Chapter 206

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“Matthias-san, thank you for your hospitability.”
“Oh my? Takumi-kun, aren’t your words of parting wrong?”
“”We are off~””
“Yeah, that’s correct! Be careful that you don’t hurt yourselves, you two.”
“Be well~”

We, who finished making farewell rounds decided to leave the Capital at last.
After Matthias-san saw us off, we stopped by the Adventurer’s Guild first. Since we are leaving the town for a long period of time, I wanted to confirm whether I can report about the completion of requests I took here in Adventurer’s Guilds in other towns.

“Hey, Takumi-san! Come here!”

The moment we entered the guild, Keimi-san rushed up to me as usual, but took me to the Guild Master’s office this time.

“Dear, Dear! Takumi-san is here!”
“Ehh!? Already!?——Hey, Takumi-kun! I know that you are making the rounds to say farewell, but you are surely not leaving the Capital yet, are you!? You have come just to accept a request today, right!?”

It seems that they’ve heard about us making the rounds. As expected of them.
But, we have apparently arrived earlier than expected as Andy-san and Keimi-san were flustered.

“It’s exactly that.”
“W, what a thing!”

Andy-san stiffened with fright on his face.
I know that I don’t need to report to the Adventurer’s Guild when going to travel in advance, but was it better to report earlier?

“Even though I wasn’t able to play with the Pastel Rabbits yet!!”
“… Eh?”

… Yup, there was no reason to report beforehand.
Rather, you wanted to play with the Pastel Rabbits, Andy-san? He was watching others play with the Pastel Rabbits when I brought the fluffe, did he perhaps get interested in playing with them too or something?
N? Did I tell Andy-san that I own Pastel Rabbits of my own? Ahh, that reminds me, I told Keimi-san, so she must have told him.

“I can’t let you play for too long, but…”
“Ohh! Thank you, Takumi-kun!”

When I summoned Shiro and the other four Pastel Rabbits and handed them over to Andy-san, he embraced them with a wide smile on his face.

“Oh my, it’s unfair for only you to enjoy them, Dear~”

Then, Keimi-san swiftly approached Andy-san from the side and snatched Mimi and Reamu from his arms. Even though I said she snatched them, her actions weren’t rough at all, so Mimi and Reamu obediently stayed in Keimi-san’s arms.

“Please finish in ten minutes.”
“Ehh! Ten minutes is too short~ Takumi-kun, one hour!”
“We have our plans, so ten minutes is enough. If you don’t like it, I can retrieve the children immediately and return to selecting requests.”
“A, at least twenty minutes… no, fifteen! Please! I will immediately prepare requests that meet your requirements, Takumi-kun!”
“Roger that. Then, fifteen minutes and show me with the requests please.”

That being the case, we sat on the sofa and watched the married couple of Andy-san and Keimi-san play with Shiro and others…——not really, I retrieved a book from Infinite Storage to kill time.

Then, fifteen minutes later.

“Time’s up.——Allen, Elena, could you retrieve Shiro and others for me?”
“… The time of supreme bliss passed way too fast.”

When I requested Allen and Elena to collect Shiro and others, Andy-san and Keimi-san handed over the rabbits with heartbreak. Keimi-san then regretfully returned to work.


“Haah… wait a moment, Takumi-kun. Erm… regarding the requests, you mainly want requests that are located to the East of the Capital, correct?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

I have not told him our destination yet, but it seems he did his homework.

“Then, are you planning to go to the town of Kelm in the Northeast?”
“Town of Kelm, is it? I have not decided in such detail, but can I hear what you wanted to say?”
“Of course. That town is near mines, you see. It’s a prosperous mining town.”

Heeh~ mines, huh. I might be interested a bit.
Err… the town of Kelm is halfway between the town of Saza and Rubia. In that case, it shouldn’t be a problem stopping by.

“Then, is the request about gathering minerals from those mines?”
“Nono, that’s not it. Many experts at mining minerals live in that town, after all.”

Ah, that sounds true. It’s a mining town after all, it would be crowded with various mining craftsmen and miners. In that case, there’s no place for us to make appearance~

“You see, several kinds of herbs that are unique to the mines has been recently very difficult to acquire. I would like to request you of that, Takumi-kun.”
“Ahh, herbs, huh.”
“”Ohh~ herbs!””

Hearing about herb gathering, Allen and Elena got instantly excited.

“Even if you say herbs unique to the mines, there must be several kinds, right? Do you have anything specific in mind?”
“No, nothing specific. There’s a shortage of all of them. If you present this in the Adventurer’s Guild in the town of Kelm, they will arrange it for you to be fulfilled, so I’d like to ask you to complete this request if you feel like it.”
“Huh? If I feel like it… you sure?”
“Yeah. I cannot force you guys to do it, after all.”

But well, me aside, Allen and Elena are already interested, so we will probably be going to the town of Kelm to do some herb gathering.

“Let’s go~”
“My, oh my, may I have some expectations then?”

Yep, I thought so. It seems that visiting the town of Kelm has been decided.

“However, I’m not sure we will be able to find any, so I would be happy if you did not have many expectations.”
“I got it. I won’t be over-expecting, but it’s you guys, so it will surely be fine.”

Andy-san smiled in deceit, but his words were very contradictory, no?

“Ah, of course, we will take herbs and things like monster materials you collect on the way as well.”

Andy-san said “I will be having expectations.” at last. Isn’t he expecting way too much! Even though I told him not to! Moreover, the children replied with “Will work hard~” to him. Well, when it comes to herbs, I have a feeling we will be fine, though~

“… I will sell off the materials in some guild when we come to accept requests.”
“Yep, please do so.”
“Well then, Andy-san, thank you for your help until now. We should depart soon.”
“Is that so? I will be looking forward to the day we meet again, so make sure to come back to the Capital again.”

Saying goodbye to Andy-san, I went to look for Keimi-san at the reception desk once more and told her and the other staff we were acquaintances with goodbye and finally departed from the Capital.
The destination is in the Northeast. First, let’s head for the town of Kelm we decided on earlier.

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