Chapter 203

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Before the Departure 3
After leaving the jewelry store, we looked for a smithery or store that dealt mainly with weapons.

“That place~”
“N? Ah, you are right. Let’s try going there then.”

Allen and Elena found an authentic-looking store, so when we entered it, various weapons that were lined up in the store interior came to view.

“So many kinds~”

They had not only weapons like swords, daggers, bows, spears, and axes, but even armor and protectors.

“W, welcome!”
“Sorry for intruding.”
“What might you be looking for?”

When we entered the store, a vigorous young man appeared from further inside.

“Do you deal with swords with blunt blades here?”
“Blunt blades? Sorry, we don’t sell those. Ah, but…”

The young man told me that they don’t sell what we wanted, but he then started hesitating and his eyes swam around.
Looks like he has an idea~

“But, what is it?”
“The swords I… the swords I made…”
“The swords you made?”
“Yes… Boss often tells me that my swords are still ‘dull’ so…”

The young man seemed to be a blacksmith apprentice and told me in a low voice that the dull blades he makes might be close to what I need.
It might be quite difficult for him to say that the swords he makes are dull swords that “can’t cut”. Despite that, he responded to a customer’s requirements.

“Would you be able to show them to me?”
“The sword I made? Err, wait a moment please. I will go confirm with Boss!”

The young man ran back to the inside of the store.
Well, he probably can’t sell the sword he made on his own, so he needed to confirm first.

“Is it you? The one who wanted a blunt sword?”

After a while, the young man returned together with a middle-aged man. This person is most likely the Boss.

“Rather than blunt, I want a sword with a dull blade. A sword that children could practice with.”
“Ah, I see. A practice sword, huh. So that’s why a blunt sword? In that case, this fellow’s swords would be perfect.”
“I’m not sure whether they will be perfect, but can I take a look?”
“Well, I’m fine with that.——Mike, bring all there is.”
“Y, yes!”

The young man——Mike-kun, rushed inside the store once again.

“Right, right, customer. My apprentice strikes and redoes the swords many times over, so they won’t be very strong.”
“Well, even if they won’t be usable in a battle, won’t it be fine as long as they can be practiced with?”
“Yeah, there won’t be any problems then. By they way, by children, did you mean these two? You are starting with them quite young~”
“They seem to be interested in swords, so I thought of letting them get the feeling for it.”
“Certainly… they do seem very intrigued.”

Since a while ago, Elena and naturally Allen, have been going around and staring at the weapons in the store.

“Allen, Elena, looking is fine, but don’t be touching it now, it’s dangerous.”

I got a reply back when I cautioned them, but they showed no signs of coming back to me.

“T, thank you for waiting.”

In the meantime, Mike-kun returned with a heavy-looking bag in his hands.

“There’s unexpectedly a variety of them, huh. I was sure you were practicing making the same kind of a sword.”

What Mike-kun took out from the bag were swords of various lengths, starting from a long sword.

“That’s right. I myself started with small articles like knives, and did the same thing over and over again. Mike had already graduated from knives and just started with swords, but even if making a knife takes him half the time of a normal man, his swords end up dull even if he puts in twice the effort.”
“… I’m sorry.”


Mike-kun hung his head down after hearing his Boss’ words.

“Mike-kun, there is a path for everyone to follow. You will surely become a blacksmith like your Boss if you keep working hard.”
“T, thank you very much.”
“Then, let’s take a look.——Allen, come here.”

First of all, I grabbed a short sword and called Allen over.

“Allen, try holding this.”
“Is this Allen’s sword?”

Allen grasped the sword’s handle with a smile on his face and took a stance.

“Allen, how nice~ Elena wants one too~”

Elena started having an interest in girly ornaments, but she seems to have an interest in swords too. Looks like she wasn’t just looking around with curiosity.

“You want to try using a sword too, Elena?”
“Yeah, wanna try!”

When I took another short sword and handed it over to Elena, she took a pose similar to Allen’s.

“Allen, try this one next.”

When I handed a longer sword to Allen, he was able to hold it properly too.

“Is it not too heavy?”
“Is fine~”

Yep, our children have quite the strength, so they have no problems taking a stance with sword in hands.

“They hold the posture quite well, don’t they~”
“Whoa, truly. Swords like these should be too heavy for children of this age, no!?”

The Boss and Mike-kun said words of admiration while looking at Allen and Elena holding the swords stance.

“Then, can I take these three?”

Two of different lengths for Allen and one for Elena. I thought of spending on Allen more in here.

“Also, let’s see~… could you choose a sword, spear, bow and an ax for me?”
“Not only one, but all varieties!? Oioi, you seem like an adventurer from your appearances, but wouldn’t it be better to not be overly greedy?”
“Err… I wanted to try handling them all and narrow it to one.”

I thought of taking lessons in weapons, but I quite didn’t have the opportunity. Since we are at a weapon’s shop, I thought of taking the occasion to buy “normal” kinds of weapons.
I mean, the only weapons I have are in a class of their own, such as the Water Katana I received from a God and the Fire Magic Sword I got in the Dungeon of Ripples.
Therefore, I wanted to get my hands on general weapons.

“You are buying so many weapons for that reason? You are quite extravagant, oi.”
“Fortunately, we have the money.”
“Well, it’s income for us, so I don’t mind selling. Now then, what quality are we talking about? Beginner stuff… it’s not that, right?”
“Let’s see~… something of average and above grade please.”
“Roger that. Wait a moment.”

The Boss chose various weapons after careful testing, so adding up the cost of the swords Mike-kun made, I handed over the payment.

“Allen, Elena, you must not use the swords while I am not around, okay? Promise me that.”
“”Yeah, promise!””

Allen and Elena cheerfully stored their swords in their own pouches while I was paying, so when I cautioned them to not use the swords without permission, the two properly promised.

“Then, thank you very much.”
“”Thank you.””

We got what we came for, so we decided to return to the mansion for today.

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