Chapter 245

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Prince of Creta
The day after we fully enjoyed our shopping, it has been decided that the instant soup contract will be finally signed.

“Rain-sama, sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“We just arrived too, so no need to mind it.”

I visited the designated lounge with Austin-sama.
There, the representative of Creta waiting for us was not Maynard-sama, but Rain-sama instead.


Seeing Rain-sama who greeted us, I felt very uncomfortable.


Allen and Elena tilted their heads too.

“What’s the matter, Takumi?”

Seeing my and the children’s reaction, Austin-sama looked at us puzzledly.

“Err… would there not be a problem if someone other than Rain-sama signed the contract?”

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Rain-sama, the second prince, but his little brother, Cloud-sama. Moreover, they were twins! He was Rain-sama’s twin!
Oh, there shouldn’t be a problem since he’s a prince just like Rain-sama?


Everyone who was in the room——Austin-sama, Guardia’s guards and officials, and even the Cretians let out their voices in surprise.

“What do you mean, Takumi?”
“This person over here is not Rain-sama. This is my first time seeing this person.”

This time, only the Guardia’s people let out their voices as they fixed their gazes on Cloud-sama.
On the other hand, the faces of the Cretians turned pale as their faces started to sweat.

“Are you Cloud-dono by any chance?”

Taken aback, Austin-sama guessed the identity of the man.
As expected, he was aware of their family structure.

“I certainly look similar to my twin Cloud, but I am Rain.”

Cloud-sama claimed that he was the second prince.

“Takumi, are you sure?”
“Of course.”
“What is the meaning of this, Cloud-sama. Our Takumi wouldn’t joke about something like this.”

Austin-sama seemed to believe my words.

“… I never thought I would be seen through.”

Thinking that he couldn’t keep on deceiving anymore, Cloud-sama acknowledged it was him.

“Austin-dono, Takumi-dono, please pardon me for trying to deceive you.”

The cupboard in the lounge moved and Rain-sama came in. It was the real Rain-sama this time.
Rather, a moving cupboard… that’s a secret door, isn’t it? Is this fine? Moving the cupboard while we are here~

“Ah, Allen, Elena, you can’t.”

The kids were very interested in the moving cupboard, so I hurriedly stopped them when they tried to approach.


“It’s fine. This is no secret door or anything, after all.”
“Some time ago, our drunken Father broke the wall, so thinking it would be amusing if we could make a use of it, we simply put a cupboard in its place, so this hole is just connected to the adjourning room.”

… Erm, what do I interject about?
That Maynard-sama destroys walls while drunk? Or that Rain-sama thought using a cupboard instead of fixing the wall was amusing? Or perhaps… that it’s only two adjourning rooms connected together?
No, I cannot interject to any of this, it will be my loss if I mind it.

“However, you did well noticing, Takumi. I couldn’t tell whatsoever.”

Ah, yes. Austin-sama proceeded with the conversation, so it’s my cue to ignore it.

“Austin-sama, have you forgotten that my little siblings are twins?”

I glanced down at Allen and Elena standing near my legs, who even now were looking at the cupboard while fidgeting.

“They are distinctly different because of their different genders, but their conduct is so similar even to the extent of synchronizing their movements.”
“Oh, indeed… you can tell them apart by their appearances, but their movements are surprisingly similar. Especially the way they talk…”

True. Allen and Elena often say the same thing at the same time. There are times where they don’t too, but the two speak together to convey what they want to say.


When the people in the room turned towards them, they curiously tilted their heads to the side.
Yep, totally in sync.

“Compared to these kids, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama are easy to tell apart for me.”

Rain-sama and Cloud-sama’s faces look exactly the same, but I had a feeling they were deliberately trying to look like each other. A little of their facial expressions, hand movements, blinking… each had their own habits.
Well, even if I don’t observe them carefully, I can tell them apart instantly by using Appraisal. In fact, I felt something was wrong so I confirmed with Appraisal a little while ago. I won’t tell them that, though.

“Allen, Elena, this is your first time encountering twins like yourselves, so how about you redirect your attention from the cupboard to them?”
“Yeah. Rain-sama and Cloud-sama. They look alike, right?”

Listening to me, Allen and Elena alternated their gazes between Rain-sama and Cloud-sama for the first time.

“”Ohh~! Same~!””

Just noticing, Allen and Elena let out surprised voices.
They were so enthralled by the cupboard they did not look at Cloud-sama and Rain-sama’s faces whatsoever.

“I see, I cannot fool the eyes of Takumi-dono who has siblings who naturally behave like this.”
“It means we still have a way to go.”

Looking at Allen and Elena’s conduct, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama shrugged their shoulders in a loss.

“I’m truly sorry about this. Let me introduce myself then, I am the third prince of Creta, Cloud.”
“I’m sorry for playing pranks on you.”
“Nono, it was quite interesting entertainment.”

After taking a seat, Rain-sama and Cloud-sama apologized once again. Austin-sama didn’t seem to be offended in any way as he accepted the two’s apology.
Well, I’m not sure about the negotiations, but this was thankfully a public place. I’m glad it was taken as a sideshow since it could have become a serious matter.

“I appreciate your open-mindedness. To tell you the truth, this is something our Father came up with…”
“His Majesty Maynard did?”

Rain-sama, who looked relieved, revealed a surprising truth.
Maynard-sama… what are you making your kids do!! It could have become an international problem if handled poorly, you know!!

“Yes, he told us to prepare three types of contracts.”
“Three types? Let’s see~ I guess two of them would be for either noticing or not noticing that it wasn’t you, Rain-sama, but…”
“The last one is after that. In case you felt something was wrong but did not point it out.”
“Oh, I see.”

Austin-sama immediately understood what Rain-sama had in plan…
Doesn’t he understand way too fast? I couldn’t keep up with the rapid development of the conversation.
But well, Austin-sama seems to understand, so I should just leave it to him~

“Austin-dono, Rain. You are leaving Takumi-dono behind.”

Seeing that I couldn’t keep up, Cloud-sama stopped the two.
It looks like staying in the observer mode was hopeless, so I gave up and put my thoughts back in order.

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