Chapter 238

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Stanval Siblings 2
As soon as we arrived at the mine’s entrance, we went inside.

“Oniisama, are these the mines?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“It’s pretty dark, isn’t it?”
“Are you scared?”
“… A little bit.”

Rein apparently came here several times before, but it was Lily-chan’s first time and she seemed a bit scared.


I illuminated the surroundings with magic right away.

“Oh my! It’s very bright now! There’s nothing I can complain about now. Thank you so much, Takumi-sama!”

Lily-chan was so grateful I couldn’t take it.
I mean, I didn’t do it especially for her as I do it every time~
Well, I won’t tell her that, though.

“Having Takumi with you is so convenient~”
“My, Oniisama! Saying it like that is rude to Takumi-sama!”

I got dragged into the conversation by Rein, but Lily-chan complained more than me and began rebuking her older brother, so I was more stunned than displeased.

“S, sorry, Lily.”
“Geez, there’s no point apologizing to me!”

Lily-chan seemed angrier than I thought, her attitude was very threatening.

“S, sorry, Takumi.”
“Well, taking Lily-chan into consideration, I will feign ignorance this time. However, I will stop being friends with you the next time.”

I tried joking a little with him in retaliation, but Rein’s expression got more shocked than I thought it would.

“Naturally. Takumi-sama, even if you cut ties with Oniisama, please stay being friends with me. Now, let’s leave Oniisama alone and go ahead. Allen-sama, Elena-sama too, come this way please.”

Moreover, Lily-chan gave him a finishing blow and started walking away while pulling on my hand.

“Takumi-sama, when you want to stop interacting with my elder brother, you can do so without worrying.”
“I didn’t mind it that much, so you don’t have to worry.”
“If you say so, Takumi-sama…”
“Thank you, Lily-chan.”

I heard Rein shouting “Wait for me~” from behind, but Lily-chan pretended to not hear and kept proceeding.

“By the way, Takumi-sama.”
“What is it?”
“Could you maybe speak more casually with me? This is how I normally talk, but that’s not the case for you, no?”
“Ah~… correct.”
“Oh, you did it again.”

For some reason or another, I spoke in a polite tone, but Lily-chan wanted me to stop doing that.
Well, it’s easier for me to talk normally, so I would be more than happy to do so.

“Right. But… is that fine with you?”
“Yes, I don’t mind. It feels like we are much closer that way, which makes me happy! Of course, please drop the politeness with Oniisama too. Rather, I don’t mind if you treat him rudely.”

When I changed my tone, Lily-chan smiled happily.
However, she remained cold to Rein.

“Then, I have a request too. It would be nice if possible, but could you stop addressing me with -sama?”
“Allen is Allen!”
“Elena is Elena!”

Following me, Allen and Elena also demanded to change the way she addressed them.


“Then… Allen-chan, Elena-chan.”
“Erm, umm, would you allow me to call you… Takumi Oniisama?”

Lily-chan called the children and I bashfully.
Well, I was the only one she added questionable words behind my name.

“Looks like the number of my little sisters increased.”
“Nope! Elena is the little sistermon!”

Thinking that having a little sister like Lily-chan would also be cute, Elena strongly opposed it.
Which reminds me, they also didn’t like it when Raizel called me “Aniki” didn’t they~ Well, only Elena seems to be disagreeing this time.

“I, it’s not like I want to steal your Oniisama from you Elena-chan. I just want to call him like that because I adore him like an older brother.”
“Won’t steal?”
“Yes, I won’t steal him.”
“Yes, really.”
“N~ okay then~”
“Thank you very much.”

When Lily-chan pleaded Elena earnestly, Elena gave her permission.
It’s just the way she addresses me, but their serious conversation was very cute~

“Umm… Allen-chan, Elena-chan, if you don’t mind… won’t you address me as big sister too?”
“”Lily Oneechan~?””
“Yes! Wow, that made me so happy~”

When Allen and Elena obediently replied to her, Lily-chan’s cheeks flushed red from delight.

“P, please call me big brother too.”
“”No way!””

When Rein who caught up tried to take advantage of the situation and asked Allen and Elena to call him big brother, the two immediately refused.

“I, immediate refusal!? Why?”
“”Just because!””

The children’s response made Rein hung his head in dejection.
Oh my, they refuse to call Rein big brother, huh~

“”How about Reirei~?””
“Are you speaking about me?”
“”Yeah, Reirei.””
“So it’s a nickname!”

Allen and Elena began calling Rein with a nickname.
I thought of stopping them, but Rein unexpectedly liked it.

“”Hey, Reirei.””
“What is it?”
“”Where we going?””
“That reminds me, have you decided which path to take, Rein?”

Although we advanced at a brisk pace, I did not hear the destination Rein selected.

“Oh, I thought of taking a look at the new site on the A path.”
“A new site in the A tunnel, is it? Heh~ That sounds like a good place for digging~”
“”Digging! Can we?””

Hearing that it might be a good place for digging, Allen and Elena’s expression immediately brightened.
They have totally become captives of the mining.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”
“”Let’s hurry~””

Getting permission from Rein, the two took his hands and broke into a run.

“Allen, Elena, slow down a little~”
“Lily-chan, shall we go too?”

I suggested Lily-chan that we move as well and followed after Rein and the children.

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