Chapter 117

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Orc Meat
After leaving the Shoe Shop we decided to return to the Adventurer’s Guild.
At that time――

“Now, now, today’s precious meat has arrived! Unexpectedly, it’s Orc meat! It’s a fresh one that just came in. However, today is a big below the cost service!! The price comes with 20% discount! How about splurging a bit today and having an Orc steak for dinner? This action ends as soon as we run out. Now, buy, buy!”

A butcher-looking person was advertising a special orc meat sale in a loud voice.
Moreover, all the housewives who heard that simultaneously started gathering at the butcher’s.

“Seems like it.”

Orc meat that has just came in…… no need to guess, isn’t it the one we dropped at the guild? There’s no need to wait for the monster meat to mature as it’s best eaten fresh, so they probably send it to the market immediately after dismantling.
Still…… Orc meat is quite popular, isn’t it~ It indeed sells like hotcakes.
The people of the town commonly eat Wolf and Horn rabbit meat. Orc meat is several times better meat, so the price should be inevitably higher, but…… were the people attracted by the below the cost discount?

“Allen will eat the pig~”
“Elena too~”
“Haha. Did it make you guys crave Orc meat too? All right. Currently, I’m having the Orc General dismantled in the guild, so let’s eat that for dinner?”

I finally got it dismantled, so let’s borrow the Ruven House’s kitchen and prepare it~

“Then, let’s return for today after receiving the meat from the guild.”

Although there’s still time until dinner, when taking the time of discussing the borrowing of the kitchen and food preparation in consideration, it would be safer to return sooner.

“Takumi-san, I was waiting for you~”

When we entered the Adventurer’s Guild, Keimi-san was waving her hand at us from the reception.

“This way, over here~”

And, she immediately beckoned us to the warehouse.

“Have we kept you waiting?”
“Oh my, it’s not like we have decided on time, so you don’t have to worry about that. Then, this is the Orc General meat you have requested. Please verify it.”

The gigantic Orc General turned into a considerable amount of meat.

“Thank you very much.”
“No, no, I’m so happy I could scream that you decided to turn over the Orc General skin to the guild. The orc assessment has also finished, so let’s settle the accounts now.”
“Yes, please.”

When we returned to the reception counter, Keimi-san immediately started operating the crystal plate.

“Ah, may I have your guild cards?”
“Yes. Allen and Elena too, okay?”
“Thank you. Wait for a moment, alright?”

Keimi-san suspended the operating temporarily, asked for our guild cards and resumed operating the crystal.

“10% has been added to the proceeds as promised. Also, this is the case only within Guardia, but it has been decided that the monsters Takumi-san brings for dismantling both while selling and bringing back with you will be free of charge for indefinite.”
“Eh!? Is that all right?”
“Yes, it has been decided by our Master’s authority, so please use it as you please. Although I said that, the guild is still anticipating that Takumi-san would sell materials except those you need to us like this time.”

Well, in the case of having the guild dismantle, I don’t mind leaving the materials I don’t need to them.
Ah~ I see, I see. I would be using the guild’s dismantling service free of charge and I would be also getting an additional 10% when selling…… for that, I would have to pour my materials back to the guild~

“Now then, this should be it. Takumi-san, what would you like to do about the money? Is it all right to hand it over to you in coins?”
“Ah~ let’s see~ could you split the money in half and deposit it into the children’s cards?”
“Deposit into the children cards, half each. Understood.”

I have the money I got from the country at me, so let’s deposit what we earned this time.
Right, right, about the cash reward I received from Tristan-sama that time…… you won’t believe this! They were Large Gold coins. One piece is approximately 100,000 yen. I haven’t counted how many pieces there are, but it’s a considerable large amount of money. Therefore, there would be no need to be troubled over our income for a while.

“Here, it’s done. Can you confirm please?”
“Umm…… yes, everything’s all right. Thank you very much.”
“I should be the one thanking you for the various things beginning with my daughter.”
“No, no. Err, I wasn’t able to see Carna after that, so please convey my regards to her if possible.”
“Yes, of course. However, if you have an opportunity to meet at the guild, do call out to her.”

◇ ◇ ◇

After taking care of the business in the guild, we immediately returned to the Ruven House where I was about to discuss the borrowing of the kitchen. But, I was given permission before the discussion even started.
I was told that Matthias-san notified the kitchen staff to let me use it freely whenever I want.

“I’m sorry to bother you during work.”
“No! We will be learning from you today!”

When I intruded into the kitchen, the awfully motivated Ruven House chefs were waiting for me inside.
Learning from me…… learning what!?

“That ice-cream thing was extremely wonderful! Takumi-sama is a genius! So, what are you planning on making today? Please, instruct us by all means!!”

No…… I don’t really mind, but. I don’t do full-blown lessons, so stay behind me and learn from watching.

“Then, Allen, Elena, shall we do it?”
“”Yes~ Pig~””

Now then, what shall I make? It’s the Orc General meat after all. Might as well, meat! A dish with such feeling would be ncie~

“Ah! How about Tonkatsu?”
“”Tonkachi (hammer)~?」」

Unfortunately, Tonkachi is not food.

“Haha, it’s slightly different. It’s Tonkatsu.”

When I corrected them, the two properly corrected themselves.

“W, what kind of dish is this Tonkatsu!?”
“W, well, let’s make it first, I will explain if there’s something you don’t understand.”
“Yes! Please, go ahead!”

The chefs were very curious, but rather than explaining it, it would be faster for them to see.
Therefore, I immediately chopped the Orc General meat I took out in suitable pieces, and lightly seasoned it with salt and pepper.

“Then, Allen. Cover this in flour like this~ and shake off the excess flour like this.”
“Could Elena dip the meat Allen covered in flour in the eggs?”

I had Allen and Elena help me by covering the meat in flour and whisked eggs.

“Then, I will……”
“Takumi-sama, what is this?”
“N? Ahh, this is called panko, a crushed dried bread without crusts.”

In my case, they weren’t completely air-dried as I sped up the process with《Dry》magic.

“Elena, pass it to me once it’s covered in eggs.”

Once it’s covered in panko, all that’s left is to fry it.

“Alright, the temperature should be good. Allen, Elena, it might be dangerous to watch a hot oil from nearby, so could you stay slightly further away please?”

When I asked the two to stand back as I can’t fry with the children clinging to my legs, the two let out reluctant voices.

“My? Do you not want to eat Tonkatsu anymore?”
“Just a bit, okay?”

The two reluctantly separated from me when I told them that they wouldn’t be able to eat Tonkatsu if they didn’t. The chefs then formed a Tonkatsu gallery and watched me frying in excitement.

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