Chapter 243

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Free Time
There seemed to be no problems with the details of the contract in general, but as you’d expect, a quick decision on something on the national scope couldn’t be made right away, so it was left for later. Although it was left for later, the contract was mostly set in stone, so my role was almost finished.
Well, I still have the job as a guard, but since there are people proficient in it, there’s no place for me to step in.

“How about doing some shopping around the town~”
“”Will go shopping~!””

I was told that it would be okay to spend the time outside of my shift as we like as long as we didn’t ruffle any feathers, so I thought of doing some shopping in the town.

“Takumi, are you going outside?”
“Yes, this is our first time in Creta, so I thought we’d take a stroll around. The weather is good too.”
“Would you mind if I tagged along?”
“Are you on a break, Kevin-san? We, of course, wouldn’t mind, but we had not decided on the destination, so we are expecting to wander around.”

Although I say that we will be wandering around, I feel that I will be biased towards shops with Creta’s specialty products… is Kevin-san fine with that?

“I have nothing else to do anyway. Oh, I can take you to a shop that sells dungeon ingredients if you want? It’s a shop that deals with things found in the nearby dungeon.”
“Please take me there!”
“Kuku, sure thing.”

Kevin-san laughed at me when I replied to him.
But, when you present me with a shop that I would like to visit right away, I have no choice but to ask you to take me there!

“Shall we go then?”
“”Let’s go~ let’s go~””

We used the exit for the castle’s personnel and walked into a lively street.

“”Which way~?””
“N? The shopping street is east of here, so… to the left.”
“Allen, Elena, let’s go a bit slower.”

The children grabbed my hands, saying “Quickly, quickly” and pulling me around while looking around with excitement.

“How many times have you been to this town before, Kevin-san?”
“Twice. Though I say that, it was on the official business the last time. So don’t expect too much from me, as I don’t know much about the town.”
“Nono, I’m already very grateful that you know the way to the shop I wanted to see.”

There’s nothing wrong with wandering around places you don’t know because it’s fun.

“But, why do you know the location of the dungeon goods shop so precisely?”
“My colleague said he bought something from there, so I searched for it the next day.”
“Heeh~ is that so?”
“Oh, we are here.”

We arrived at the shop while talking.

“This is quite…”

Various things were displayed in the shop. From food to unidentified items.

“Sorry about this. It’s all jumbled together, right?”

A man past his middle-age approached us as soon as we entered. He must the shopkeeper.

“The goods seem to be sorted into different types to some extent, but… it does feel that way a little.”
“I thought so~ I thought of sorting things out, but there are many things that come from the dungeon with unknown use~”
“Oh, I see. So it’s like that.”

Now that he says it, there are certainly things you wouldn’t know what they are for at a glimpse.
In my case, I can always use Appraisal when I see something I am not sure about, but that’s not how things normally go~
Oh, aren’t these vanilla beans!

“I fundamentally buy ingredients and herbs, but these things I purchased from some young adventurers.”
“Did you get caught up in their crying act? You will lose your shop if you keep responding, you know?”
“I am properly aware of that.”

Kevin-san advised the shopkeeper with an understanding look.


“Caught up in their crying act?”
“Takumi, what are you making such a curious face for?”
“No… I just don’t understand a little.”
“You look here, the newbie adventurers don’t have the knowledge and their judgment is poor, so they bring back everything they can carry. Most of them of no value. They will reach a point in their lives where they will be able to bring back valuables once they gain enough experience, but they have to make living until then.”

Oh, that’s what he was talking about. Normally, you can only carry so much, plus you need to save up strength to fight. And if you are a rookie, you probably don’t even have a magic bag.
If they bring back a lot of junk that doesn’t make much money, they are going to cry to the shopkeepers for some payment, no?
Sheesh~ Considering that, having Infinite Storage is really great.

“I see, it appears you never had this problem, Takumi.”
“Thankfully, yes.”

Kevin-san is aware of my Infinite Storage, so he guessed I don’t have the typical rookie experiences. Oh, I do still consider myself a rookie, though.

“Oh, you lads are adventurers too?”
“These children and I are adventurers. He’s not.”
“Ehh, these little pipsqueaks too!? You must have your hardships even though you are this young.”

This shopkeeper recognizes “young adventurer = hardships”. I do look young and I have to small kids with me, so he must have thought I am having quite a difficult time.
Well, if he gets tricked by crying adventurers all this time then it’s no wonder he misunderstood~

“I’m luckily not having that much of a difficult time. By the way, I will buy this. How much is it?”

I secured a bottle of more than a dozen vanilla beans from the shelf where obscure items were gathered.

“Lad, you know what this is?”
“I believe it should be a flavoring.”
“Flavoring? They look just like withered twigs to me.”
“I don’t know whether it’s the same thing I know, but… I often purchased these things that looked like withered twigs.”
“You must have had a difficult time paying for food back in those days.”

This shopkeeper must be a really good person.

“In any case, I would appreciate if you could buy this off of me. N~ how about 50G?”
“All right. Umm, how many are in there? About twenty?”
“Wait a moment. It’s all for 50G, you know?”
“Eh? It wasn’t the price for a single stick?”

To think it was the price for the entire jar. Wouldn’t that make it dirt cheap?

“Please make sure you are going to make a profit out of this.”
“It’s okay.”

So he can make a profit even though it’s this cheap?
Just how much at wits’ end were the adventurers who sold it to him?

“N? What is it?”
“”Can buy this?””

As I was taking pity on the adventurers I have never met before, the children who were scavenging through the obscure items brought a soft-looking red ball-shaped object.
I didn’t know what it was, so when I appraised it, it said it was a jellyfish remains.

“… Do you know what that is?”
“”No, dunno.””
“But, it’s softy-soft~”
“And comfyyy~”

It seems to have a nice feel to it.

“Oh, you are right.”

When I gave it a try, it was like the children said. Very pleasant to touch.

“You can buy it, but don’t try eating it even by mistake.”

The two must have liked it quite a lot as they kept playing with the soft corpse of a jellyfish.

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