Chapter 239

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Stanval Siblings 3
Upon reaching our destination, Allen and Elena promptly took out the tools from their pouches——

“Will find a suitable one.”
“For Lily Oneechan~”

Saying that, they started hitting the wall at full speed..

“”Something’s there~””
“”Bad luck~””
“Allen found Mithril~”
“Elena’s was salt~”

And so, a few minutes later, the children found Mithril and Kelm rock salt, but it was apparently a miss for them who were looking for something that would suit Lily-chan. They put it in a basket and started digging as if they were not interested anymore.
Rein and Stanval family’s guards were stunned by the children who found stuff only after a few minutes of digging, but treated what they found as bad luck.

“Ta, Takumi, they said b, bad luck!! Digging up both Mithril and rock salt at once is a big hit, you know!?”
“My kids are aware that what they found is valuable too. It’s just that they are searching for something different now.”
“Something different?”
“Something suitable for Lily-chan.”
“For Lily?”
“Yeah, they have declared it before they started digging, right?”

N~ but what are they searching for, I wonder? It has to be a gem of some kind, no?

“Allen, Elena, what are you looking for?”
“I see, a crystal, huh.”
“Oh, found one~”
“Me too~ but, not this one~”
“True. This one is also not it~”

While talking to me on the side, Allen and Elena each found a crystal. Black and yellow ones? However, those were not the color they were looking for, so they treated it as a miss again.

“What color are you searching for?”
“Green for Allen. Just like Fleur~”
“Elena is looking for blue~ The color of Lily Oneechan eyes~”

The color of Fleur, the Pastel Rabbit Lily-chan keeps and the color of her eyes, huh.
I see, they considered the colors seriously.

“I hope you can find them.”
“”We will find themmon!””

Well, they have nothing to base it on, but Allen and Elena were convinced they would find them.

“”This is also not it~””

The children dug up something the next moment, but put it into the basket with disappointed looks on their faces.

“… Mithril again.”
“They have dug up so much iron ore too…”
“How many crystals does that make?”
“Whoah, they extracted a super-sized gem!”

The guards and Rein were looking at the children with dumbfounded expressions.

“I heard that ‘A’ tunnel is a place with high yield, but that really is the case, huh~”
“Nonono! Don’t misunderstand, Lily. You usually don’t get to dig up so much, okay!?”
“Is that so?”
“That is so! It’s absolutely impossible to mine so much in such a short time, alright!”
“Then, it must mean that Allen-chan and Elena-chan are amazing, right!”

Only Lily-chan was innocently admiring the two.

“Are you not going to dig, Rein? Weren’t you pumped to dig up some Mithril?”
“In this situation!? Wouldn’t I be digging empty walls if I get working next to the kids!? Definitely! For sure!!”
“You shouldn’t mind it. These children have very good luck. It’s fine. You will be able to dig up something too.”
“What are you basing that on!?”
“Isn’t that nothing then!”

I have nothing to base it on, but wouldn’t some of the luck leak to yourself when working next to the people with such good luck? Last time, Morgan-san said that he dug up more than usual~

“”Found it~””
“Oh, you found it? Allen, Elena, both of you?”

Allen and Elena seemed to have found what they have been looking for in the meantime. The two ran up to me and showed me what they were holding between their thumbs and index fingers.
They were entirely transparent, but they were clearly of green and blue colors.

“You found some with pretty colors and shapes.”
“”Yeah——Here, Lily Oneechan, for you~””
“Err… however, is it really okay for me to accept… something this wonderful?”
“The children dug for these specifically for you, so please accept it.”
“”Accept it~””
“T, thank you so much. I am very happy.”

After handing the crystals to Lily-chan, Allen and Elena smiled bashfully.
A heartwarming atmosphere surrounded the three. This might be rude to Lily-chan, but they seem like triplets.


“… It’s unfair that they warmed up only to Lily.”

Rein was a bit downhearted.

“It’s not like they didn’t warm up to you, okay? They won’t even look at someone they didn’t warm up to.”
“Eh? Is that so?”
“They have gotten much better now, but they were originally extremely shy of strangers. Once they judge that someone has a bad character, they would only approach them with caution.”
“Ohh! Is that so!”

In that respect, since they call Rein by a nickname they came up with, and pull him by hand, they must have warmed up to him quite a bit.
When I explained to Rein, he smiled cheerfully.

“Well, I have no doubts that they like Lily-chan much better than you, though~”
“Why do you have to kick me down like that!?”
“Now then, it’s a perfect time for lunch, isn’t it?”
“You ignoring me!?”

Rein has a considerably honest personality for a noble, so it’s easy to tease him.
It’s always me that gets teased, so I’m quite happy that my position with Rein around changes.


Hearing about lunch, Allen and Elena pulled Lily-chan to us.

“Adding ingredients to the sandwiches was the plan, right? What do you guys want? Do you also have something you’d like to eat, Lily-chan?”
“”N~ lemme see~””
“Something I’d like to eat? Erm, excuse me. I have no idea what would be a good match, so I will go with your recommendation, Takumi Oniisama.”

Ahh~ Lily-chan never ate a sandwich before, I see~ She wouldn’t certainly know what would be good.

“Have you decided yet, Allen, Elena?”
“”Umm, you see~””
“Eggs, right~”
“Ham, right~”
“Potato salad would be nice too~”
“Tunamayo would be nice too~”
“Ah, Shogayaki!”
“Hamburger too!”
“Nonono, all that isn’t possible, okay!?”

What Allen and Elena named all certainly had good compatibility with a sandwich. But, there were definitely way too many ingredients.

“Let’s narrow it down to one or two ingredients.”
“You say ehh~ but you wouldn’t be able to eat it, no?”

Allen and Elena puffed up their cheeks in dissatisfaction.
They are unusually unreasonable, aren’t they~

“There were some things I didn’t understand, but anything Takumi makes is delicious. That’s why I also want to try everything.”
“Stop right there, Oniisama… read the situation, please.”

Rein, even though I just said putting everything on wouldn’t be possible, why did you have to say that?

“Lily-chan, can I leave the lecturing to you?”
“Leave it to me, Takumi Oniisama.”
“Yep, thank you.”

I left the lecturing of Rein to Lily-chan and turned towards the children.

“Allen, Elena, do you want to eat everything no matter what?”
“”… No. Lily Oneechan, though.””
“Oh, did you want Lily-chan to try everything?”
“”… Yeah.””

All sandwiches are delicious, so they were cutely stubborn so that Lily-chan could try all of them.

“I see. But, Lily-chan wouldn’t be able to eat everything, so please choose only what you really want her to try. If we teach Lily-chan’s family chefs the rest, she will be able to try everything eventually.”
“”… Got it.””

In the end, we filled our stomachs with egg sandwiches and Shogayaki sandwiches.

After finishing the meal, we resumed mining together with Rein and Lily-chan until the afternoon.
It was Lily-chan’s first time mining and she found a fair amount of crystals with Allen and Elena’s help, but Rein couldn’t find a single one.
It proved that there were two types of people, those who could be affected by Allen and Elena’s good fortune and those who couldn’t.

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