Chapter 58

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Female Magician’s Charming Body as Gratitude – Part 5※
“Now, tell me. I will service you however you want. Would mouth be good?”

Ashe-san sweetly smiles and traces her lips with her finger.
Then, she moves her other hand towards her secret place and opens her petals with her index and middle finger slowly.

“Or, would you like to use this place again?”

Because it’s too dark I can’t see it too well.
Still, I was able to clearly see Ashe-san’s white fingers open the entrance to her secret hole.

Hiku, hiku, her thick, wet labia trembled in greed──


I call her name full of passion.
Haa, haa, while roughly breathing, I turn Ashe-san around.

“Oh my, are you planning to assault me from behind?”

Ashe-san speaks in a composed manner.

I want to break that composure.
As a man──As a male, I want this person to surrender to me.

Such ambition burns inside my heart.
Even though the opponent is an older married woman with abundant experience, I think that

I look down at her well-fattened buttocks in contrast to her small-sized chest.
Ripe is what comes to mind. The finest quality hips.

I gulp loudly and reach with both of my hands towards her hips.

“Eh, wait……!? Abel-kun, a…… kuwaaa……!?”

I strongly grab her buttocks and open them just like that.
Her wet secret place, her tongue-colored butthole, everything is clearly exposed before me.

“No, don’t look…… aun!?”

I disregard Ashe-san’s words and creep with my fingers towards her secret place.
It seems that her hole was still drenched in the aftertaste of my poking.

I continue sliding my finger from the bottom to the top and lightly rub her anus.

“T, that is……!? You can’t, that place…… ah.”

Ashe-san’s body trembled.

“You are quite sensitive, Ashe-san.”

I just started to take over the lead and unexpectedly found Ashe-san’s weak point.
I make a circle motion with my finger and rub Ashe-san’s anus.

I didn’t consider it dirty.
Because it’s part of Ashe-san’s body, even if it’s anal I don’t feel unpleasant.

Rather, my heart rate quickens because I’m touching her prohibited place.
While Ashe-san feels bewildered of the situation my pride as a man tickles from the successful counterattack.

“Is this your first time being loved over there, by any chance?”

“T, that’s obvious, a place like that…… nobody…… afu, yes.”

Ashe-san’s slender limbs quiver again.

“Fua…… aah…… noo…… aun.”

Although she is bashful, Ashe-san doesn’t try to stop me.
She seems somewhat intoxicated with the unknown pleasure coming from anal.

I use my both hands to caress her both holes.
I can tell just how wet her insides are when I push the hot petals aside with my fingers.

Does she get wetter and wetter?

I massage her creases which became meltingly soft from the ecchi from a while ago.

I put a little more strength behind my fingers massaging her anus.
Because of the increased strength behind my massaging fingers, her anus gradually loosens and my fingers slowly sink in.

“N, nn……!? A…… waan…… gu, u……”

As my fingers sink inside her butthole, Ashe-san’s suffocating voice resounds.
Such a stimulating act as inserting my finger to woman’s anus flared up my passion.

I gently caress her insides with my finger.
I touch the smooth anus walls for the first time in my life.

“No…… stop, I told you…… n, kuo…… o, fuu……”

She twists her hips, but because she has only a little power left, I almost couldn’t feel Ashe-san’s resistance.
Hiku, hiku, small convulsions repeated over and over, it looked like Ashe-san’s anus was eating my finger.

Seemingly aware of these convulsions, Ashe-san became somewhat embarrassed.
While indulging in the superiority over a married woman, I pushed my finger deeper.

“N, guu……!?”

Ashe-san’s well-built butt hills shook.

“D, don’t insert more, than thi…… s.”

“Does it hurt, Ashe-san?”

I ask Ashe-san in a whisper, Ashe-san femininely shakes her head in response.

“Then, does it feel good?”

“D, don’t ask, such things…… a, fu…… n.”

Ashe-san blushing in embarrassment looks like a young adorable girl.
I gently rub her inner walls while being careful not to injure her.

