Chapter 240

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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At last, the day of departure to Creta arrived.
After parting with the sad-looking Lily-chan and the Stanval family, we moved to a practice field looking place.

“”Charo’s there~!””
“Oh, you finally got to see him again.”
“”Going ahead~””

The Dragon Knights were already prepared to leave at the practice field, and Allen and Elena who quickly detected that Charo was there, rushed over to him.
Charo was on their mind all this time, so it’s only the natural course of action.
The reason mainly being the nature of the wyverns as they fundamentally live freely until called over by their partner, a Dragon Knight, so they quite couldn’t meet him again. Well, they could have seen him if we went to the stables at night or if we had Quigg-san call him, but we didn’t want to disturb Charo from enjoying his alone time, so the kids endured.

Charo happily enclosed the twins in his wings and licked the two’s faces.
The Dragon Knights other than Quigg-san panicked at seeing two kids rush towards a wyvern, but when they saw them clinging to Charo’s bosom, they exchanged glances of astonishment.
Looking at the grinning Quigg-san, I believe he didn’t explain anything to his colleagues.

“Grrau, gyau.”

The other four wyverns gathered around Allen and Elena.
Moreover, they took turns to lick the twins’ faces one by one. The two were completely covered in drool.
The other four Dragon Knights were even more astonished by this spectacle.
Wyverns rarely accept anyone except their partner, so they could only stand astounded by the kids.
I quietly approached Quigg-san.

“You didn’t tell them?”
“I also got shocked. I wanted everyone to feel the same as I did.”

He wanted everyone to experience what he did… rather?
Is Quigg-san unexpectedly a mischievous kind of person?

As soon as Quigg-san dodged to the side, I noticed the wyverns running towards me.
And then——lick. Charo licked my face with all his heart.
Moreover, not only he licked me, he also play-bit and rubbed against me and then… I was jostled around by the five wyverns. The white knight’s uniform I was embarrassed to wear got completely dirtied by saliva.
I wore it thinking that I will be starting as a guard today, but… I shouldn’t have worn it.

“”Kyahaha~ Oniichan, you are all sticky~””

Allen and Elena who were sitting on Charo’s back were watching me get all drooly with excitement.
Well, the two are already covered in saliva too, though~

“You are horrible for laughing at me~ You two are the same, aren’t you?”
“… This kind of matching is a bit purposeless~”
“”No good~?””
“No good, indeed. Come down, I will clean you up.”

I quickly cleaned our faces and clothes with Washing.

“Grauu, giyau~”

The wyverns fiercely protested in a chorus.
Is it because I have cleaned off the scent which they marked us with?


The wyverns gathered around us tightly packing us in what seemed like an Oshikura Manju (children’s game in which three or more stand back-to-back in a circle and jostle).
I thought I would have to clean us again, but they only rubbed their heads against us this time.

“… You guys really are out of common sense.”


Austin-sama who had arrived before I noticed was smiling wryly at us.

“We will be departing soon, so please calm down the wyverns for now.”
“You are the one who caused this situation, no? I’d like to ask you to settle the situation yourself.”

Settle… settle it how? Err——

“Now, now, it looks like we will be departing soon, so get ready everyone.”

When I attempted to talk to the wyverns first, they surprisingly did as I said and formed a line.

“”Oniichan~ amazing~””
“… Takumi really acts out of common sense, doesn’t he?”

Austin-sama said in dumbfoundment.

“Isn’t it just a coincidence?”
“It would be too incredible even if it was a coincidence, you know? Still… what are you going to do? The Dragon Knights seem dispirited now.”
“… Eh?”

When I looked at the Dragon Knights after hearing Austin-sama’s words, Quigg-san was looking somewhat awed, but the other four Dragon Knights were hanging their heads dejectedly.

“The wyvern I had managed to form a bond with after so many hardships is more affectionate to someone he met for the first time, you know? That would cause you to… lose confidence, right?”
“Eh? Eh? W, what do I do? I, it wasn’t on purpose, though…”
“I’m joking.”
“I had explained your out of common sense-ness to them beforehand, so they will soon return to normal. It’s just what I had explained actually happened, so they must be surprised.”

I’m curious about how you explained to them, but… it would be better to not ask. It would make me want to interject in various ways.
As Austin-sama said, the Dragon Knights soon started preparing for departure.

“Still, are you fine with only four genuine guards? Isn’t it too little?”

There were five wyverns. Each was controlled by a Dragon Knight, Austin-sama and one Royal Guard were on the biggest specimen, me and the children were riding Charo with Quigg-san.
The remaining three Royal Guards rode with the other three Dragon Knights and their wyverns.
Up to three people can ride a wyvern. That means at least three more people could accompany us. Well, even then I feel that the number of guards is too little.

“Oh my, didn’t I tell you? Most of the guards and servants took another route to Creta earlier. We will be able to meet their arrival and join up with them today.”
“I, is that so?”

I thought there were too few people for a mission to another country, but to think there was another unit~
No wonder Austin-sama wasn’t trying to depart immediately after joining up with us.
It looks like he was waiting for the scheduled time.

“Now then, let us depart. The sun will set if we delay for too long.”
“Yes, understood.”

We left the town of Kelm and departed towards Creta.

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