Chapter 255

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This time, we are going back for sure.
“Then, when a wyvern is born in our country, we have to raise it well so it can be sent to Takumi.”
“Austin-sama, Charo… it’s not good to brainwash children.”

I feel like they want to start imprinting some strange things onto the pup right after birth… I want that to be just my imagination.
Rather, aren’t Austin-sama and Charo having a normal conversation?

“Don’t call it something as poor-sounding as brainwashing. I don’t have the skills to do that.”

Even if you say that, I feel like you would be capable of doing it, Austin-sama.

“Takumi, why are you looking at me so doubtfully. You are heartless.”
“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Now, shall we return home?”
“… You have blatantly diverted the topic.”

Yes, I did.
That being said, it’s certain that the departure got delayed. We cannot keep holding up the people who came to send us off.

“Fufufu, let’s meet Takumi’s expectations and raise a splendid wyvern.——Charo, please do your best at making children. And let’s send the most competent child to Takumi.”
“Good reply.”

… H, huh? Why does Austin-sama look fired up? He somehow teamed up with Charo!? What is this!?

“Let us return then.——Rain-dono, Cloud-dono, thank you very much for your hospitability this time. Please come to visit our country soon.”
“We will definitely come if there’s an opportunity.”
“Please be careful on your way back.”

Moreover, after saying farewells to the people of Crete, he swiftly moved onto his wyvern.

“… Austin-sama?”
“What is it, Takumi? We are departing, please get on Charo quickly.”
“… Yes. Allen, Elena, we are leaving~”

Did I offend Austin-sama? Or is he angry?
A little disheartened by Austin-sama’s casual attitude, I said my farewells to Rain-sama and Cloud-sama one last time before getting onto Charo’s back.
Then, after that, I traveled through the air, feeling a bit awkwardly.


When we landed on the ground for a short break, Austin-sama burst out laughing as if he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Please don’t look at me with such an anxious-looking face.”
“… Austin-sama?”
“You were being mean to me, so I tried to be mean back, but it seemed to work better than I thought it would.”
“… Well it worked like a charm, didn’t it?”

It had a terrible effect. Honestly, it was excruciating.
I am actually pretty forgiving of Austin-sama, am I not… I rethought my thoughts.

“So, you are not offended then?”
“I’m not.”

Austin-sama smiled at me. Apparently, I was rolling in the palm of his hands.
When hung my head down dejectedly, Allen and Elena stroked my head to comfort me.

◇ ◇ ◇

After reconciling(?) with Austin-sama, the journey was very peaceful.

“Is over here really okay? We can take you all the way to Rubia.”
“No, over here is fine.”

I declined Austin-sama who proposed to take us to our destination and had him drop us off near the borders.

“We promised to bring back souvenirs we obtained along the way, so.”
“Is that so? All right. Then, I will be looking forward to the day we meet again, so please stop by the Capital again.”
“Yes, we will. Then, Austin-sama, please be careful on the rest of the way back.”

I waited until the wyverns in the sky became small specks and summoned Joule and others.


As soon as I summoned them, Joule in his large form and small Vector jumped at me, so I fell on my buttocks.


“Allen too!”
“Elena too!”

Moreover, Allen and Elena followed after their example and jumped onto Joule who was above me.

(My, oh my, you are so popular, Niisama~)
(Aniue, are you okay?)
(Takumi Nii is going to get crushed!)

Feat, Bolt, and Mile stared in wonder at the sudden turn of events.

“H, hey, don’t just stand there and watch, please help me!”
(Fufu, okay.——Now, now, Allen-chan, Elena-chan, Niisama is in pain, you know?)

When I asked for help, Feat grabbed Allen and Elena by the nape of their necks and got them off of me.

(Joule and Vector, you guys quickly get off of him too!)

Mile jumped onto Joule and Vector’s heads and scolded them while hopping up and down.

(Aniue, are you injured?)

When I was finally able to raise my body up, Bolt landed in my lap and looked up worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Ah~ that startled me.”
“N? There’s no need for you to apologize, right Bolt? Besides, they were just playing a little too much, they meant no harm anyway.”

I petted Bolt who looked as if he had done something wrong, and told him not to mind it. Bolt is the most caring among my Contracted Beasts.

“Still… that was quite an intense greeting this time, wasn’t it~”
(I don’t know! I just followed Joule!)

Vector seemed to act without thinking. Therefore, everyone’s gazes turned to Joule.

(I mean~ Oniichan smelled of wyverns and gryphons~)
“… Ahh.”
(Now that you mention it, you are soaked in it.)
(Is that so?)
(I cannot tell at all!)

When I stood up, Joule rubbed his body against me as if trying to overwrite the scent, and Feat took a sniff to confirm.
We rode on Charo, and we played a lot with the gryphons at the castle before departing, so the scent must have rubbed onto me at that time.

(Oniichan, are you cheating on us?)
“… What do you mean by that?”
(I mean, you have been with monsters other than us, no? Although you already have us… how heartless of you!)

Err… is this a kind of jealousy?

“”You see~””

While thinking about how to follow up on this, Allen and Elena told the truth.

“Got larger~”

Joule and others tilted their heads in puzzlement.

“Ah~… there’s just a possibility that it will, so don’t mind it for now.”
“”It willmon!””
(Eh? Eh? Family? Do you mean by a wyvern and gryphon by that!?)

Before I knew, it was decided by Allen and Elena that a wyvern and a gryphon will be joining our family.

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