget about the sauce, ketchup and tartar sauce on it. Plus a salad, soup, and pudding on separate plates.

“And it’s done!”

A special kid’s lunch… it’s not noon, so it’s a children’s plate? Anyhow, it’s complete!
It’s mini-sized for the kids, but quite a big volume for adults.

I stored the food in the Infinite Storage and went to the room to pick up the twins.

“Allen, Elena, sorry to have kept you waiting~”

When I entered the room, the kids jumped off the bed and rushed to me.

“Were you guys behaving?”
“We were.”
“Good children.”

I patted the heads of the two twins who were hugging me.

“How did it go, were you able to draw a picture?”
“Yea, look, look~”
“We drew lots~”

Allen and Elena hurried to the bed and brought the paper on which they were drawing.

“Let me see.”

When I took a look at the pictures the two were drawing, they were each different but all shared the same subject. That was Allen, Elena, and me. And also, Joule, Feat, Bolt, Vector, and Mile.

“You’ve drawn everyone~”

Allen’s picture had everyone hugging on top of huge Vector while Elena’s drew me hugging the twins and Joule and others in their small forms.

“Both are so good!”

This is no flattery. The two’s drawing had everyone drawn with their features firmly captured, so they were properly good drawings.

“I will leave the crayons with you, so draw more when you have the time for it.”

After complimenting them a lot, I turned to Kevin-san who took care of the children for me.

“Thank you very much, Kevin-san.”
“The two were quietly drawing, so I was just relaxing in the room with them.”
“Nono, even so.”

Even though I know Allen and Elena would listen and obediently stay in the room, I was more relieved with an adult by their side, so I had to say proper thanks.


“Well then, I believe Austin-sama and Cloud-sama’s group should be already waiting for us, so we should go.”
“Ou, see you later.”
“Allen, Elena, you are hungry, right? Let’s have dinner.”
“”Yea! Looking forward to it!””

While guiding the twins outside the room, I quietly took out the extra dishes on the table in the room so that they couldn’t see them.

“Ah, this is for you, Kevin-san.”
“Oh, thanks.”

Sensing my intentions, Kevin-san thanked me in a way it wouldn’t arouse the children’s attention.

“Yes, yes~”
“”Where to~?””
“The room we talked in this afternoon.”
“”Moving shelf~?””
“Correct. The room with the moving cupboard.”
“”Then, this way~””

The children had a firm grasp on the room’s location, so they advanced without hesitation.

“”It’s there~””

When the room in question came to view, there were knight guards standing in front of the door. Moreover, they were both Guardia’s and Creta’s guards.
That means the princes are already inside.

“Excuse me. Sorry to have kept you waiting!”

When we entered the room, the three princes were already there as expected.
We made it before the promised time, but even so, we were still the last ones to arrive…

“Takumi, you are still early, no need to apologize.”
“That’s right. We just gathered here too early.”

Austin-sama and Rain-sama smiled with soft smiles.
Cloud-sama suddenly stood up, faced the twins and spread his arms.

“Alright, come!”
“”! Here I gooo!””

Allen and Elena who noticed Cloud-sama’s intention jumped into Cloud-sama’s waiting arms.


Cloud-sama was able to catch the kids properly this time.

“Oh, we did it, we did it.”
“”Did it~””

When Cloud-sama made a delighted expression while holding Allen and Elena in his arms, the two smiled happily, too.

“Takumi, just what is that about?”

Austin-sama and Rain-sama were surprised by the sudden interaction between Cloud-sama and the twins, and Austin-sama sought answers from me.

“Erm, they did the same when we went to look at the gryphons, but that time, Allen and Elena ended up pushing down Cloud-sama, so… I guess it’s a re-try?”

When I explained, Rain-sama spilled a laugh, while Austin-sama smiled wryly.

“C, Cloud, you were pushed down by the kids?”
“I got overwhelmed splendidly.”
“I’d like to see that.”
“That’s not going to happen again. I will have you try next time, Rain.”
“No, please keep that privilege, Cloud.”

… I would be troubled if there was a second time.

“Allen, Elena, normally, if you are rude to a prince, you would get scolded, you know?”
“”Is that so?””

I took Allen and Elena from Cloud-sama’s hands and gave them a warning to not do it again.
… It was very difficult warning them since it was me who told them to do it in the first place, but it would be best to not repeat this.

“Yes, it is. Therefore, please don’t do that again.”
“Said come, though~?”
“That’s true, but…”

Allen and Elena showed dissatisfied faces to my words.
That’s right. I told them to do it the first time, and Cloud-sama himself told them to do it the second time, huh~ Then, Allen and Elena wouldn’t really understand what I am trying to warn them about, right~

“Takumi-dono, there’s no problem with that.——Allen-kun, Elena-san, definitely try to push down Cloud the next time.”
“”Got it~””

While trying to figure out how to convince them, Rain-sama gave them permission to push Cloud-sama down and there was nothing more I could say.
Well, what I was worried was lese majeste, so everything’s fine as long as they have no problem with it~ besides, they won’t have many opportunities to push down Cloud-sama down in the future.

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