Chapter 57

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Female Magician’s Charming Body as Gratitude – Part 4※
Her milk hills full of elasticity comfortably push against my chest.
Her supple arms and her smooth back seemingly stick to my arms.

I suck on Ashe-san’s lips while embracing her upper body.

“Nnnn, chiyu, jiyuuu…… ngu, muuu.”

I break in through her lips and screw my tongue in.

“Fu, muu……!? Chiyu, nchiyu…… mu, rero…… o.”

I immediately twirl around Ashe-san’s tongue without delay.

We mutually suck our lips, intertwine our tongues and fill our mouths with saliva.
The sense of unity between our mouths is unbearable.

I rampage through her entire wet and slimy mouth.
While deep kissing her to the point of violence, I keep forcefully thrusting my hips.

My whole body is drenched in sweat in no time.
Guchiyuguchiyuguchiyu, a series of lewd sounds is playing around the room.

“…… U, oooo…… n, guoo……”

I remove my lips and pant while thrusting my hips.

“Haa, an…… chiyu…… a, nn…… mu, chiyu…… more, more…… o……!”

Ashe-san embraces my back with both of her hands and pours kisses on the side of my neck while moaning.

My meat stick hugged by the slippery wet flesh walls has already exceeded its limit.
I could just barely hold my exploding lust back.

“Haa, haa, Ashe-san’s, insides…… u, aah, amaz…… ing……!”

It feels so good.
It feels too good.

My dick is throbbing inside Ashe-san’s small and hot secret hole.
As expected, I can’t endure any more──

“Yaa…… ah, are you close to coming……? Fu, waa…… aun, me, too……”

It seems that Ashe-san’s body under me is too at the limit.
The sweet fragrance coming out of her white smooth body drenched with beads of sweat further increased.

Wrapped in the female’s sugary scent, I continuously strike forcefully.

“Aaah, so deep…… reaching, that deep……! I, I…… n, ku…… not good, coming! comiiiiiiing!”

That moment, a violent wave surged on my meat rod.

Ashe-san reached her limit.
Gyuu her vagina squeezes my penis and causes me to reach climax one step after Ashe-san.

“Guuu, uaa, oo…… me too, coming……! Ku, oooo!”

The moment a bittersweet numbing electric current hits my glans, I pull out from Ashe-san’s hot, slimy vagina.

Indeed, by a hair’s breadth──
Cloudy white semen is released right after pulling out.

“Fu, ah…… n…… oo…… kuu, coming……!”

I’m intoxicated with the comfortable sensation around the tip of the glans.

Dokudokudoku a loud sound of surging can be heard.
I draw a second parabola with my semen and spray up to Ashe-san’s small breasts.

Biyuku, biyuku, I shoot my offsprings at Ashe-san’s abdomen without reserve.
When I fire the last of the load, Ashe-san’s legs shiver.

“Haa, haa, haa……”

I gasp for breath after the ejaculation ends.

“You released so much…… smells amazing……”

Ashe-san suffocatingly sighs after smelling my inexperienced semen.

A transparent liquid is dripping from her hole which is slightly open because of my invasion.

“Fuu, to think I would come earlier than someone younger than me. It’s somehow frustrating.”


“It felt really good, Abel-kun. Fufu, even though you look so inexperienced…… You will surely become a lady-killer in the future.”

“We are all sweaty, huh. Let’s go out for a little.”

Ashe-san suggests and we go to the balcony.
Because the balcony is linked to her room, we are completely nude.

The night in a different world is really dark.
There are street lights here and there in the capital, but it’s far from Japan’s brightness.

Because the only bright thing around us is the moon, we won’t be noticed even when standing here with no clothes.
Because the lingering feelings of passionate ecchi time is still burning hot within me, the chilly night breeze is very comfortable.

“Ashe-san, why are you thanking me in such a way……?”

“I’m happy that I could make you satisfied, that’s all. You were comfortable the last time, right?”

Ashe-san laughs mysteriously.

However, that smile, that voice, it felt somewhat clumsy, why is that?

Ashe-san’s mellow, white silhouette looks like it’s floating in the dark night.
I gently extended my hand towards Ashe-san’s side.

The wound has not yet fully closed with the healing magic from a while ago.
I confirm the light bulge when I touch her skin with my fingertip.

Though I can’t see it well in the dark, there’s probably a scar left behind.
I believe it will completely disappear in several days──

“I’m really grateful to Ashe-san.”


“You wholeheartedly risked your own life to protect me…… I was deeply moved Ashe-san’s figure protecting me. Not just your beauty, I respect your attitude more than anything.”

I tell Ashe-san, full of passion.

Probably, what I’m feeling towards this person, is not a simple love.
The vector is a little different──Yes, respect, and affection.

Of course, I’m completely mad in love with her loveliness.

“Therefore, having such a relationship twice with such a wonderful person like Ashe-san, I’m really happy.”

“Thank you, Abel-kun. I’m happy you think that.”

A smiling while crying expression floats on Ashe-san’s face for a moment.
Then she sighs deeply.

“…… If only you speak your mind, it would be unfair to you, right?”


“I will tell you the real reason I seduced you.”

The real reason──?
I forgot to breathe and stared at Ashe-san.

“I have seen you defeat the Steel Dragon in Rashuka City in one blow. Her Majesty the Queen who received my report concerned about you while praising you at the same time.”


I frown in anxiety at the negative words.

“Too much power can be a double-edged sword. You may be the greatest force that protects the kingdom, but if you turned against Aisha Kingdom──There wouldn’t be a greater threat than that.”

I remember the fight in Rashuka City.

I remember the expression Roge-san had after I defeated the Steel Dragon.
An expression of relief from saving the city mixed with fear.

Right, Roge-san wasn’t just delighted, he was simply fearing me.
It may have been the expression saying『If such power was turned against us』.

And if Queen-sama thought, in the same way, ──

“Therefore, Her Majesty ordered me. Win over Abel-kun, no matter what means you have to use. No matter what we can’t let that power turn against our Aisha Kingdom, she said.”

Ashe-san looks down while sighing.

“But, I couldn’t find the right method. While being worried over it, the day of your admission to the Third Corps has arrived──”

Saying that, Ashe-san raises her head and stares at me once again.
Her clear, almond eyes were filled with painful light and faint tears.

“That night on the Welcome Party day you send me home, right? That time, Abel-kun seemed to be conscious of me as a woman. My heart throbbed. I haven’t felt like that for a long time.”


Her words “long time” make me feel uncomfortable.
Well I mean, Ashe-san is married──

“My husband uses work as an excuse to play with other women.”

Ashe-san mutters sorrowly with a sad expression.

“I saw an innuendo. This may be a method to win you over and carry Her Majesty’s order, such thought flashed through my mind and I invited you to my bed on impulse.”

“Still, I……”

“It was an opportunity. But──you were so dreamy that night. That I completely forget the reason I seduced you after a while.”

Ashe-san leaks out a long sigh

“I have remembered that I’m a woman after so many years.”

I also think that Ashe-san was really wonderful that night.
Dignified, beautiful, so lewd in the bed, brimming over with charm.

I was attracted by her two different sides.

“Also…… the reason, this time, is different than that time. I’m thankful to you, and even without winning you over, you will protect this Kingdom and the people of this Kingdom of your own free will──I was convinced after seeing you fight yesterday. Therefore, today, all I wanted is to purely thank you. With no ulterior motive.”

Ashe-san smile she showed me at that moment──

Like a flower in a bloom.
As if she let loose her true self.

I saw her sincere smile for the first time.

“Therefore, I will satisfy you more and more, I will savor you numerous times. Now then, shall we continue?”

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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