Chapter 115

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It’s Been a While
I wanted to sell other materials besides the meat which Andy-san gladly asked a staff member to dismantle, but as expected, it will take some time. In truth, I wanted to speak with Carna whom we have ended up weirdly separating with, but since I couldn’t find her even after searching for a while, I decided to visit a shrine instead. I have not visited a shrine since arriving at Bailey after all.

(Oy~ Syl~)
(Ta, Takumi-san! Y, you see!)
(N? Syl, it’s been a while. What are you panicking so much for?)

The shrine in the Capital is far larger and more splendid than the shrines in Shirin and Bailey. When I entered and called out to Syl, he immediately replied.
However, Syl was for some reason extremely panicked and strangely hesitant.
The extremely hasty figure of Syl comes to mind…… isn’t he usually like this?

(Sorry. Did I perhaps call you during a busy time?)
(N, no, you don’t have to worry about that, but…… that……)

Syl repeated the action of wanting to say something then closing him mouth several times.

(Syl, in the end, what happened? Since you have such a difficult time speaking, have you made some kind of a strange mess? Let’s see~ Have you failed at managing your powers again, or something?
(Everything in that regard is okay~ That’s not it……u, umm, you see…… it’s about Vector, but……)
(Vector? What about Vector?)

I urged Syl while teasing him about his failure and Syl reluctantly spoke up.
The subject seems to be Vector, but…… what is it? I can’t think of anything in particular though~?

(He, he must have caused you trouble, didn’t he? I, is everything all right……?)

Trouble? N~…… speaking about trouble then I can’t seem to recall anything in particular.

(He might be mischievous and occasionally acts as he likes, but I don’t think he caused any serious trouble, you know?)

He carried a person in his mouth and dragged the bandits around, but he’s a child who listens properly when I say something, isn’t he?

(I, is that the truth!?)

When I denied and said that such a thing never happened, the tone of Syl’s voice got slightly brighter.

(Yeah, it is. What, were you hesitating this much because you thought Vector was causing me trouble?)
(I, I mean~ On the first day Vector went to Takumi-san, he had a person in his mouth, you know~ I was really startled after seeing that~)
(That certainly was startling~)

He picked up Vivian whom he found collapsed, but Vivian’s blood-like red hair made me double startled that time~

(Right? I couldn’t help but worry that such troubling contracted beast was sent to you. Therefore, I built up the resolution to receive one or two complaints from Takumi-san, but……)

Complaints, huh……

(But you know~ Vector was sent by the Fire God, so even if I wanted to complain, complaining to Syl would be wrong, wouldn’t it?)
(Do, do you think so?)
(Is not like that?)
(B, but, Takumi-san didn’t contact since then, so…… I thought that I exhausted your amiability…… sniff. Uu~……)

…… Huh? He’s crying~!? What is there to cry about?
Eh? Am I at fault for not coming to a shrine for a while by any chance?

(Hey, Syl~? Stop crying!)
(B, but, when I felt relieved, the tears~ Uuu~~~)

Syl really is a crybaby, isn’t he~ I can’t help but find it strange that he’s doing a God’s work with such character.

(There, there, don’t cry. If you stop crying at once, I will give you dorayaki)

Hey, there’s no way I could tempt a God with dorayaki……

(Really!? I wanted to try eating it~~~)

――It workeeed!? Moreover, his tearful voice is gone?

(Eh? You really stopped crying?)
(Ehh!? You were lying to me just now? That was heartless, Takumi-san!!)
(No, no, I just didn’t think you would stop crying because of dorayaki. I will give it to you if you want to eat it, but…… to begin with, I’m not able to hand over my things to Syl, right?)

Well~ that was surprising~ Although I was just joking~ But well, Syl and the other Gods sent things to me, so if there’s a way for me to send them something, I will do it.

(Then, that’s simple!)

When Syl declared with full of confidence, I immediately heard an electronic sound.

(Takumi-san, please look at the functions of your menu)

When I did as Syl said and opened the screen, there was an additional tab.

(…… Magic circle?)
(Yes, correct! First of all, try selecting that function first)

Selecting the Magic circle tab as Syl said, the screen slightly shined and displayed a magic circle.

(This is?)
(That is a magic circle of warping. If you insert an item while pouring your magical power into the magic circle, it will be able to reach my place! How about it? There won’t be any problem with this, right?

Even though people shouldn’t be able to manufacture a warping magic tool yet…… to pull it off so simply, Syl is a God indeed~ I saw him in a new light.

(Huh? Takumi-san, what’s the matter?)
(No, I was just thinking about warping magic tool a bit)
(…… Magic tool, is it? Ahh! Come to think of it, warping magic tools have been only discovered in dungeons and people can’t produce them themselves back on the surface. As Takumi-san guessed, warping magic tools work on the same principle! While magic stones essentially act as core of the magic tools, they are engraved in this magic circle! Well, the destination of this magic circle is designated to me though!)
(…… I see)

No, I haven’t really guessed…… Syl, was it all right to tell me? But well, it wasn’t many people who heard it but just me, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
If you compare the differences between a magic circle of warping and warping magic tool, would it be the simplicity of the duplication the magic tools? …… While thinking such――

(Ahh! I forgot about something!!)

Syl suddenly shouted.

(It’s about Vector, but…… the situation seems to be all right in the end, but I have prepared useful items for discipline. You might not need it, but I will send it to you anyway so please accept it)

Items for discipline, huh~ Syl really was anxious about Vector, wasn’t he?

(Is that so, I understand. Then, I will gratefully accept. Thanks for your consideration)
(No, it’s a matter of course! Then, thank you very much for coming today. I’m looking forward to the dorayaki)
(Haha, I will send it immediately. Then, see you again, Syl)


「Now then, let’s send the dorayaki first……」

When the conversation with Syl ended, I heard another electronic sound.
I’m curious about what came, but let’s send the dorayaki before I forget.
I selected the magic circle on the screen, poured magical power inside and put dorayaki on a plate on it. Then, the plate gradually sunk into the magic circle.


Allen and Elena looked at me in wonder.
Did it look as if the plate disappeared into nothingness? It would be better not to do it in front of people then.

「This you see, was sent to a person who is taking care of me」
「「Taking care~?」」
「Yes. He takes care of Allen and Elena too」
「「I see~」」

After making sure that the plate disappeared, I checked the new items Syl sent next.

「――Wha! What the hell is this!!」

Seeing the words on the list, I was shocked.
A collar is well…… acceptable. I have heard of lesser familiar collars before. Rather than for looks, that item forces to obey orders. Whether I use it or not is within the tolerable level.
But, even so!
A whip! A cord!! Even chains!? What did you want me to use it for!!
Also…… silver vine? …… Ahh, because lions are cats? …… Would it work?
Green foxtail? This is completely for playing…… but, not only Vector, wouldn’t Feat be happy too? No, I feel like Joule would like it too.
But…… I feel like he made a mistake in certain delicate items.

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