Chapter 252

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Pudding Parfait
“Now then, you seem to be full, but I wonder if you have any space left for a pudding?”
“”Pudding!? Will eat, will eat!!””

Knowing that there is a pudding, the children’s eyes lit up.

“Was pudding the dessert that the kids wanted to eat? Do you have some for us too?”

Cloud-sama was also quick to react. Does he have a sweet tooth or something?
Rather, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone, young or old, who said they don’t like sweets up until now~

“I brought it up myself, so I won’t say ‘No’ now.”

I took out the pudding from the Infinite Storage and put it on the table.
I made a mini pudding parfait style by adding vanilla ice cream made from the vanilla beans I recently obtained with fruits.


They only had pudding as a standalone item, so the kids were excited to see the parfait.

“This is another great-looking product. So this is the pudding?”
“Pudding is~”
“So this light brown sauce over the yellow thing is pudding?”

Allen and Elena taught Rain-sama what pudding is while eating.

“”And then~””
“This is.”
“Ice cream.”

Following up, they scooped out ice cream on their spoons and informed Cloud-sama and Rain-sama who did not know of it.

“So this is ice cream, I see.”
“”Yea! N? Huh~?””

Eating the ice cream, the two tilted their heads.

“Is a bit different~”
“There are blackish grains~”

The children realized that it wasn’t a milk ice cream.

“You did well realizing it. This is vanilla ice cream.”
“That’s right. It’s made from the twigs we found at the shop yesterday.”
“”But, is similar~””
“Yeah. I just added vanilla’s aroma, so it’s not that different from the milk ice cream.”

Allen and Elena were tilting their heads. They probably didn’t understand too well.
Well, the ingredients of the milk ice cream and vanilla ice cream are mostly the same~ If I dare to say it, it’s about whether there’s a fragrance or not, so it can’t be helped if you can’t tell.

“Vanilla? I’ve never heard of it… oh, it’s tasty. Was this something you found in our country?”
“Yes, it apparently came from the nearby dungeon. It’s more of an aroma-adding spice than a food ingredient.”
“Indeed, it doesn’t smell like anything I had ever smelled before.”
“I think women would love this kind of perfume~”

I’m not familiar with perfumes, but I thought that women would like this kind of fragrance. So, when I said it, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama looked taken aback.

“If these vanilla beans could only be found in Creta’s dungeon, wouldn’t they be considered domestic goods?”
“We cannot be sure they exist in other countries too, but even if they did, people don’t know about them. They are not being utilized at all, isn’t that right?”
“That’s very much possible.”
“I think we have to check it out.”
“Leave that to me then. You are busy enough with the instant soup, aren’t you, Rain?”
“That’s true. Then, I will leave it to you, Cloud.”

Are Rain-sama and Cloud-sama going to make a vanilla perfume and sell it?
So will the price of vanilla beans, which were so cheap, go up in time? For me, I’m fine with the price going up as long as I can get my hands on it anywhere~
That being said, it’s good that it’s so lively, but——

“Rain-sama, Cloud-sama, I don’t mind if you talk, but the ice cream is going to melt, so it would be better to eat first.”

Yeah, the ice cream is melting. While Rain-sama and Cloud-sama were talking, Austin-sama and the twins were eating quietly.


“Sorry about that, Takumi.”

After eating the pudding parfait, we all chatted together again.

“By the way, both Rain-sama and Cloud-sama are working earnestly despite being this young. You two… aren’t students anymore, are you?”
“These two were of the same age as my little brother, right?”
“Err… Felix-sama? Or Al-sama?”
“Like Alfried. Therefore, we just graduated.”

Common to all countries, the schools in this world are supposed to have been a maximum of eight years of education, starting from ten years of age to eighteen. Then, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama are eighteen or had just turned nineteen, I think?
Rather, eighteen or nineteen would be the age you would normally graduate from high school. When I take that into consideration, they are so steady~ I myself was still playing around when attending university… was I? Well, I did have a part-time job, but it wasn’t a “job” like these two’s.

“Father is, umm… he has a wild personality, so we are forced to be steady…”
“… Yeah.”

… They have been struggling with Maynard-sama’s personality, huh.

“Speaking of which, you do have an elder brother, no?”

Rain-sama is the second prince and Cloud-sama is the third prince, so there should be a first prince too, no?

“Elder brother is, umm… the same as Father.”
“To put it simply, he’s wandering around working as an adventurer, so he’s away now.”

The eldest was totally like the father!? And he’s an adventurer!?

No wonder Cloud-sama and Rain-sama have to be this steady.

“You might have come across each other without even realizing it.”
“That might be possible. He does not seem to be doing any domestic jobs, so he might be in Guardia.”

Actually, there’s a possibility that we already passed by each other in the Adventurer’s Guild. Well, I don’t think we’ve met.

“Takumi, please tell him to come home if you meet him! Rather, please bring him over!”
“Hahaha~ I will let him know if I meet him.”

There might not be any problems since he will have the same personal history as the King, but I wonder if people who say that either Cloud-sama or Rain-sama should be the next king appear? N? No, it’s not like the eldest son has to be the crown prince, no? … Let’s not talk about this.
And let’s not dare to ask the first prince’s name!

“Oh, Takumi, let me tell you before I forget. We will be returning in four days.”
“Four days, huh. Understood.”

Austin-sama told me as he remembered.
Still, we are returning so soon? Somehow, it’s over in a blink of an eye~

“I will be interacting with Creta for the next three days starting tomorrow, so you are free to spend your time as you like, Takumi.”

All of my business in Creta is done, and we will be returning to Guardia soon.
Austin-sama is going to allow us three whole days of free time until we return home.

“But, I’m here as your guard too, so I will do my job properly if there’s one, you know?”

I haven’t done anything that looked work-related since coming to Creta. When I told Austin-sama that, he slowly shook his head.

“You have already done a great deal of work for me, so there’s no problem. Take the kids sightseeing.”
“Is that so? Thank you very much, Austin-sama.”

I decided to accept Austin-sama’s kind intentions.

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