Chapter 114

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Guild Master
We met the Guild Master immediately, but――

“Master, Takumi-san has arrived.”
“Good work, Keimi. So, you are Takumi-kun? Also, Allen-kun and Elena-san? How do you do? I’m the Guild Master, Andy.”

Young. I thought so the moment Andy called himself the Guild Master.
I mean, isn’t he just a young man slightly older than me? To be the Guild Master at the Capital at such an age?
The Capital’s Guild Master is supposed to be an existence that manages all masters of the Adventurer Guilds spread throughout the country, right? Ah, his ears are slightly pointy, is Andy-san perhaps an Elf?
Thinking so, I promptly used Appraisal, but his race indicated that he’s a human.
Ah! But, his age! …… 45 years old…… for real?

“Takumi-kun, what’s the matter?”
“What’s the matter you ask, he’s obviously surprised by your face. Isn’t that right, Takumi-san?”

Indeed, it’s as the female staff member――Keimi-san said, but…… I’m surprised by Keimi-san’s casual attitude towards the Guild Master~

“The people who meet Guild Master for the first time get startled by how young he looks. This person’s appearances haven’t changed since his twenties~ He’s a monster, a monster I say.”
“A monster you say, my wife sure is cruel~ Even though you know it’s because of the blood of the Elves in my ancestry~”
“Eh!? Wife!?”

So Keimi-san was the Guild Master’s wife, huh. That’s why she’s so casual with him, I see~ Nevertheless, a monster, huh…… that’s not a word you should use for your own husband, isn’t it~
Still, since the Guild Master’s――Andy-san’s ancestors were Elves, then his appearances are related to atavism?

“Ahh, sorry about that. Let me introduce myself again, my name is Keimi. I’m this person’s wife~ Also, thank you for helping Carna. That child, she’s my daughter.”

Carna? Eh!? She’s talking about Carna, the Half-Elf that was with me until now, right? She isn’t talking about some other Carna, is she?
A human with an Elvish appearance far younger than his actual age, Andy-san, and a human who looks appropriate for her age, Keimi-san.  The daughter the two conceived is a Half-Elf?

“Umm, is Carna-san the same as Andy-san with deep Elven blood then?”
“Yeah, something like that. Elves and Half-Elves are occasionally born into my family’s lineage. It was only appearances in my case as my abilities aren’t different from other humans, and my life-span should also be the same. On the contrary, Carna inherited deep Elven blood. We have another daughter called Miki, but that child’s appearance and race are that of a human~ Heredity really is mysterious, isn’t it~”

Truly amazing~ Atavism is something that can appear so conspicuously, huh~

“And so, Carna was helped by Takumi-kun? Did something happen?”
“That child, she was apparently approached by Raizel again~ It seems Takumi-san has helped her with that.”
“Again? Even thought Raizel is quite excellent as an adventurer~”

Oh my? The short-tempered Raizel is unexpectedly an excellent adventurer.
Ah but, someone said at the practice grounds that Raizel is “B-rank”. In that case, there’s no doubt that he’s an excellent figure, huh~ If not, he wouldn’t become B-rank.
Love is blind…… did he lose his ability to judge when it comes to Carna? I unexpectedly feel like that’s the case~

“Well, parents shouldn’t meddle with their child’s love~ Rather than that, Dear, we strayed off topic and talked about our family’s circumstances, but shouldn’t we return to the main topic soon?”
“Ah, you’re right.”

Reminded by Keimi-san’s words, Andy-san’s facial expression tightened and he faced me again.

“Takumi-kun, about the reason you were called here…… you have been very inconvenienced at Bailey. I’m truly sorry for that.”
“Takumi-san, I apologize to you as a staff of similar post. I’m truly sorry.”

And, together with the words of apology, Andy-san and Keimi-san lowered their heads.
The reason I was called here was for the happenings in Bailey’s Adventurer’s Guild――to apologize for Miss Receptionist who revealed that I have discovered a new dungeon.
I have made sure not to get involved with Bailey’s Adventurer’s Guild to best of my abilities, so I have completely forgotten about that.

“Even if Andy-san has the position of overseeing all Adventurer’s Guilds in the country, the one responsible for that incident should have been Bailey’s staff.”
“No, no, Takumi-san, the disclosure of information is a serious matter. It’s a matter I should be completely responsible for.”
“That’s right~ For a receptionist to shout out one’s personal information, that is something that should never happen~”

I intended to put that matter to rest at Bailey, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

“Is that so? I thank you for your trouble then.”
“Originally, I should have gone to apologize personally, but I had no time to visit Bailey. Then I heard that you arrived at the Capital, moreover, you visited the guild, so that’s when I thought of calling you to apologize.”
“No, no, I’d rather not. If you went to Bailey expressly for me, it would make me feel bad instead.”

