Chapter 210

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To Kelm
(I can see the town~) Joule

After meeting with the Battle Eagles, we arrived at the town of Kelm after enjoying gathering and hunting monsters in the forest for a few days.

(Aniue, there are people from now on, aren’t there?) Bolt
(Then, Niisama, this is as far as we can go.) Feat
(We arrived, huh~ I wanted to run some more, but it can’t be helped~) Vector
(Takumi Nii, call us immediately were something to happen, okay?) Mile
“Thank you, everyone. I will call you again when it’s time to play.”

Although I told those we are close with about the existence of Joule and others, I did not disclose it to the general public yet, so I decided to thank everyone before returning them to the shadows.

“”See you again~””
(See you soon, Allen, Elena.) Vector
(Allen-chan, Elena-chan, make sure to be good kids.) Feat
(Feat, the two are always good kids.) Bolt
(Oh my, I know that. However, you have to caution them just in case.) Feat
(That’s true too. Allen, Elena, be careful not to injure yourselves.) Bolt
(That’s is also important. Also, make sure to take care of your physical condition.) Feat
(Also, let’s see…) Bolt
(Isn’t that enough already? Allen, Elena, see you again~) Joule
(True! See you again!) Mile

Everyone had words to say to Allen and Elena before returning to the shadows, but Feat and Bolt were especially worried about the children.

“N? What is it?”
“Allen will be fine!”
“Elena will be fine too!”
“”Will be a good child!””
“Ah! Yes, I know that you guys are good children!”

Allen and Elena must have been concerned about what was said. They insisted that they are “good children” so when I told them that I know, they showed the faces of relief.

“Then, let’s make our way to the town?”

We safely arrived in the town.
I thought there would be many shops selling ores because it was a mining town, but that didn’t seem to be the case as I looked around.

“What’s the matter, brother?”

A gate guard noticed that I was tilting my head in puzzlement and called out to me.

“I thought there would be more blacksmiths around, you see~”
“Oh, so it’s about that? As you thought, there are more blacksmiths here than in ordinary towns. Most of the stores are on the other side of the market in the North.”
“Heeh~ So it’s divided into districts?”
“Yeah, the blacksmiths are banging on the metals all day, plus the heat is unbearable.”
“I see, I can fully understand now that you say it.”

I asked the very easy-to-talk to gate guard about the inn he recommends and where the Adventurer’s Guild is.

“Now then, Allen, Elena. Shall we show our faces at the Adventurer’s Guild first?”
“Yep. Let’s sell some materials we found on the way first. We were requested to by Andy-san, weren’t we?”

Allen and Elena declared “”Will work hard~”” to Andy-san, so they defeated a lot of monsters and gathered many herbs.

“… You are Takumi, aren’t you?”
“N?——Huh? Rudolf-san?”

My name was called immediately after entering the Adventurer’s Guild’s building, so when I looked towards the direction the voice came from, I saw Rudolph-san standing there with a very surprised face.

“Long time no see, Takumi.”
“It truly has been a while. How are you doing?”

Rudolph-san is A-rank adventurer and a leader of an adventurer party called “Dragon Breath”, he’s someone that accompanied us with the Knights Order on the expedition to the Gaya Forest in Shirin.
Rudolph-san’s party seemed to leave Shirin immediately after the expedition finished, so we had not the opportunity to talk since returning from the expedition. The expedition happened right after I came to this world, so… it’s been more than half a year?

“Ou, I’m good. I heard about it, Takumi. You have become an A-ranker.”
“It’s all thanks to your support, Rudolph-san.”
“I saw that you had the ability, after all.”

When Rudolph-san approached, he patted my head for some reason.
Not Allen or Elena, but me. Why~?

“W, wait, Rudolph-san, we are gathering a lot of attention on us~…”

The deed of Rudolph-san patting a stranger man’s (adult) head would naturally attract the attention of the adventurers inside the guild. Of course, the guild staff also stared at us with shocked expressions.

“N? Ah, don’t mind it.”

Although I tried to tell Rudolph-san to stop patting my head in a roundabout way, he didn’t stop.
Don’t mind it, he said!! Nono, you would normally mind it, right? Once you become A-ranker, do you stop minding other people’s gazes!?

“Rudolph-san, what are you doi…——Oh my, Takumi-san?”

There, a member of Rudolph-san’s party came over… Iris-san, was it?

“Zack, Gilm, this is great! Takumi-san is here!”

And then, Iris-san noticed me and called the other two members of the party in a loud voice.

“What did you say, Iris? Who is Takumi again?”
“Oi, oi, Zack, was that supposed to be a joke? To forget such an impressive person, just how dull is that head of yours?”
“Shuddup, Gilm!——Huh, so it’s this Takumi! There’s no way I would forget a fellow like that. I just couldn’t remember his name, that’s all!”

All of Rudolph-san’s party gathered and it became lively at once.

“Gee~ you two are too loud. Err… You are Allen-kun and Elena-chan, right? How have you been? Do you still remember me?”
“Healed us.”
“Yeah, yeah. I am glad you still remember~”
“Not good.”
“At cooking.”

It seems that Allen and Elena remember even the bad things as they properly reported.
Iris-san was silenced by the children’s words while Rudolph-san, Zack-san, and Gilm-san were laughing with their faces averted.

“T, the pipsqueaks have a wonderful memory, don’t they~”
“Geez~ Allen-kun, Elena-chan! You can forget that part!”
“Yes! Forget it!”
“”N~… might not be possible~?””

Iris-san was at a loss for words because of the children and Rudolph-san and the other two burst into laughter.

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