Chapter 254

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Egg’s Outcome
“The gryphon gave you an egg?”

After a while, Maynard-sama came with an amused expression on his face.

“I’m currently trying to persuade it to reconsider.”
“What, Takumi, you won’t accept? I don’t mind if it’s you, though.”
“This is something you are supposed to oppose, Maynard-sama!?”

Maynard-sama gave me permission to bring the egg with me.
The gryphons are, after all, the country’s own war assets, no? You cannot simply entrust it to someone who is in no way attached to your country!

“Be concerned about it a little, please!”
“It’s fine!”
“Nonono! Rather, I’m not confident about hatching a gryphon egg or raising a gryphon child for that matter, okay!”
“That little fellow is also a monster, so there won’t be a problem even if you treat it a bit roughly, you know?”

Well, monsters do have a strong life force, so it won’t be as delicate as a normal bird’s baby chick… and although it’s difficult for me to compare it to a normal bird, I still have no idea about hatching eggs.

“Besides, I don’t want to separate a child from its parents!”
“It was that very parent who handed you the egg, though?”
“That’s true, but still!”

Seriously, what is this situation!? Why are you trying to let go of your own child!?

“Some birds rely on brood parasitism, maybe that’s it?”
“I don’t know whether gryphons are the kind of species that has the need to rely on brood parasitism~ Rather, don’t gryphons stick together?”

Rain-sama and Cloud-sama who no longer had to make the decision because Maynard-sama came, began to analyze the current situation leisurely.

“N? What is it, Charo?”
“Gyau, gyau.”

Charo, who was obediently quiet until now, suddenly cried out for some reason.

“Ah~ Isn’t this Charo saying that he also wants to entrust his children to Takumi?”
“Oh my, looks like I was correct.”
“Nonono, why are you interpreting it so calmly!?”

Austin-sama spoke for Charo’s feelings, but I wanted him to be panicked a little. It would be a big problem if you handed the offsprings of a wyvern, a very important existence to the country, to another person to raise, no?

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any wyvern eggs or wyvern younglings at the moment.”
“N? Then, was it just Charo’s wish?”
“… Gyau.”

Charo hung his head in Austin-sama’s words.
Allen and Elena patted the depressed Charo to comfort him.

“Presently, it’s not possible, but if eggs are born in the future, let’s make a fuss to entrust them to Takumi.”

I thought I avoided it, but it looks like I couldn’t avoid it completely.
Well, let’s put the wyverns aside for now, first I have to——

“Raise your children yourself.”

do something about the gryphons, so I turned towards the gryphon and continued my persuasion.


However, the gryphon shook his head in refusal.

“Even if I don’t hatch this child myself, I will come to see you again.”


In reply to my words, the gryphon tilted its head as if asking “Really?”.

“Of course.”
“”Will come~””

Allen and Elena backed me up.
Even the twins who were ready to take the egg with us at first were taken aback when I said I did not want to separate the child from its parents, so they have agreed with my opinion.
Allen and Elena don’t know their parents either, so I guess they had some thoughts abouts this.

“The child’s thoughts are also important. Why don’t you let the child decide for itself, whether it wants to go with us or not, when it hatches and grows up?”
“… Guru.”

It seems the gryphon got finally convinced. Although reluctant, it took the egg back from me.

“Mmh. Then, we shall take care of the pup until it grows up to some extent.”
“Eh? No, we have not decided on that matter yet, alright!?”
“I have no doubts the gryphon pup will be fond of you guys. If it was presented with an option to leave with you guys, don’t you think it would absolutely agree to go?”

Huh? I thought I avoided this matter, but it seems that I wasn’t able to avoid it completely?
Then, doesn’t it seem like I forced Creta to take care of the gryphon pup until it grows up?… That’s not good, is it?
Eh? Then, would it be better to take the egg, after all? No, but it would be difficult to work as an adventurer while holding onto an egg, no? You cannot contract an egg, so I wouldn’t be able to keep it in my shadow like Joule and others.

“I, if you raise it with love, I’m sure it will want to stay in Creta…”
“That’s unlikely.”

Maynard-sama immediately denied my distressing thoughts.

“… You didn’t have to reply that quickly.”
“It’s definitely not possible. We can even make a bet. When the pup in the egg grows up, it will definitely want to stay by your side.”

Maynard-sama declared powerfully.
Is it time to face the reality? If that’s so, what should I do~

“But well, walking with an egg in hands for an adventurer like you would be difficult, and I have no doubts it would paint a big target on your back. I agree with raising it in the castle until it becomes a force on its own.”

Yep, it would be dangerous to work while carrying an egg, so that would be absolutely out of question!
After hearing Maynard-sama, I hurriedly withdrew the thought of “Should I take the egg with me now, then?”.

“Is it really fine for Creta to raise a gryphon that will be eventually passed to an outsider?”
“What, one animal won’t make a difference. Our government won’t be toppled over because of that. Or what? Do you plan on attacking our country yourself, Takumi?”
“I don’t!?”

The first half sounded like something a King would say, but what about the other half!? Why did you say that!?
That’s not something you should say, even as a joke!

“There’s no problem then——Rain, I will leave the arrangements to you.”
“See you then, Takumi. Come to play again anytime.”

As soon as the business was taken care of, Maynard-sama returned promptly to the castle.

“… Is this really okay?”
“If Father said it’s fine then it is fine. Well then, Takumi-dono. We will take proper care of the egg.”
“Anyhow, we will contact you when the egg hatches, so you should at least let us know your whereabouts.”

Following Maynard-sama, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama were quick to proceed with the decision.
Since it’s like this, it would be foolish of me to mind the small things.

“Looking forward.”
“To its birth.”
“Yeah, me too.”

Let’s just purely look forward to the birth of a gryphon pup, just like Allen and Elena.

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