Chapter 241

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Arrival in Creta
“I am most delighted that you have arrived safely.”

We have safely arrived in the capital of Creta before the sunset.
Oh my~ the wyverns were incredible. I really didn’t think we would arrive in a day.
We must have secured permission beforehand as the wyverns landed straight in the plaza of the castle, where people immediately come to welcome us.
There were some officials too, but I saw familiar knight uniforms with them so they must be the Guardia’s people who arrived in advance. But, there were also uniforms I have no recollection of among them, so those must be the knights of Creta.

“Thank you for your hard work, Marquis Lieber. Let’s talk the details later.——Thank you for welcoming us.”
“Your Highness Austin, thank you for your visit. I will lead you to your room immediately. Please take a short rest until the dinner is ready.”
“Thank you for your hospitability.”

Is he going to meet the Cretians at the time of supper?

“Takumi, this way.”

We entrusted Austin-sama to the knights who arrived earlier and moved to the room where we will stay while in this country.

“This appears to be the room where we will be staying.”

The rooms need to be shared and we will be apparently staying together with Kevin-san.

“Don’t be so noisy~”

Allen and Elena dove into the bed the moment they entered the room.

“Are you sure about sharing the room, Takumi? I think they will prepare a room for the kids if we ask.”
“I’m fine. Anyhow, the children still sleep in the bed with me. Rather than that, are you fine with that, Kevin-san? My children won’t be fooling around, but there’s no doubt they will be a bit too lively.”

I was asked about the room allocation in advance, but I decided to count myself and the children as one person. The twins are still sticking to me when sleeping, after all.
Besides, I also came here with the status of a guard, so I would like to avoid receiving special treatment as much as possible. I mean, being able to take the twins along is a special treatment in itself. Also, if there’s someone who is familiar with the job staying with us, it would be easier to understand what I have to do!

“I won over Quigg when we were deciding who will share the room with you guys, so don’t mind it.”
“You didn’t hear about it? Quigg also wished to stay with you guys, but it would be easier for a Royal Guard like myself to guide you in work, so they have decided on me.”

Both Kevin-san and Quigg-san are our acquaintances, so they seemed worried about us.

“Thank you very much. We are inexperienced to a degree everything is new to us, so we will be in your care.”
“Haha, well of course. Well, don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something.”

Kevin-san is so reliable! The only choice forward is to follow him!

“”Onii~chan, I’m hungry~””
“The meal will be ready in just a bit, so endure for a little.”
“”Can’t have snacks~?””
“You won’t eat dinner if you eat snacks now.”

The usual time for dinner had already passed, so it can’t be helped that they are hungry. However, you can’t urge a foreign castle for a meal on the day of your arrival.
I felt like waiting for a little longer and thought about giving the kids a meal from the Infinite Storage… but at that moment, the door was knocked at.
Kevin-san answered it and turned towards us.

“What’s the matter?”
“The meal is ready. Let’s go to the dining hall.”

The twins whose cheeks were puffed up immediately started smiling.


“”I wonder what’s for the meal~?””
“N~ I’m quite curious too.”
“Ah~ I’m sorry for pouring cold water onto your excitement, but I don’t think it will be anything comparable to what you make, Takumi.”

Kevin-san worriedly warned us, but both the children and I are aware that the food I cook is not common.
In the first place, it’s not like the food of this world is unappetizing. There just aren’t many variations, so I’m not questioning the taste.
Besides, the meals using soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise have become quite popular recently, and the easy salts are selling well too. Well, this isn’t Guardia, so I can’t say whether they spread to here, but you can’t look down on the transmission power of this world~

“”Food♪ food♪””
“Is it here?”
“It seems so. You get a meal at the counter and take it to eat at an empty seat.”

It’s a self-service cafeteria. This seems to be a dining hall for knights, and the Cretian knights seem to be eating here as well.
Moreover, Quigg-san and others were already dining, and they beckoned us over after catching sight of us. It seems they reserved seats for us over there.

“Excuse me.”
“Oh, you seem like a Guardia’s knight——Nn!? Kids!?”

The cook who was about to receive our order raised a surprised voice when he saw Allen and Elena.

“Oh, pardon me. They are my siblings. I’ve got permission.”
“Is that so? I was startled because it’s rare for kids to show up in this cafeteria. Sorry for raising my voice.”
“”Is fine~””

We’ve received the attention of most of the people in the cafeteria, but it can’t be helped.
When we arrived at the plaza, the children clung to my legs and hid under my cloak, so the rumors about them didn’t spread.

“They are not knights or knight apprentices, are they?”
“These children were brought along to take care of the wyverns. They seem to have the innate talent of being loved by them.”
“Hoh~ beloved children of the wyverns, huh! That’s amazing.”
“Rather than that, can I ask you for a meal? These kids are apparently starving.”
“Ohh, sorry about that. I will have it ready in no time. So, three servings?”

Kevin-san responded smartly. Yeah, I really want to learn how to respond like that.

“Sorry to have you kept waiting!”

The cook placed food on three trays before us and my eyes opened wide.

“So much! Eh, what is this portion? Is this a portion for one!?”
“Isn’t this normal for the body of a working knight? Are things different in Guardia?”
“Oh, this fellow is just an especially light eater.”
“Is that so? You will get worn-out when it’s important if you don’t eat properly, ya know?”

Today’s menu was a thick steak, a soup with lots of ingredients, and a huge slice of bread. There was even a plate with fruits on the tray.

“Eat a lot.”
“Nono, you are asking impossible! Please reduce it to one portion.”
“You are asking for one portion for you and the kids? That would be too little, no?”
“It’s plenty! It would be wasteful to leave leftovers, so please reduce the portion for us.”
“I will reduce it if you ask this much, but… make sure to come to get seconds if you don’t have enough.”
“Yes, thank you so much.”

We received the trays that I somehow managed to get a reduced portion of from the cook and made our way to Quigg-san and others.

“Kevin-san, are you really going to eat all of that?”
“If you are asking whether I can eat all of it or not, I can. It wouldn’t be possible if we had training after this. I wouldn’t be able to move.”

The food was good, but one portion for the three of us was more than enough just as I thought.
Kevin-san looked so slender too, so I was filled with surprise when I saw him and the other knights consume their meals without leaving anything behind.

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