Zururi, Ashe-san’s abdomen trembles when I slowly pull out my finger.


I suddenly noticed.
Looking at Ashe-san’s reaction, it seems that pulling out is more comfortable than the insertion.

It may be something like a pleasant feeling of pseudo excretion.
After thinking that, I insert my finger in once again and pull it out even slower than before.

“U……!? Fu, aa…… ooo…… o, u……!”

Ashe-san’s clever, beautiful face leaks a non-suitable sigh similar to an animal.

Then, twice, thrice.
I slowly pull out my finger from her anus little by little.

As slowly as I can, in order to prolong Ashe-san’s pleasure.

“N, no, I became weird…… forgive m, e.”

At last, Ashe-san surrenders to me with her silver hair disheveled.
Her elegant beautiful face is now all red.

It’s the first time that she has her anus caressed, I should probably stop here.
Though if I have an opportunity in the future, I would like to develop it more──

“S, say, Abel-kun, I…… this time not the butt, but……”

Ashe-san exhales in passion and suspiciously wiggles her butt.

I want it. She made such a claim with her beautiful eyes.
Even my lust meter overflowed a long time ago.

“Then, let’s move to a different place.”

I pressed my overswelling tip against her valley of buttocks.
Just like that, I push it in the dripping wet vagina.

“Wait, Abel-kun. I want to do it again in the bed──”

“This place is good, Ashe-san.”

I exclaim in passion and thrust my hips with all my might.

“An, i, in this place……!? Fu, aaah…… o, o……!”

Ashe-san stares at me with a bewildered expression, but I thrust without stopping.
I push my way through the wet hole and shamelessly sink my glans inside.

On the contrary to the confused Ashe-san, her creases assertively climb all over my rod.
I push to her deepest part while enjoying the hot, slippery flesh walls.

“Aaaah…… it’s reaching, so deep……!”

Ashe-san pants with a hoarse throat.

We are connected so deeply that our pubic hair entwines with each other.
Seeing her art-like lines, I grab her hips with both of my hands and start moving.

Pan. A sound of flesh hitting flesh resounds.

I draw Ashe-san’s hips closer to me and thrust with all my might at the same time.
I silently assault her female jar with all my weight behind each thrust.

Pan, pan, pan, a satisfying sound rings in succession.
My starving hips went into top gear from the start.

“No good, such a place…… a, ah, fuwa…… a.”

Gasping escapes from Ashe-san’s lips because of my intense piston action.
The two nicely swelled buttocks rhythmically sing each time I thrust my hips.

I calmy watch my penis disappear into the buttocks valley and appear over and over again.

“People will see us…… waun……!”

“It’s so dark, it will be alright……!”

I attack Ashe-san’s hole while crying out.

“Besides…… waa, waa, you said that you will do anything I want, right…… ku, uuu……!”

I attack her tight vagina earnestly.

“N, no way…… forgive me…… doing it outside, is my first…… ah, aun.”

I pour consecutive thrusts without paying attention to Ashe-san’s pleading.

Although it’s just a balcony, it’s clearly outside.
Is this too barbaric for someone of high standing as captain of the Magic Corps Ashe-san, or is she perhaps turned on by such perverted sex?

However──For that reason, I’m trying hard to shake Ashe-san’s mind and body.
Whenever I strike her deeply, she stares at me with her wet, almost melting eyes.

“In such place…… ah…… no, an, feels…… good…… nfu.”

There’s an evident color of pleasure in her absentminded eyes.
A light vivid than ever.

I felt a response during the capture of the mature married woman, therefore I raise the speed of my pitching.
Truthfully, I was so excited doing Ashe-san from behind to the point I found the thought of returning to the bed irritating.

Pan, pan, zuchiyu, zuchiyuuu……!

A sound of flesh hitting flesh.
The sound of sticky genitals rubbing against each other.

Such harmonious melody is resounding from the balcony.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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