Chapter 204

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Before the Departure 4
Immediately upon returning to the Ruven mansion, I reported to Matthias-san regarding the magic tool.
Matthias-san was highly pleased by the magic tool’s completion and immediately brought one of the rice cookers to the kitchen. Then, another one will be brought to Rebecca-san and others in the Ruven fief.

The next day, we headed to the castle but were seized by Wald-sama and Isaac-san when we entered through the gate. They then brought us to the royal exclusive use lounge while I was still dumbfounded.

“Takumi, I heard you are leaving the Capital?”
“… Yes, very soon. I came to convey that, however… it seems that you are already aware~”

The monarch couple Tristan-sama and Grace-sama, the three princes Austin-sama, Felix-sama, Alfried-sama and also the crown princess Aurora-sama, the royal grandson Julius-sama, and Lionel-sama were there. That makes everyone from the royal family as far as I know.
Moreover, the guards were Wald-sama, Isaac-san, Najack-sama, Kevin-sama, and Claudio-sama, all who are our acquaintances.
I did let them know that we will be visiting, but I didn’t expect them to gather in full force like this~

“Nii~ni, Nee~ne.”
“Wead me a pictuwe book~”

It was quite an extravagant gathering, so as I was getting intimidated to talk a little, Julius-sama who was sitting next to Aurora-sama stared straight at Allen and Elena and started flapping his limbs.
Unaware to me, Julius-sama started recognizing Allen and Elena as his siblings.
This is my first time seeing Julius-sama, but he looks exactly like Austin-sama~

“My, oh my, Julius wants Allen-kun and Elena-chan to read him a book~”
“Yes, that’s right. He must have liked it when you read him a book before. Allen-kun, Elena-chan, may I ask you to read Julius a book again if you are okay with it?”

Grace-sama let out a chuckle seeing Julius-sama acting like that, and made a proposal to Allen and Elena.

“Allen, Elena. It’s fine to play with Julius-sama while we are talking, you know?”

Allen and Elena looked alternatively between my and Julius-sama’s face and tilted their heads as if troubled.

“Fufu. You don’t have to worry. Look, from over there, you will be able to see your Oniichan, right? Wouldn’t that be okay?”
“”Yea, then, will read a book~””
“My, thank you——Julius, Allen-kun and Elena-chan say they will read you a book. Will you thank them?”
“Yesh, thank you~”

Allen and Elena’s worries were apparently the place for their playing.
Thus, Grace-sama showed them a place inside the room with a big cushion where they could roll around a lot. I see stuffed toys too, so it must be Julius-sama’s playground.

“Les go~ les go kwikly~”
“Don’t rush.”
“The book won’t escape.”

Julius-sama promptly took Allen and Elena’s hands and guided them to the playground.
Although they were watched over by the servants, Aurora-sama was worried about the children, so she went with them.

“Julius got completely attached to them, didn’t he~”

Watching the three innocently play, Al-sama made a warmed expression.

“Yeah, it has a good influence on Allen and Elena, so I am grateful.”
“Ah~ the two are usually surrounded by adults, aren’t they? Do they have little opportunities to play with fellow kids?”
“Indeed. Allen and Elena don’t know anyone younger than them besides Julius-sama.”
“Is that so? Considering that, don’t the two look quite used to playing the senior role?”
“Truly. I am surprised as well. I would like to increase their interaction with other children in the future.”

There are places for children to gather in every town, so I should take them there.


“And so, Takumi. You will be going through towns and villages on your way to the Ruven fief, is that correct?”
“Yes, it is. I plan on wandering around for a little, but the destination is the town of Rubia.”
“Have you decided on your plans after that?”
“No, I have not thought that far yet, ahh! Is this perhaps about leaving outside the country and stuff?”
“U, umu.”

I, more or less, am a high-ranking adventurer, after all. Tristan-sama is worried about us leaving the country.

“I am interested so I thought I would like to go.”
“… I see.”

When talking about leaving the country, Tristan-sama made an obviously disheartened expression.

“However, we have gotten people that we are close with and people whom we received favors from, so I believe we will be surely returning to Guardia in the end.”
“Is that so!”

Guardia has already become my second home.
Therefore, even if I travel to different countries, I have no thoughts of settling there.

“Sounds fun. How about I tag along with you, Takumi~”

Just as Tristan-sama felt relieved by my statement, Al-sama dropped an outrageous joke.

“Oh my, why not?”

Then, Grace-sama gave her approval with a smile.
It wasn’t just me who was startled by her statement, even Al-sama who was just joking was shocked.

“I think it’s fine if you accompany Takumi-san and the children on a journey.”

Grace-sama wasn’t joking, she was truly suggesting Al-sama travels with us.

“Mother, I am, more or less, this country’s prince too, you know…”
“It’s often the case for princes to travel to study, see?”
“That’s to a different country’s academy in pursuit of knowledge, no?”
“Fufu. There are many who travel the world as adventurers too. Therefore, you don’t have to worry and do as you please.”

Tristan-sama, Austin-sama, and Felix-sama were watching Al-sama and Grace-sama’s exchange attentively while Lionel-sama was rolling on the floor in laughter.
They don’t seem to have any intention of opposing, or rather, stopping Grace-sama at all.

“Grace-sama, please stop the joke right there.”
“Oh my, I am not joking. I mean, letting you get away would be a loss of national interest. Therefore, wouldn’t we form tighter connections if we let Alfried accompany you?”
“””… Certainly.”””

Grace-sama’s real intentions appeared here!
Moreover “get away” she said! Letting me get away, am I a prey or what!?
Besides, Tristan-sama and others! What are you nodding your heads for! Lionel-sama is laughing even harder!!
This… who is going to put this under control?

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