Chapter 201

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Before the Departure
After the unexpected excitement over shaved ice, Grandpa showed me the hotplate magic tool next.

“I only made this guy larger than something that already exists, so there weren’t any problems with this one.”

The hotplate was as I imagined too.

“I also received this, but… it’s full of holes, just what is it for?”

What Grandpa took out next was the takoyaki plate I ordered directly in the smithery.
It seems that it was delivered to this store along with the normal iron plate and deep iron plate that can be used instead of pot I ordered.

“You have ordered it as a set with this magic tool, so you are using it for cooking, right?”
“Yes, it would be difficult to explain in detail, but it’s for pouring the dough and baking a spherical kind of food.”

He wouldn’t know what “takoyaki” is even if I told him, so I told him it’s a spherical food.

“Are you going to join two halves to form a sphere?”

I see, because I said spherical, he thought that I would be putting together the halves I baked with this iron plate.
It seems that he can’t imagine baking while rotating the dough~

“I wonder? It might be full of holes like this, but I should be able to manage with the application of heat.”
“Well, as long as there’s no problem. The heat can be adjusted, so everything else depends on the skills of the chef. Now then, let’s move onto the White Wheat cooking device next.”
“Ah, the rice cooker!”

Utilizing the tools well depend on the skill of the user, so I put the takoyaki plate aside and got onto the main subject, checking the rice cooker!

“May I try cooking the White Wheat first?”
“I don’t mind. Rather, do give it a try.”
“Yes. Then, let’s get cooking!”

I immediately prepared the White Wheat and activated the magic tool.

“Then, shall we prepare early lunch again~?”
“Oh, is that fine! Actually, I was expecting a bit!”
“Is that so? But, I can only make something simple, you know? Err… would curry and rice be fine?”
“Curry? Is that the seasoning that just started selling at Stefan’s place? You are going to make a dish using that?”

What Grandpa is talking about is the curry salt, right?

“The flavor is the same, but it’s a bit different? Curry salt was originally made to season the curry rice, so~”
“Hooh~ Is that so? I am looking forward to it then~”

It appears that curry rice has been approved.

“Then, wait for a bit please.”
“”Will help~””
“Thank you. Then, could I leave mixing to you guys?”
“”Got it~””

I don’t know how well the rice cooker Grandpa made cooks rice, but let’s get it done.

“What a pleasant fragrance~”
“You think so? I am glad to hear that.——Ah, the rice is finished.”

When I finished cooking with magic, the rice just finished cooking as well. It took about forty minutes?

“It’s cooked evenly too…——there doesn’t seem to be any problems. Looks like it cooked deliciously.”
“”Smells good~ Onii~chan, quickly~””
“Yes, yes.”

I tried it at once and there didn’t seem to be any problems. In that case, I will have to order more of these magic tools. Matthias-san and others are eagerly waiting for these, after all!
I originally ordered several, but this is just a prototype, so I thought of not spreading these, but——


“For starters, I made ten of these~”

Grandpa said that he already made ten rice cookers.

“… As expected of you~”
“”As expected~””
“Fuo, fuo, fuo. I myself thought I did a good job. Of course, I already made one more to take home.”

Truly, as expected of him.

“What do you want to do? What are you taking with you?”

The Ruven mansion, the Ruven mansion in their fief, the Risner mansion, and the castle are absolutely necessary. I would also like one in reserve. I don’t know how many Matthias-san is going to ask… rather, wouldn’t there be a need to make more?

“Err… may I take everything?”
“I don’t mind. However, I have not received the pots for the rice cookers yet. Ah, I did a few experiments with a pot I made, so there’s won’t be any problems with using them in the magic tool.”
“I will go get the pots later myself then. There are some things I ordered for personal use too, after all.”
“Sorry about that~”

I paid for the rice cookers and negotiated for more in case there wasn’t enough of them. We came to an agreement, but Grandpa already arranged a middleman from the Fiji Company of his own accord. Well, rather than this worn-out looking store, having a person from the Fiji Company be the messenger of the Ruven family might be much better.

◇ ◇ ◇

After leaving Grandpa’s store, we made our way to the blacksmith.

The objective this time is to receive the rice cooker pots and steaming pot I ordered.

“”Where to next~?””
“Next is the blacksmith. Let’s get the pots we ordered there.”
“”Steam buns!””
“Indeed, with that, we can make steamed buns whenever we like.”

Other foods beside steamed buns would also be possible. In addition, it will be easier to make a pudding that I was making in a normal pot up until now too.

“Onii~chan, quickly~!”
“Let’s hurry, to the blacksmith~!”
“The pot won’t run even if we don’t rush, you know?”
“Steamed buns!”
“Let’s quickly make them~”

The children want to make steamed buns right away, so they urged me to rush to get the steamer. They were trying to break into a run while pulling me by hands.

“Thank you, hello. I came to receive the items I have ordered. I have also come to collect pots the Grandpa from the magic tool store ordered.”
“Yes, I will bring it over immediately.”

In the end, when I stated my business to the shopkeeper Van-san after the children pulled me all the way to the blacksmith at a quick pace, Van-san immediately brought the items I ordered over.

“Some pots I made for the first time, how are they looking?”
“Wow! They look really good!”

I ordered a three-layered pot with several small holes in them.
I also asked for lids. Van-san made them according to my order.

“I am glad they are to your satisfaction.”
“Yes, I am completely satisfied. Thank you so much for all of them.”

Other pots like the extra-large pot and narrow pot were to my satisfaction too, so we received all the articles and left the blacksmith with delighted mood.

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