Chapter 116

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Shoe Shop
After leaving the shrine, we went towards the shopping district.

“It’s crowded, isn’t it~”

There was a wide variety of shops and stalls on the shopping street and it was crowded.


Then, after walking for a while, I caught sight of a signboard of a shoe shop.
There are many shops which deal with leather products such as shoes, harnesses and armor. However, this shop seemed to be a shoe specialty store which is rare in this world.

“Allen, Elena, shall we have our shoes made there?”
“Yup, shoes. Let’s go~”

Recalling that I wanted to make shoes for Allen and Elena――boots made of Evil Viper skin, we decided to enter that shop.

“Hello. Umm, does this shop also make shoes for children?”
“Yes, of course. This store is for children and the elderly, as well as people with feet problems. We will prepare any shoes according to the customer’s request.”

Ohh~ this shop feels somewhat reliable~

“In that case, are you able to attach the automatic size adjustment?”
“Yes, it’s possible. This shop has a contract with excellent enchanter.”

It seems they are able to imbue magic――enchantments into the shoes as well.

“Then, I would like to place an order.”
“Thank you very much. Well then, please wait a moment while I call for a craftsman that will be responsible for customer’s order.”

Apparently, it’s not the shop assistant but the craftsmen themselves that receive the orders directly.

“Thank you for waiting.”

Is this person the craftsman? The one who immediately came over was an extremely whitish, tall and thin man.

“I’m Gallon and I work as a shoemaker. I heard that you would like to place an order for children shoes. Please let me hear your order in detail over there.”

Ah, he really was a craftsman~
We were guided by the craftsman――Gallon-san to a table with chairs, where we will have the talk.

“Have you decided on what kind of shoes you would like?”
“Erm, I would like boots with automatic size adjustment for these children. Let’s see~ I would like to request both short and long boots.”
“Short and long boots with automatic size adjustments, is it?”
“Ah, could I request a pair for me as well? Also, I would like to use the material in my possession, would that be possible?”

Whoops, I can’t forget about the material~

“Yes, you brought the material then? There’s no problem. Do you have the material on your person?”
“I do. ――I would like to use this.”

When I took out the Evil Viper skin from the Infinite Storage and handed it to Gallon-san, he opened his eyes wide and his white complexion quickly reddened.

“Th, th, this is! Ehh!! The genuine thing!?”

This is that, isn’t it? Identical to the craftsmen from before, Gallon-san must have understood what kind of material it is. From what I’ve experienced so far, he would be delighted and excited about the materials after this.
Yeah, if that’s the case then I better leave him alone for a while.

“――…… Wau~”

Just as I thought such, Gallon-san――thud, fell from the chair with a splendid sound.

“Ehh? Are you all right?”

When I rushed over to Gallon-san and checked his condition, I found out that he lost consciousness.

“Did he faint?”
“Seems like it.”

I really didn’t think he would faint, but…… was it because he was too excited?

“Erm, call the shop’s employee……”

Thinking that I shouldn’t leave Gallon-san on the floor like this, the moment I was about to call someone, Gallon-san suddenly jumped up to his feet.

“D, dream? Ahh…… it felt like I finally saw the Evil Viper skin I yearn for, but…… it was a dream, huh……”

Gallon-san who restlessly looked around hung his head down dejectedly.
Dream? I don’t know what just happened, but did Gallon-san saw a dream in this short while?

“Umm…… are you all right?”
“Haeh? Huh, Customer is…… eh!? It wasn’t a dream!!”
“…… Err?”
“Customer brought an Evil Viper skin with you, right!?”
“Yeah, well……”
“Ohh~ it wasn’t a dream!!”

Gallon-san stood up and took the Evil Viper skin that was on top of the table in his hands.

“What a beautiful black! This gloss! Radiance! Haa~…… To think that the day I would be able to hold it in my hands would come……”

…… I see. He really lost his consciousness the moment he saw the Evil Viper skin. Did he think the conversation itself was a dream? …… Anyhow, he seems to be all right after falling down.

“So…… will you able to make it?”
“Of course! Please leave it to me!”

No~ yeah, he has plenty of motivation.

“Then, I will leave it to you.”
“Yes! I will bring out the design samples right away!”

Saying such, Gallon-san started lining up different boot designs.
Not only the design pictures, but also the actual products that were on display in the shop.

“How is it? Are any to your liking?”
“Are all of these for adults? Can they be chosen for the children?”
“Yes, there’s no problem.”
“Is that so? ――Allen, Elena, how is it? Do you like any of these?”
“”N, you see~.””

Most of them are lace type boots, but there are many to choose from. There are many with ribbons for women in particular.


Allen and Elena looked at the different shoes, but they simultaneously pointed at the same boots.
The boots the two chose are very similar to the boots they are wearing now.

“You like these?”

Since the boots that will be made this time will be black, they will be different although similar, so oh well.

“Then, these will do for the short boots. As for the long boots, let’s see~ How about these? Ah, these over there are also nice~”

The short boots were decided, so it’s time for the long boots now. The long boots are of the below the knee length, it’s a type of boots the two haven’t worn so far.

“Allen, this one~”
“Elena wants that one~”

Allen chose the simple laced boots I pointed at first and Elena chose boots decorated with a ribbon.

“Then, these will be it.”
“”Yeah. Oniichan’s?””
“Mine? Let’s see, I will get the same type as you two as well.”
“Right, we will be matching.”

When I decided on the design of my boots, it was the time for the size measurement.

“Although the size will change with the automatic size adjustment, the boots will only adjust to fit a size that is somewhat larger than the original. Therefore, it will be, as expected, impossible to keep wearing them until the children grow into adults. Could I please have your understanding?”

Ah, there are people who think their children could wear the same shoes until they grow into adults when they hear about the size adjustment? So that’s why he explained it in a way where there wouldn’t be any complaints about it in the future, huh~

“Yes, I understand.”
“Well then, two pairs of short boots, two pairs of long boots for the children, and one pair of short boots for a man. All five will be enchanted with automatic size adjustment and will be made from the Evil Viper skin. Is there no mistake in the order?”
“Yes, there’s no mistake.”

Double checking so that there’s no mistake in the order, what was left was the negotiation of prices. At that time, I made sure that the boots would be made sturdy.

“Thank you very much for your order. I will pour my heart out to complete it!”

Alright, now we only have to wait for the boots to be made. Gallon-san was in high spirits, so I’m sure he will make something good~

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