It can’t be helped that I felt extremely uncomfortable when Andy-san said that he wanted to go to Bailey to apologize to me.

“Is that so?”
“Yes. I accept Andy-san’s and Keimi-san’s apology. It’s fine as long as you take care so there’s not next time.”
“That’s only natural.”
“Currently, I’m in the midst of notifying all guilds to be thorough in regards to the information management.”

If they are re-examining information management, then I can feel a bit at peace.

“At any rate, I’m glad. I was nervous that Takumi-kun might be disgusted with the Adventurer’s Guild itself and become distant from the Adventurer activity, but it doesn’t seem like that from what I have seen~”
“Eh? I’m just one among many, aren’t I?”
“What are you saying? If Takumi-kun stopped Adventurer activities, it would be a great loss for the guild.”
“…… Is that because I’m A-rank?”
“That too. However, the biggest reason would be the materials the guild receives from Takumi-kun. Those materials are all superior articles after all. There were the materials from Gaya Forest in Shirin too, but you are courteous in your work to collect even the low-rank herbs. An adventurer like that is like a treasure for us.”

I see, rather than rank, they seem to look at one’s disposition.

“However, you, who sold many materials like that in Shirin, did not accept a single request in Bailey, right?”
“…… Ah, that is certainly true, isn’t it?”

I certainly didn’t want to approach Bailey’s Adventurer’s Guild that much, so I didn’t accept a single request.
…… Nevertheless, not just Bailey, they even investigated our activities in Shirin quite well too. Well, when speaking of commonplace then this should be it.

“Hearing a report like that, I felt really uneasy~”
“I’m sorry about that. I have my thoughts about Bailey, so……”
“So it’s like that as I thought.”
“Yes. But, I’m thinking of accepting requests here if we have time. The children enjoy picking herbs too.”
“”Herbs~ will pick~””

When I showed my intention of accepting requests in the Capital, Allen and Elena showed willingness too.
Seeing the two’s attitude, Andy-san and Keimi-san showed smiles.

“Really? I’m looking forward to that. We will be relying on you.”
“There are far more people in the Capital, so even low-ranked monsters or any edible monster meat are very much welcome.”

As I thought~ with many people, that much more food is needed after all. The price of monster meat might be quite good in this place.

“N? Pig? Are you talking about domesticated pigs?”
“No, the two are talking about Orcs.”

The “Pigs” the two are talking about are Orcs. Ah, don’t they call Giant Boar like that too? But, most recently, they addressed the Orcs they defeated in Alveil as “Pigs”, so I believe they are talking about Orcs.

“Orcs? Orc meat is delicious, isn’t it? I welcome Orc meat anytime. I would like to get as many as possible by all means, but they are too dangerous, so Allen-kun and Elena-san shouldn’t approach them, okay?”
“Allen, can defeat~”
“Elena can defeat too~”

Andy-san and Keimi-san raised their voices in surprise at Allen’s and Elena’s words.

“I’m aware that the children were ranked “D”, but wasn’t that because of the gathering requests and Takumi-kun’s achievements?”
“Wait a moment, Dear. Even if the children’s true strength was that of D-rank, it would still e impossible for them to defeat an Orc!”

It appears that even the Guild didn’t receive details regarding the advancement of the children’s rank.
That being the case, I think it would normally be as Andy-san says and that their ranks would have increased because of the gathering requests, being partied with me, and my achievements.

“”Can defeatmon!””

I am aware of Allen’s and Elena’s strength, but…… the two have recently come to dislike being compared to weak children, and started putting a great emphasis on their growth. But, well, we have officially obtained backing, so it would be fine without unreasonably concealing their strength anymore, right?

“”Takumi-kun, how is it in actuality?””

Andy-san and Keimi-san who were discussing finally decided to ask me directly. They inquired in unison.

“They can.”
“”That is incredible.””

When I answered frankly, the two spoke in admiration.

“I have several Orcs we just defeated on my person, would you like to purchase them?”

Since it’s a good opportunity, I will have them take some of the Orcs we defeated in Alveil from me. Even though Orc meat might be tasty, it’s not an amount we could finish by ourselves~
Ah, should I ask them for the dismantling of the Orc General while I’m at it? I somehow don’t have time to do it myself. However, I would like to try Orc General meat soon. I will sell the skin as material.

“Of course, we will purchase them with delight! Also, I forgot to say this, but…… as an apology for that incident, for one year, the guild will pay an 10% extra when you sell to us. I’m sorry that we are able to repay you only in this manner, but please use it as much as you please.”

In my case, when I sell herbs or monster material to the guild, it turns into a considerable amount of money every time. To add extra 10% to that every time…… it will become an enormous amount. But well, since it’s to apologize, I will gratefully accept~

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