Chapter 207

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As usual, when we were a distance from the town, I called Joule and others out.

Joule: (Oniichan, are we going out?)
Feat: (Where are we going this time, Niisama?)
Bolt: (Aniue, is it for work?)
Vector: (Yay~ going out!)
Mile: (So exciting!)

When I called everyone, they all raised their voices happily.

(And so, Oniichan, where are we going?)
“I was thinking of going Northeast to a town called Kelm.”

It’s safe to say that the place of destination is Kelm. It’s safe to say, but———

“However, first, let’s see… let’s go North!”

The children opened their eyes wide after hearing my words.

“If we go to Kelm straight away, taking your running speed into consideration… we would arrive there in about a day?”
(Ah, I see. We would arrive there too fast.)
“You are correct, Feat!”

The first to notice the problem was everyone’s older sister-like existence, Feat.

(Is arriving fast not good?)
“I won’t say that it’s not good, but unnatural? I did not tell everyone that we travel on your guys’ back.”

Even going by carriage would take several days. Even more than that on foot.

“I should have… exposed you guys sooner.”

It’s not like I want to hide the existence of Joule and others by any means. I just thought it would be bothersome, so I kept them secret. I did tell about Joule and others to people close to us, that’s about it. Well, they think that Joule, Feat and Vector are basically babies, but… that’s their charm.

(It would be bothersome… right?)
“Well, yes. I would like to avoid that, I guess.”

Yep, I would absolutely love to avoid that. I believe that ruckus would only follow.

(So the danger Allen and Elena would be in won’t… increase?)

Hearing their names being called, the two were making curious faces, so I patted Joule’s head while talking.

“Well, it would be possible for people with bad intentions to chase after us, but that’s only a possibility. However, if we do make it public, then you guys will be able to be by Allen and Elena’s side all the time, so it should be fine?”

It doesn’t have only demerits, it has merits too.

(N~… I think I’m fine with how things are now.)
“… Is that so?”

Oh my? I thought he would agree with announcing their existence to the public, but he unexpectedly refused.
Joule chose to stay in secret.

(I mean, it’s troublesome when people kick up a fuss, and I wouldn’t like if bad fellows approached Allen and Elena just because of us.)

Well, I understand the feelings of not wanting Allen and Elena to encounter more unnecessary danger… I understand~

(It’s fun traveling all over the place like this and we can enter the town in our small forms without any problems too. That’s why I am fine with things staying like this.)

Feat, Bolt, Vector, and Mile nodded in agreement with Joule’s words.

(Indeed. Niisama, we are fine with things staying as they are.)
(Yes, we are!)

Our children really are good children~

“I see, thank you. I will call you as usual in place with no people, and I will listen to your requests more than before, so don’t hold back with me.”
(Yay~! Then, at once! Oniichan, if you want to go somewhere, let’s go to the dungeon we found before!)
“A dungeon we found before?”
(That one. The advanced-level dungeon with tree roots covering the entrance!)
(Err… Niisama, I think he means the Dungeon of Entwined Branches*?)
“Ahh, the Dungeon of Entwined Branches, huh~ Oy, the Dungeon of Entwined Branches!?”
(Yes, that! Let’s go there!)

Joule immediately stated his wish, or rather the place he would like to visit. Allen and Elena raised their voices in agreement.
Still, the Dungeon of Entwined Branches… it matches the direction well, but… that means going out of the country, you know!
Isn’t that a little too off the road?

(Erm, if I am not mistaken… we could get there in two or three days?)

… Would these guys be satisfied just by “stopping by”?

“We have decided to go to the town of Kelm, so as expected isn’t it too little time to clear an Advanced-level dungeon?”
(You think so~?)
“I do~ one week. Rather, six days. Would you guys be able to stop halfway if I told you we only have six days? It’s just that if you want to hunt monsters and gather herbs, there’s plenty around the mountain and in the forest, is what I think.”

An Advanced-level dungeon is vast, it could take a day to capture a floor. The lower floors would take even longer, so we would be able to finish five floors at most? Well, it will be easy to get plant-based materials there, so I won’t object if they really wanted to go there.

(Wow~ this is troubling~)
(I’m fine either way.)
(I will leave the decision to Aniue.)
(I’m fine anywhere as long as I can play!)
(I’m also fine with either.)

Only Joule was hesitating as others were fine with going anywhere.

“What do you want to do, Allen, Elena?”
“Wanna meet!”
“Mr. Bird!”

I was sure the two were pondering whether they wanted to play in the dungeon or in the forest, but Allen and Elena said “Wanna meet Mr. Bird” instead.

(Mr. Bird? By Mr. Bird, do you mean Bolt?)

Bolt is indeed a bird, but I am sure that’s not what they meant.

(Oh my, that’s certainly not it. Are they not talking about the Battle Eagles, by any chance?)
(Ahh, I see~)

Ah, that reminds me, the Battle Eagles did tell us to come to play again.

(Bird~ bird~… grilled bird on a skewer?)
(Vector, stop it! You can’t eat the Battle Eagles!)
(Too bad~)

I felt a bit stuffy hearing Vector and Mile’s exchange, but Joule did not seem to object.

“If you are fine with it, how about going to see the Battle Eagles, Joule?”
(Yes, I’m fine with that!)
“Alright! It’s decided then.”

That being the case, we decided to visit the Battle Eagle valley first.

*I don’t remember a dungeon with name like that, LN-only stuff?

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