Chapter 244

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Which reminds me, from what dungeon do the items in this shop come from?”

Recalling that I forgot to ask which dungeon the goods in this shop were found, I immediately asked.

“They are mainly from the ‘Mineral Dungeon’ southeast of the Capital.”
“Mineral, huh.”

Hm, the Dungeon of Minerals, huh. That place is a dungeon of Earth attribute, isn’t it?

“”Wanna go to dungeon~!””

Hearing about the dungeon, the twins immediately made a ruckus.

“We are at work, so it won’t be possible.”
“”Ehh~ no matter what~?”
“No matter what. We will have to visit a dungeon another time.”
“”Too bad.””

They gave up obediently today. Did they understand properly after I told them we are at work? Or is it because they are busy treasure hunting among these obscure items? Either way, I’m glad they did not give me a hard time persuading them.

“Then, how about we look around to see whether they have something nice by a chance?”

That being the case, when I joined the kids to look through the obscure items——

“Onii~chan, this, a bit different from the other roo~ts.”
“Oh, there’s greater burdock mixed in. A vegetable. Moreover, it looks fresh-ish. Good job, Elena.”

Elena found greater burdock. It was tied in a bundle together with real tree roots, but I tilted my head puzzledly, feeling uncomfortable.
Did he buy it thinking that they were tree roots? The shopkeeper really buys anything, doesn’t he~

“Onii~chan, what this~”
“Oh, aren’t those crayons? Allen, you found a good one~”

This time, Allen found crayons.
Perhaps because of the shopkeeper’s honest personality, he lumped similarly obscure items together. The crayons of various colors Allen found were packed in a jar.

“What do you use this for~?”
“Mister, we will buy this, let me use it please.”
“Sure, go ahead.”

I took out a red crayon from the jar, retrieved a paper from my Infinite Storage and drew a sun on the paper.

“It’s a tool to draw pictures like this.”
“”Ohh~! Want!””
“Of course, we are buying this, so let’s draw when we return to our room.”

The children immediately recognized the crayons’ use, so I let them give it a try for a little.

“Hoh~ so you use it that way? I thought the only way to draw was by using pigments. But, this seems like something even children could use.”

I see, so they don’t have crayons, colored pencils, and watercolor paints here. No wonder I had not seen them around. I heard that kneading pigments with oil is quite troublesome, and they can be treated as precious stones depending on the raw material they are from, no? Compared to that, crayons are extremely simple. They were found in a place that was easily accessible to the young adventurers. If so, wouldn’t it be easier for the young adventurers to make money if the demand for crayons increased?

“Mister, you said that this shop mainly deals with ingredients and herbs, but wouldn’t you be able to buy these at a proper price and re-sell them? You would help out the young adventurers a lot by doing so…”

The shopkeeper furrowed at my proposal and sank in silence.

“Oh… the goods you sell are too different, so it wouldn’t be good, right…”
“No, that’s not it. I’d like to accept your proposal young lad, but wouldn’t it be better to bring this idea to the Merchant’s Guild?”
“To the Merchant’s Guild?”
“Takumi, I think so too. That way, these… crayons? I have never seen these things before, after all. Informing the Merchant’s Guild will be infinitely better.”
“Would that be to the benefit of the young adventurers?”
“Yeah, their value will increase naturally with increased demand.”

I see, by increasing the demand, the number of shops selling them would increase, and their asking price will go up, too. And the Merchant’s Guild, which has wide networking, would be better suited for that.
Certainly, it would make it easier for me to buy them when needed.

“Err, I understand what you mean, but… sorry to bother you, but can’t you go to the Merchant’s Guild yourself, Mister?”
“I can’t.”


We just arrived and will be staying here only for a few more days, so going to the Merchant’s Guild seems difficult. That’s why I wanted Mister to take the task himself. It was inevitable, but I got refused.

“Ah~ you should be going yourself this time, Takumi.”
“Ehh~… you say. You are going to get rewarded for discovering new products from dungeons and you should be also getting rewarded for finding its use.”

Kevin-san explained to me with a tired face.

“Is that so?”
“That is so. Rather, haven’t you already been rewarded once?”
“Eh? I wasn’t?”
“… The liquor you found in the Huge Animals Dungeon. You must have received a cash reward, no? I have no doubts that it was recognized as a new product.”
“Did you not… put up the application?”
“I did not! Rather, this is my first time hearing about a system like this!”

Yeah, I didn’t know. There was nothing about this in the knowledge Syl bestowed me with!

“No! Even if you didn’t apply, there’s no way the people around you would overlook this. They definitely put up an application in your place!”
“… Eh?”

I can’t deny… that, I think?


I hurriedly took out a piece of paper from my Infinite Storage. It’s something I received when I was depositing money in the Merchant’s Guild in the Guardia’s Capital. There were details written on it!
If I recall correctly, I was surprised by the unexpectedly large amount of money, and I was also shocked that the jelly and mayonnaise were listed too, so I don’t remember seeing it because of that!

“… Ahh~”

Therefore, when I confirmed again… ‘Others (cash bonus)’ was written at the bottom of the paper.
Not only the Nippy Liquor, but I was rewarded for the discovery of Brandy, utilization of Slime Jelly, and even for the Bubble Archon foam.
Who put up the applications for me? Was it Cedric-san or Matthias-san?

“Looks like the people around you didn’t miss it, Takumi.”

As Kevin-san said, there seem to be only reliable people around me. As expected of them.

“However, can I ask you to handle it, after all?”
“Are you still saying it after getting to know about the application?”
“I’d like the cash bonus to be used as a wage for your labor.”
“That’s nonsense.”

Even if I said it was a wage, it probably won’t be that much money?
The amount of cash bonus I received is written in detail on this piece of paper, but I wonder if the amount of newly discovered products and usage discovery varies too much?

“Then, I will add extra on top of it.”

If the amount of money was too little, I simply thought to add more on top of it, but… the moment I spoke, Kevin-san and Mister vocalized their shock.

“Takumi, look here~… I think it’s the opposite.”
“The opposite?”
“Shopkeeper, weren’t you saying that it was too much?”
“Eh? Is that so?”

Oh my~ it was the opposite. I see, so that’s why Kevin-san and Mister looked like that.

“Then, as a representative of adventurers, this is our return gift to you, Mister, who has been helping the young adventurers all this time.”

Mister seemed to want to say something, but I forcibly made him agree.

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.””
“What is it?”
“”Buy this too~””

While we were talking, the children were browsing through the obscure goods at their own pace and selected various things to buy.

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