Chapter 202

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Before the Departure 2
Somehow managing to persuade Allen and Elena who wanted to quickly return to make steamed buns, we headed to the Fiji Company next, where we told Stefan-san that we are leaving on a trip.
He was feeling down that we were leaving the Capital, but knowing that we are adventurers, Stefan-san had already contacted branches in other towns, so he told us to “Drop by anywhere as you please.”
Shopping was included, but Stefan-san implied to “Come to Fiji Company, not other stores if I get some novel idea”. Well, if I want something made, I already know the Fiji Company’s disposition, the conditions are also good and they treat us favorably, so I nodded to him, thinking that there was no need to expressly go to another store.

“Before I forget, Stefan-san, I have a frozen sweet called shaved ice, if you—”
“Shaved ice! Frozen sweet!! Takumi-dono, what kind of thing is that!!”

Next, I tried talking about the shaved ice, but the moment Stefan-san heard the name, he opened his eyes wide and urged inquiringly.
I tried to explain, but he didn’t let me.

“This is it. Please, give it a try.”
“Hooh! So this is shaved ice, I see!”

I wanted to explain in words, but thinking it would be faster if he tried it, I handed the shaved ice I brought with me to him and Stefan-san stared at it fixedly.

“The ice is finely shaved, I see. Additionally, is that boiled fruit on top?”
“… Stefan-san, it’s going to melt, so you better taste it first.”
“Ohh, that’s right! Well then, here I go.”

When I urged Stefan-san who was staringly observing to eat, he finally put the shaved ice into his mouth.

“Ohh! This is nice! Takumi-dono, this will sell!”

Stefan-san who ate a mouthful of shaved ice vigorously raised his voice.

“Ah~ the magic tool store’s Grandpa Sol said same, he said he would like you to sell it.”
“Is that fine!?”
“Err… what might be?”
“I was wondering whether it was fine for me to sell this shaved ice?”
“Ah, yes, I don’t mind. It’s just that I will be leaving the Capital soon, so the decision-making would have to be left completely to you and Grandpa Sol, so——”
“Please leave it to us!”

Again! Why won’t he let me speak until the end!?
I remember having a similar experience before, but… was it Stefan-san before as well? Was it someone else? Well, either one is fine~

“… Then, I will leave it to you.”

Stefan-san already started planning this and that, so after telling him to talk it through with Grandpa Sol, we left the Fiji Company.

Following that, we went to receive the mortar and mallet we ordered, and also the pearl jewelry at the Jewellers.
Although we have already received the butterfly hair ornament Elena wanted, I thought of dropping by before leaving the Capital. The people from the store would always come to the Ruven mansion, so I have never seen the store myself~

“This is it.”
“My, my, isn’t it Takumi-sama! Thank you very much for coming!”
“Hello. I have nothing in mind, but may we take a look around?”
“Of course! Please take your time.”

A familiar merchant greeted us when we entered and guided us to the shelves with goods on display.

“Heeh~ this is quite incredible.”

Beautiful jewelry made with multicolored gems were lined up in great number on the shelves.
Excited expressions formed on the children’s faces when they saw the glittering articles, but their expressions had different meanings.
Allen just seemed to show interest in the sparkling and glittering things, while Elena clearly showed interest in the jewelry itself.

“Onii~chan! So amazing!”

Elena rushed to the lined-up goods and intensely stared at them.

“Ojousama seems to be fond of these.”
“Yea, they are pretty~!”

Elena showed a whole-faced smile.


“Do you have something kids could wear every day?”
“Let’s see. There will be fewer if you exclude young noble ladies and daughters of wealthy families, but I will prepare them right away.”
“Sorry, but please do so.”

The merchant understood what rank of goods I had in mind, so he immediately prepared several articles.

“The price of these is considerably lower, so I believe there won’t be problems with Ojousama’s usual activities.”

What the merchant showed us were articles that didn’t use gems but were mainly focused on the craftsmanship.

“Heeh~ there’s many designs.——Elena, how about it? I will buy it for you if there’s something you like.”
“Yeah. But, only one, okay?”

Elena earnestly observed the jewelry one at a time.

“How about you, Allen?”
“N~? Don’t need~”

I tried talking to Allen while Elena was deciding, but he seemed to be satisfied just by looking, so he watched Elena choose in silence.

“That so? Then, would you like to have a look at the Weapon’s store next?”
“Right, weapons. Do you have an interest in swords or things like that, Allen?”
“Swords! Want! Like Al-sama’s!”

The two’s appearances are very similar, but their interests have recently been branching off.
Even if they say “I love ice cream”, Allen prefers chocolate while Elena’s favorite is the Ichi-flavored one. Picture books too, Allen loves books about adventure, while Elena apparently likes books in which princesses appear.
That being the case, when I tried asking Allen about swords, his expression immediately changed.

“Like Al-sama’s sword? N~ that kind of sword might be too early for you. But, how about we look for a sword that you can practice with?”

As expected, it would be dangerous for Allen to wield a long sword meant for adults, so it would be better to look for a short sword with a dull blade.

“Onii~chan, I decided~!”

In the meanwhile, Elena apparently decided on the jewelry.

“You did? Which one?”
“This one~”

What Elena chose was a brooch in the shape of a snow crystal.

“Oh, you chose a cute one.”

Not only cute. She did not choose a necklace or hair ornament, but a type of accessory she didn’t have yet… as expected of her.

“Then, we will take this one please.”
“Yes, thank you for your business.”

Elena wanted to wear the brooch right away, so when I fastened it to her chest, she slowly turned around with a very nice smile.
Her expression that said “How do I look?” was truly adorable.

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