Chapter 253

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Returning to the home country?
Today, we are finally returning to Guardia.

“You haven’t forgotten anything, did you?”

The children replied while raising their hands.
We spent the three days of free time in the dungeon and had our last supper in Creta with Rain-sama and Cloud-sama.
I did not forget to transfer the recipes for the children’s plate, including the hamburger and curry… I don’t think we have forgotten anything.


Cloud-sama and Rain-sama were seeing us off, but when we tried to get on Charo’s back, we encountered a problem. Charo with the other wyverns and the gryphons were glaring at each other.

“It looks like they don’t like the idea of you guys leaving, Takumi.”
“I heard the reports that the gryphons were quite attached to you, but I did not think it was to this extent.”

Cloud-sama’s expression’s seemed slightly unimpressed, but Rain-sama looked a bit surprised.

“Takumi, please go calm them down.”

Austin-sama proposed absurdly as he looked at me with an enlightened expression.

“By the way, wich side.”
“Both, of course.”

Austin-sama said with a smile.

“You are telling me to go over there?”
“Yeah. It will be fine, you will manage, Takumi.”

Charo and the individual who seemed to be the top dog among the gryphons were staring at each other as if a fight was about to break out.

“They are still keeping distance, but it looks like a matter of time before they go all out?”
“And that is why. A fight between wyverns and gryphons would cause great damage. I would like to avoid the castle from collapsing and people from dying.”

I choked on my words at an unbelievable situation.
If the wyverns and gryphons start fighting, not just the castle, but the city is likely to be damaged.

“… I got it.”

I gave up and went to pacify Charo and others. It’s because Charo was trying to bring us home, but the gryphons didn’t want to part with us.

“Is not good~”

While thinking how to pacify them… the twins who came with me to Charo’s side put their hands on their hips and started lecturing them. It was a very cute lecturing.

“… Gyau.”
“… Guru.”

But, the effect was superb. Even though they seemed to be in a critical stage a moment ago, Charo and others got obedient… they seemed to be dejected.

“”Onii~chan, is this fine~?””

When Allen and Elena confirmed that Charo and others got obedient, they turned towards me——and tilted their heads.

“Ah, yes, perfect.”

I applauded reflexively.
Who would have thought that things would be settled so smoothly? The people who were watching breathless, wondering what was going to happen, were also stunned.

“”There, there~””
“Let’s get.”
“Gyau, gyau~”
“Guru, gururu~”

Unaware of the fact that the people around them were in such a state, Allen and Elena were petting Charo and the others who were snuggling up to them while making indulgent squeals.
The tense air suddenly relaxed and the mood got harmonious. Well, that’s just the kids as everyone around them was still in turmoil.

“Have you calmed down?”


I went over to the kids and started by patting Charo and then the gryphon.

“I’m sorry. We cannot stay here forever.”
“… Guru.”

The gryphon was smart enough to understand my words well and looked a little depressed.

“Guru, gururu.”
“What happened all of sudden? That way is… the Beast stables?”

The gryphon, who was depressed for a moment, suddenly seemed to recall something and flew towards the Beast stables.

“Err… Austin-sama, could you wait for a little longer? Or you can leave without us first.”
“It’s fine. I’m also curious about the gryphons actions, so we will wait for you.”

I thought we would be causing inconvenience to Austin-sama if it took too long, so I proposed him to go ahead.
However, Austin-sama seemed to be curious about the gryphon’s actions, so he decided to wait.

“”He’s back~””
“Oh, you are right.”

After waiting for a while, the gryphon returned.


When the gryphon was in front of me, he dropped down a white sphere he was holding in his forelegs. When I held out my hands reflexively, I was already holding the white sphere in my hands.

“”An egg!””
“Haah!? E, egg!? Eh, wait a moment! I don’t need to guess, but isn’t this your child!?”

The egg was about the size of my head and it seems to have been warmed just a little while ago as it was still warm.

“Why did you give it to me!?”

The gryphon landed and pushed the egg with its head.
It didn’t seem like he was simply caressing the egg.

“”We can take it~?””

The gryphon replied to Allen and Elena’s innocent words.

“No, seriously. Please wait a moment. Allen, Elena, you guys too. Things aren’t this simple! You don’t reply so readily either, gryphon!”

We cannot take a gryphon egg belonging to Creta without permission. Even if the parent gryphon says it’s fine.

“Rain-sama, Cloud-sama, please stop the gryphon. No matter how you look at it, this is not something we can agree to, right!?”
“… I wonder about that?”
“No… I don’t think we can say that we don’t agree, no?”

First of all, I tried talking to the owners? guardians? superiors? of the gryphons, so I spoke to the princes. However, they only returned vague words.

“Austin-sama too, please say something!”
“… Well~ I couldn’t find any words because this was beyond my expectations. Takumi, you have received quite the impressive present.”
“I have not accepted it yet, alright!?”

I tried to ask Austin-sama for help, but he didn’t seem like he would help me. On the contrary, he looked mischievous.

“Eh~ seriously, what should I do about this…”

When I really didn’t know what to do about this situation anymore, Rain-sama spoke to me.

“Takumi-dono, I’ve sent for our father, so could you wait for a moment, please?”
“… Yes, thank you very much.”

It seemed that this event was too difficult even for Rain-sama and Cloud-sama to determine, so they hastily sent someone to run for Maynard-sama to make a decision.

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