Chapter 251

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“I definitely won’t get pushed down again.”
“”Will do my best.””

Allen and Elena became motivated after hearing Cloud-sama’s “definitely”.

“You sound so reliable.”
“Rain-sama, Cloud-sama too, please don’t stir up my kids.”
“It sounds fun, so why not?”
“… Austin-sama too?”

Rain-sama was totally having fun and Austin-sama seemed to be amused, too.

“We won’t be staying here for many days, so the children won’t have many opportunities. That’s why I say, why not?”

Austin-sama… you were actually serious?
However, since the three princes have sanctioned it, I won’t take any blame if Allen and Elena push Cloud-sama down in public during our remaining time in Creta, alright!

“”Onii~chan, meal~?””
“… I will arrange it right away.”

I was talking about the two of you, though. Well, I guess the two don’t really understand what we were talking about.

“Is everyone eating here then?”
“Yes, please serve the meal here——your seat is there, Takumi. Allen and Elena can sit right beside him.”

I sat down at the seat Austin-sama pointed at and took out the meal from my Infinite Storage.

“I have never seen these kinds of dishes before!”
“They all look delicious.”

The reaction on the appearances seems to be good.

“Please eat before it gets cold.”
“”Let’s eat~!””

As Allen and Elena begin to eat first, the princes also begin to eat.

“How is it? A dish you have never eaten before. Does it get passing marks?”

Allen and Elena shook their heads up and down, while chewing with their cheeks stuffed.
It’s obvious from their expressions, but it looks like the food got passing marks.

“Takumi, it’s very delicious.”
“Truly delicious.”
“Amazing. All of these were made by you, Takumi?”
“”Onii~chan is amaz!””

It seems it suited the tastes of Austin-sama, and Rain-sama and Cloud-sama too.

“Takumi-dono, would you like to work as the castle’s chef?”
“Oh, that’s a good idea. Takumi, I will arrange good conditions for you!”
“Pardon me, but cooking is just a hobby of mine, I don’t want to make it a work.”

I just like to make foods I want to eat on a whim. And I also like cooking to make my kids happy.

“Is that so, that is unfortunate.”
“However, it will be difficult not being able to eat this anymore. Takumi, could you instruct our chefs… no, we won’t have enough time to do that, right? Would it be possible to sell us the recipe?”
“Indeed, I would also like to bring this recipe home.”

They must have liked it a lot. All three of them want the recipe.

“Haha. I will put together a recipe paper by the day of our return.”
“Thank you so much. Let’s decide on the price later.”
“Indeed, let us just enjoy the meal for now.”

Can’t I just transfer the recipe to them? I would be fine with that, but these people would probably refuse.


“Onii~chan, what’s this Shrimpy~?”
“That is Ebi Fry.”
“Onii~chan, this one Ricy is~?”
“That would be Omurice.”
“Ebi Fry is delish~!”
“Omurice is yummy~!”
“Do you like it?”
“”Yeah, make it again!””
“Roger that.”

It seems they have memorized the names of the dishes properly and will be requesting it again sooner or later.

“Ebi Fry and Omurice, you said? Then, what is this meat dish called?”
“It’s called a Hamburger? Then, this soup?”
“”Yellow Millet!””
“””Yellow Millet!?”””

Ah, Yellow millet was treated as fodder for livestock! Rather, so is White Wheat!
Austin-sama knew about White Wheat, did he not? He didn’t come to Allen and Elena’s birthday party, so he probably isn’t aware about the Yellow Millet.
Of course, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama don’t know that both of them are edible so… did I totally do something I have to feel guilty about again?

“I, I’m sorry. I use Yellow Millet as well as White Wheat.”

First, I will apologize honestly!

“White Wheat? I don’t see anything like that here?”
“It’s inside the Omurice’s egg, right Takumi?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Heh~ This is that White Wheat?”
“It was something this delicious?”

The royalties of this world really have deep stomachs, don’t they? All three accepted it as if it was normal~

“I would like to make this Yellow Millet soup into an instant soup, too.”
“That’s a good idea.”
“Yellow Millet is easily obtainable, so it might not be a bad idea.”

Moreover, not only did they not mind, the princes even wanted to turn the Yellow Millet soup into an instant soup.
Which reminds me, I haven’t tried making the Yellow Millet into an instant soup before. Let’s try it the next time.

“There are several kinds of Millet, no? Can those be made into soups too?”
“Now that you mention it, yes——What do you think, Takumi-dono?”
“You can make soups with different flavors by using White, Red, and Black Millet, but I believe that the Yellow Millet is most suitable for soups.”
“If Takumi says so, I’m sure it’s true.”
“… You accepted it quite easily.”

It’s surprising to me that they accepted it so easily.

“I don’t have the need to doubt your palate which made something this delicious, Takumi.”
“That’s right, Takumi. Ah~ but I would really like to try a soup made out of a different type of millet at least once.”
“Indeed. Let’s have the chefs try when we get the recipe from Takumi-dono.”
“Let’s do that.”
“Everyone has preferences too, after all. You might unexpectedly find your favorite taste.”

Err, if I’m not mistaken… Red Millet has a strong acidity, and Black Millet is sweet. The White Millet should be thick and creamy. I’m sure some people would prefer one or the other.

“”Thank you for the meal~””
“Are you full?”
“”Yeah, full~””

Allen and Elena lightly tapped their bellies, showing that they were full.

“You ate a lot~”
“”Yea, ate a lot! Is Austin-sama’s belly also bouncy-bounce?””

Austin-sama opened his eyes wide at the way Allen and Elena said it, and stared at his stomach.
Rain-sama and Cloud-sama averted their gazes to laugh.
Austin-sama’s body is slender, so even by mistake, you wouldn’t call him “bouncy”.

“Allen, Elena, Austin-sama’s belly isn’t bouncy-bounce, right?”
“”Is not~? Then, bob-bob?””

“Bounce” and “bob” have a similar feeling, so that’s not it either? What the two want to say is…

“Ah~ the belly is bulging… I think?”
“”Ohh~ it’s bulging!””

The kids clapped their hands as if saying “That’s it!”.
Although a trivial mistake, it was a very unpleasant one.

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