Chapter 208

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle Eagle Valley
We came to the Battle Eagle Valley.

“Pyuru, pyuru~”

When we arrived at the valley, one of the Battle Eagles immediately flew over to us.
It’s probably the parent of the eaglet we helped, the Boss-like existence in here. I can’t recognize him for sure, but I think I’m correct…

(Aniue, he says: “It has been a while. Thanks for coming.”.)
“Hello. We took you up on your words and really came to play.”
“Pyuru, pyuru.”
(“Ou, don’t mind it. Enjoy your stay.” Is what he said.)

… As I thought, I feel uncomfortable when Bolt starts translating.

“Thank you very much. Is your child doing well? I don’t see them around…”

When I looked in the direction where we found the eaglet before, I couldn’t find it. What I saw were eaglets that just were born.

“Pyuru, pyuru.”
(“My boy? He’s over there, right over there.” Is what he says. A, Aniue, that over there.)

When I looked where the parent and Bolt were pointing to, I could see several Battle Eagles returning.

(Aniue, the child at the front must be the eaglet from before~ He’s flying over here while shouting “It’s Oniichan~”.)
“Whoah! That’s the eaglet from before?”
“”Ohh~! He grew big~””

The eaglet that has totally grown up flew with his own wings.


The eaglet… is what it is not anymore, but let’s keep using it for convenience. When the eaglet arrived before us, he stopped on my other shoulder, opposite of Bolt.

“You really grew up~”
“Pyui, pyui.”

His chirping was still done in the high-pitched, lovely voice, but his feathers have been replaced with new and his body’s build became sharp.

“I’m glad you are doing well above all. Were you on a stroll just now?”
“Pyui, pyui.”
“You weren’t? Then, to have a meal?”

The eaglet was gesturing in reaction to my words, so he was very easy to understand.

(Aniue, you are amazing. You are having a proper conversation!)
(Oniichan’s doing it~)
(As expected of Niisama, right?)
(You are so good, Niichan~ I did not understand a word!)
“… It was just a coincidence.”

The eaglet was responding with gestures, so I somehow managed to understand, we definitely weren’t having a proper conversation.

“”Say, say, Onii~chan.””
“What is it?”
“Feathers, you see~”
“So many of them~”
“Ah~… there certainly are many.”
“”Can we collect?””

It seems that Allen and Elena firmly remember that the feathers of Battle Eagles can be used as materials. We picked up most of the feathers that had fallen here before, but it was full of fallen feathers again, so there were restless to pick the feathers up again. It’s not like we came here this time to pick feathers, though~

“Pyuru? Pyurururu~”
(Aniue he’s asking: “Feathers? Why would you collect the feathers?”. Should I explain to him about the tools humans use?)
“Ah~ yeah. Can I leave it to you, Bolt?”
(Yes, leave it to me.)

The parent eagle tilted his head wonderingly at the children who wanted to collect the feathers.

(Aniue, the Battle Eagles don’t use fallen feathers for anything, so you can apparently pick as much as you want.)
“”Yay~! Will collect~””

Hearing Bolt’s words, Allen and Elena rushed to pick up the feathers.

“It’s not like we accepted a request to collect Battle Eagle feathers, though~”
(Isn’t it fine? You can’t go wrong by stocking up~ Then, I’m going to pick some too~)
(N~ I will go too~)
(Ah, wait for me! I’m going too!)

Joule, Vector, and Mile rushed after Allen and Elena.


(Niisama, how many feathers do you still have from the last time?)
“N? Feathers from last time? The person who placed the request said they wanted as much as possible, so I gave them everything~”
(Is that so? Let’s pick up lots then. You won’t have to worry about them becoming baggage, after all. I will go too.)

Feat left as well.
I’m the same too, but each and every one of my children has a mania for collecting things, huh.

“I would like you to keep interpreting for me, so I would be glad if you remained, Bolt.”
(Yes, I will stay with you, Aniue!)

When I requested Bolt to not go pick feathers with the other children, he acknowledged and nuzzled up against me.


Then, for some reason, the eaglet nuzzled against me just like Bolt.

“Pyui, pyui.”

The conversation(?) Bolt and the eaglet held was getting quite sharp? Anyhow, they started quarreling.
I was surprised by the unusual behavior of the calm Bolt, but… first of all, I would like them to stop shouting in my ears.

“What is it? What’s going on, Bolt?”
(Aniue is my, our Aniue.)
“N? Well, yes. Including Allen and Elena, I am the older brother of Bolt and others. What about it?”
(This child…)
“This child? What about the eaglet?”
(He’s trying to snatch you from us~)

Snatch me? He doesn’t mean it in the physical way of meaning, right?

“Sorry, Bolt. I don’t understand what you mean quite a bit…”
(This child is saying: “Please hand Aniue over.”~)

I could only voice shock at the unexpected words.
… Still, Thunderhawk is a higher-ranked existence than Battle Eagle. And yet, the eaglet is getting all confident towards Bolt~
And above all, what are you telling me to do, I wonder~

“”No way-!!””
“Onii~chan is Allen’s!”
“Onii~chan is Elena’s!”

Before I could say anything, Allen and Elena who were picking up feathers rushed vigorously back and embraced me. They apparently heard Bolt’s words. Ah, Joule and others returned too.

“Pyui, pyui!”
“”No means no~!””

Allen and Elena argued with the eaglet without Bolt’s interpretation.
Just what should I do about this~ I could not think of words to say.

“……… Pii.”

At this time, the parent eagle let out the loudest voice yet. At that moment, the eaglet dejectedly hung his head, left from my shoulder and moved to the side of his parent.

(The parent bird said: “Don’t be so selfish.”. I’m glad~)

He was apparently getting scolded, so I held up Allen and Elena who were uneasily clinging to my legs in my arms.
They have grown recently again~ It’s still fine, but it will be difficult to hold them both at once when they grow a little bigger than this.

“Don’t want you.”
“To leave—”
“Nono, I am not leaving, okay?”

Allen and Elena were sad because of their apparent misunderstanding. I’m not something you can just “snatch” when you like, okay~

“Really. Everything’s fine, I have much more time to spend with Allen and Elena. Of course with Joule, Feat, Bolt, Vector, and Mile too.”
(Yeah! We will be together!)
(Of course, me too!)
(Me as well!)
(Me too!)

Joule and others followed-up on my words.

“With everyone~”

Then, hearing the words of Joule and others, a smile finally returned to Allen and Elena’s faces.

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