Chapter 237

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The Stanval Siblings
“Rudolph-san! I’m glad you haven’t left yet!”

The next morning, we came to the Adventurer’s Guild to see off the Dragon Breath party.

“Takumi, did you come this early expressly for us?”
“We have been in your care, after all. We wanted to thank you for everything.”
“”Thank you.””
“Haha, is that so?”
“This is a farewell gift. Please take it.”

I handed him the instant soups I prepared as a farewell gift right away.

“Takumi, this is…”
“The very soup. I think it will take some time still, but it’s going to be introduced on the market.”
“I see, so it has been decided! But, is this fine?”
“Yes, it’s just a little bit, but please receive it.”
“I’m happy with the information alone, but honestly this helps a lot! I will gladly take it!”

Rudolph-san received the instant soups happily.

“By the way… those people over there are your company, right?”
“Ah~… that’s correct.”
“You don’t have to say who they are. I can guess.”

We have been able to deepen our friendship with the Stanval siblings Reinhardt-sama and Lilika-sama, whom we call Rein and Lily now. They are accompanying us today with the pretext of inspection.
Originally, I planned on returning to the Stanval mansion after seeing Rudolph-san off, then we would go out, but Lily-chan spoke about wanting to see the Adventurer’s Guild, and Rein got on board with the idea, so they decided to accompany us while I looked on in blank amazement.
Of course, they had guards with them, so we turned into a decently-sized group and attracted a lot of attention.

“Oniisama, this is the request board!”
“That’s right. There are various requests divided by ranks posted there.”
“There’s so many~ Oh my! This one is a request for ‘Pastel Rabbit Capture’!”

Rein seemed to have been here several times before, but it seemed to be Lily-chan’s first time here as she was curious about everything.
She attracts a lot of attention when quiet, but the innocent Lily-chan who didn’t know better was attracting even more attention.

“… Do you think the other adventurers noticed it too?”

It would make quite a ruckus if people knew the Feudal Lord’s children were here. I’d like to avoid that.

“They seem well-bred at first glance, so I believe they must be aware of their status, but they surely haven’t noticed their true identities yet. Their escorts aren’t wearing identical uniforms either.”
“I’m glad to hear that~”

It was a correct decision to have the escorting soldiers change from their uniforms!!

“I was surprised when you were suddenly summoned over, but I’m relieved all worked out well in the end.”
“Sorry… about that time.”
“Don’t mind it! Rather than that, get along with those two so that you can have a guardian in the town of Kelm.”
“… Guardian, you say. I’m an adult, though~”
“Don’t mind the details. It would be best for you to have guardians in every place! Make sure to secure them all!”

Guardians in every place… the hell is that, right? But, if that’s the case, then——

“Then, how about you become my guardian as well, Rudolph-san?”

Rudolph-san showed a dumbfounded expression for a moment after hearing my remark, but he soon laughed.

“Ou, sure thing! I’m no match for nobles who stay in one place, but I will definitely look after you when I’m nearby!”
“Oh~ thank you very much.”

Rudolph-san accepted my proposal heartily. I was half-joking, though~

“We should be departing soon. Takumi, thank you for coming to see us off. You can reach me through the guild anytime, so don’t hesitate to contact me if something happens.”
“Thank you very much. Gilm-san, Zack-san, Iris-san, take care.”
“You take care of yourselves too, Takumi.”
“Takumi-san, Allen-kun, Elena-chan, see you again~”


We finished parting with the Dragon Breath party, so we joined up with Rein and Lily-chan.

“Takumi, are you good now?”
“Yes, thank you for waiting.”
“Don’t mind it.”
“That’s right. It was us who wanted to tag along, so you have no need to mind us, Takumi-sama!”
“Thank you very much. Well then, this place is going to get crowded soon, so we should be leaving as well.”
“I understand.”

We left the Adventurer’s Guild and headed to the mines.

“Takumi-sama, Takumi-sama! What is that place selling?”
“Sandwiches, you say?”

Lily-chan inquired while looking at the street vendor in front of the bakery.
Rather than sandwiches, that vendor seemed to be selling something like hotdogs.
They are selling something that’s easy to carry for people coming in and out of the town. I can see adventurers buying it here and there, also.

“I think it’s a long white bread cut in the middle with vegetables and meat inside.”
“Oh my~ so there’s a type of bread like that too.”
“It seems recent.”

I haven’t seen sandwiches around before, but they are selling them here and there nowadays.
It’s not at the rate of sweet pastry, but it seems to be spreading around.

“If you are curious, would you like to buy it for lunch?”
“Is that fine?”
“I don’t mind. What about you, Allen, Elena?”
“”Will eat sandwich~””
“I don’t mind either. Rather, I’m curious as well, so let’s buy them by all means.”

When we approached the vendor right away and looked at the goods——


For some reason, the tip-toeing kids who stretched their necks to take a look at the street vendor’s goods tilted their heads.

“What’s the matter, you guys?”
“They have only.”
“… Oh, so that’s what this is about.”

The goods lined up on the street vendor’s stall had only two-three kinds of vegetables with mayonnaise-like sauce, so Allen and Elena seemed to be disappointed by the lack of variety.
It was a sad line-up for the twins who were used to all kinds of ingredients.
Well, it’s only lettuce, spring onions, and cucumber, so it was certainly lacking? It would be better together with ham or cheese~

“What is the matter with Allen-sama and Elena-sama?”
“They have the hearty appetite of growing children, so just vegetables are too lacking for them.”
“My, oh my!”

Lily-chan opened her eyes wide in surprise when I answered her, but she soon giggled.

“However, I also understand their feelings.”

Rein also seemed to have a hearty appetite of a growing young man.
The salesman wouldn’t feel good if we keep complaining in front of their stall, though. Well, they are serving another customer at the moment, so I don’t think they heard us.

“Well, we can always add our own ingredients, so let’s buy them since we are here.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of ingredients that we can add to it in my Infinite Storage, so I quickly purchased enough vegetable sandwiches for our group and left the street vendor.

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