Chapter 209

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle Eagle Valley 2
“That reminds me, have you finished picking up the feathers?”
(Actually, we have managed to collect only a little~)
(But, Allen-chan and Elena-chan are like that, so it won’t be possible for them anymore. I will collect them all at once.)

Feat, who judged that Allen and Elena won’t be able to continue after seeing their state collected the feathers in one go by using wind magic.

(And we are done! Niisama, how about you store these for now, we can then select the pretty ones when we have time.)
“Hahaha. Thank you, Feat.”

I did as told and placed the feathers Feat collected in my Infinite Storage.
Nevertheless, Feat is quite dexterous, isn’t she~ To gather only the feathers using magic with pinpoint accuracy, I feel that I won’t be able to do the same.


The parent bird apologized: “Sorry about our boy. It seems that he’s still just a chick who can’t measure the strength of his opponent.” while poking the eaglet’s head.

(Aniue, he said he has something to give you as an apology.)
“Apology?——Errr… there’s no need for something like that?”
(You see, “I say ‘apology’ but I actually mean something I forgot to give you the last time. I would be happy if you received it.” is what he says.)
“Is that so? Then, may I have a look first?”
(It’s apparently over there.)

The place the parent bird guided us to was a place slightly further away from the nests.

“These are… magic stones?”

There was a mountain of many little stones. Magic stones of all attributes to be precise.
“You humans use feathers, so you probably use magic stones too, no?” The parent bird asked.

“We certainly have use for them, but…”

Magic stones are indispensable for making magic tools, so I won’t lose out on having some on me no matter the amount, and even if I don’t use them, they will sell for certain.

(Wow~ there’s so many~)
“”So many~””
(Truly! So amazing!)
(The wind and earth magic stones make up about 80% while the rest of the magic stones form the remaining 20%.)
(Indeed. Aniue, these are apparently from the monsters they eat. It seems that most of the pelt and bones have decayed, so there’s not many left.)
(There’s a bit of pelt and bones over there! Is this recent, perhaps?)

A predatory monster’s magic stone mountain, huh~ Battle Eagles live in masses, so they would definitely gather many magic stones every mealtime.

“But, haven’t you collected these because you like shiny things? I heard that birds like shiny things, no?”
(Yes. I’m the same and the Battle Eagles like shiny things too. However, magic stones are different.)
“Magic stones are different?”
(Yes, the magical power of different races dwell in the magic stones, so they would bring discomfort near the nests.)
“Ah, I see. I get it now.”

Magical power certainly dwells within the magic stones. They are wild monsters, so they wouldn’t be calm down with the presence of different kinds of monsters nearby. That’s why there is a mountain of magic stones away from the nests, huh. The parent bird must be in agreement with Bolt’s words as he was nodding firmly to his words.

“If that’s the case then I will gladly accept these magic stones.”
“I will treat you for a meal as compensation, how about it?”
“Pyuru, pyu~!”
“Pyui, pyui!”

Although there was no price for the magic stones, the Battle Eagle parent and child were chirping happily when I said I will treat them for a meal.
Vector got happy too for some reason~

“Now then, what should I make?”

When we returned to the Battle Eagle nests, I immediately started thinking of the menu.


When I asked about the menu, I wasn’t asking anyone in particular, but Vector vigorously replied.
The Battle Eagle parent and child were nodding in agreement. As expected of birds of prey. Their favorite dish must be meat.


“All right, I got it. A meat dish it is. Then, how about a steak?”

It appears that there won’t be any problems by making a steak. It’s easy to make so I can take it easy, but I feel that it’s too simple. Well, they may like “meat” better than an elaborate dish.

“Then, let’s get cooking~”
“”Will help~””
“Thank you, Allen, Elena. How about you distribute the steaks I finish cooking?”

I grilled not only the steak but also veggies, so the menu turned into a barbecue party, which got everyone in high spirits.
The lively party did not end when the children fell asleep, but continued even after the dawn.


In the end, I pulled an all-nighter.
I am Syl’s retainer and was given a healthy body, so there would be apparently no problems if I didn’t go to sleep, but I basically have sleeping hours on daily basis. Therefore, even if there were no problems physically, I feel sleepy.

(Oniichan, are you okay?)
“N? I’m fine. How about you, Joule? You have not slept much, have you?”

Vector was fast asleep after stuffing his belly, Feat acted as Allen and Elena’s cushion, and I put Bolt and Mile to bed together with the children.
In the meanwhile, Joule stayed awake with me to associate with the Battle Eagles.

(Me? I’m fine. I would have no problems continued for two or three more days!)
“Well~… I would like to be spared from continuing for two or three more days.)
(Hahaha~ Oniichan, I was just saying it. Don’t make such an unwilling face at me.)
“I know, but… I feel tired just by thinking about it.”

Even if my physical condition is fine, my willpower certainly isn’t.

(The Battle Eagles were frolicking all night, after all~ It was fun, but the excitement was way too much~)

Most of the Battle Eagles are about to doze off from partying too much.
While talking to Joule, the parent bird who looked like he would fall asleep at any moment flew over.

“Pyuru, pyu~”
“Thank you for today. We will be leaving when the children wake up, but will it be safe for you guys?”

Feat and others are already awake, so the twins will surely wake up soon as well. Therefore, when I informed the parent bird of our departure, he puffed up his chest as if saying “It will be fine” proudly.

(Good morning, Aniue. Their lookout is set up properly, so they will apparently be fine.)
“Is that so? As expected, there’s no place for blunders in that regard.”
(Yes, they are wild monsters, after all.”

The majority look sleep-deprived, but there are apparently some that aren’t.

“”… Uniyu~””
“Allen, Elena, are you awake? Let’s say goodbye to everyone before they fall asleep.”

Allen and Elena came to my side while rubbing their eyes, but they looked taken aback once they heard the words “goodbye”.

“See you~”
“Will come to play again~”

After saying our goodbyes and finishing preparations, we left the Battle Eagle Valley.

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